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Is Non alcoholic beer ok to Drink

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    Posted: 14 April 2014 at 7:37pm
Reason I Live with chirstion Family but, Non Practicing of Corose. I enjoy drinking with my dad of coruse. So I found Non alcoholic beer is this ok to drink with my friends and family. 
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Originally posted by Insanebassninja Insanebassninja wrote:

Reason I Live with chirstion Family but, Non Practicing of Corose. I enjoy drinking with my dad of coruse. So I found Non alcoholic beer is this ok to drink with my friends and family. 

I would check the label.  What may be described as "non-alcoholic" may actually have a low percentage of alcohol in it.  Anything that has alcohol cannot be consumed.  You can drink soda or juice instead.
Say: "Truly, my prayer and my service of sacrifice, my life and my death, are (all) for Allah, the Cherisher of the Worlds. (Surat al-Anaam: 162)

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Originally posted by Abu Loren Abu Loren wrote:

No what <
Tobacco ~ The Cigarette habit takes a Deadly Toll , On average Million'ss  of Christians Smokers a year Die from Diseases immedlately related to their Habit . Among these Diseases , Ling Cancer ranks first on the list , followed by Emphysema , Heart Attack , Cancer of the Bladder , Lip and Throat and Chronlc Bronchitis . In splite of the many warnings from Doctors , The Young , and the Old continue to Puff on Cigarettes . The advertising agencies have proved themselves more powerful than the Threat of Disease and Suffering .
The Popularity of this Habit is due to the large Scale Advertising in the Media , People build up a Whole World in their Minds , Inspired by the Commercial , when they Smoke . They could identify themselves with the qualltles of their chosen brand of Cigarettes and although there is little or no euphoria gained from the smoking , the Psycological satisfaction of being a part of the '' In Crowd '' is what makes people dependent on it . Some people who have Smoked for long periods , also develop a physical Habit because of the Nocotine contained in Tobacco .
Nocotine is a Habit -Forming Drug , comparable to Heroin and Alcohol , in laboratory tests , it was found that Nicotine is a highly poisonous substance , In concentrated doses , Nicotine can cause instant death . Less than one gram injected at a time can Kill a man of average weight . This Drug , is found in small doses in Cigarettes therefore , the body usally tolerates it , but Nicotine is the substance that cause people to get Sick when they smoke for the first time . How does Nicotine affect the body ? Firstly , it triggers a discharge from the Adrenal glands and this , In turn , Stimulates the other glands of the endocrine system causing the release of Sugar ftom the Liver .
This is what cause the instant '' High '' ( Mild Feeling Of Euphorla ) with the first Cigarette that one lights up . There is a sudden decline after this , So You Light Up Another Cigarette . Nicotine also speeds up the Hart Rate by at least twenty beats a minute and cause the blood vessls to constrict , this eventually leads to problem with the blood circulation . In addition , the '' Tars '' in the Tobacco are linked to the cause of Lung Cacer . Altogether , Cigarette smoke contains over Two Hudred and Seventy gaseous compound , among then , DDT .
Smoking is Unlawful in Islam,  Smoking is a highly controverslal subject in the Muslims World , The reason for this is that many Muslims are not willing to give up this habit knowing that The Holy Qur'aan Forbids It , They fabricate all sorts of reasons and Hadiths which condone this disgusting habit . Knowing this , there are a few question that comes to mind . Such questions would be ; if one really Muslim , as some cliam to be , and are striving to get back on the path of Allah Subhana Wa Ta'Ala , why is being able to light up a Cigarette so important to them ?
According to the Holy Qur'aan it says Muslims should  not become tied to earthly desires , isn't Cigarette smoking done out of the desire . If a Muslim really striving to get back on the path of Allah Subhana Wa Ta'Ala wouldn't prayer be more condusive to what Muslim suppose to be all about ? Muslims should realize the fact that everytime they put a Cigarette in their mouth and light it up they're  seeking refuge in that Cigarette instead of Allah Subhana Wa Ta'Ala . The Holy Qur'aan tell Muslims .
The Holy Qur'aan 4 ; 43 , Revealed In The Year 625 - 627 A.D. [ Al Nisaa ~ The Enosite Women ] Where It States ; Oh You , Who Are Of The Faithful , Don't Go Near The Al Saalaat '' The Salutation As Worship When You All Are < Sukaaraay - arabic > Drunk ; Until You Know What You Are Saying ( Sober Up ) ; Nor When You Are < Junubaan - arabic > In A States Of Impurity .
The Story of  Intoxicants scans many Generations , Races and People , From the physical Garden of Eden to our present day world of confusion , Men and Mankind's Inqulsitiveness into the subject has not ceased . In the Code of Hammurabi , The Evil -One's first written laws which regulate Drinking Houses , Evidence obtained from archeological finfs in Palestine , Inicate that the Cananaaites used Alcoholic Beverages for many purposes . In Ancient Greek civilization , the Worship of the Wine God , Bacchus was common . So much so that there was a festlbal named for him , the ''Becchanalla '' which of course was a druken orgy .
Canaan had Eleven Sons . The first one we hear spoken of is Sidon or Zidon , Sidon was called Phoenicia by the Greeks . Keeping this in mind , Let us examine their doing . Phoenician history relates that they were traders . In this , Lies their significant role in history , Which theyn owe largely to the geographical location and the topographical features of their country . In their narrow , Mountainous strip of land on the eastern cost of the mediterranean , They found little opportunity for agriclture ; But owning excellent seaports ( Notably Sidon and Tyre ) . They became the foremost navigators of their time .
The Sidonites ( Phoenicians ) Established colonies as remote as Cadiz in Spain   , Traded with Gaul and Britian ( From which they imported tin ) , And through their widespread activites , Carried Egiptian and Babylonian civilization to many areas of the mediterranean coast . The Sidonites ( Phoenicians ) Also made alliances with Nubians coloines like carthage , Who later were also mistakenly called Phoenicians . Today these phoenicians still reside in Lebanon , Syria , North Africa and make up part of the population of the southern part of Europe . These are the mediterranean type of Caucasian . They , However , Remain under cover to many people .
Sidonites are known today as Lebanese and Sicilian ( Southern Italians ) . Sidon is Libana's ( Canaan ) eldest son ; His name means '' Fortified '' , Sidon's wives names were Samat and Ginna .
Sodon , Heth , Jebus , Amor , Girgash , Hiviy , Sini , Arki , Arvad , Zemar , Hammath , Samat wife of Sidon , Ginna wife of Sidon.
The next Son of Lebana is Heth , meaning '' Terrible '' . His wives names were Wilaat and Sybele . He was also popular son . As the story goes , The land of Asia Minor oe Anatolia ( Modern Turkey ) . Plays an important role in the development of western civization or the Euro - Civilization . The peninsula was not a self -contained Unit . As was the nile valley . Instead , It fell into several geographic regions including the aegean coast . The
Hittites dwelt here and constructed a powerful empire . Thus , The culture of the Hittites combined indigenous elements rooted in expansions from conquered and neighboring people . The neighboring people .The neighboring people were Amorites , Girgashites , Arvadites , Sidonians , Hamathites . And other Canaanite descent , Who called themselves Phrygians and Lydians , Conquered and Overthrew the Hittite Empire .
The third Son of  Libana ( Canaan ) was Jebus , And his wife's name was Salima . The word Jebusite means '' Dryness '' The Jebusites first ruled the Hurrian tribe ( The Hivites ) ; they joined together during the Jebusite reign . According to the Bible , Jebusites inhabited jerusalem , Then were displaced by the incoming Israelites , Who were leaving from their bondage in Mizraim ( Egipt ) . The Jebusites mixed with the Israelites from Egipt . This took place during the year 1000B.C.E. Today ,
Genesis 10 ; 15 - 20 , Where It States ;  And Libana ( Canaan ) ' Lowlander , The Fourth Son Of Ham And His Confidante Wife Shingarah , An Anaqite Gave Brith To Sidon '' Fortified '' His First -Born , The Father Of The Sidonites Who Are Phoenicians Of Tyre , Who Had A Confidante Wife Named Ginna '' Garden '' , And Heth '' The Terrible '' Son Of Salha 'Make Things Right '' , Father Of The Hittites , Had A Confidante Wife Named Sybil '' Secret Holder '' .
Verse 16 . And The Jebusite '' Desolate , Dryness '' Son Of Shingarah , Who Had Confidante Wife Named  Salimat , Amorite '' Mountain Dweller '' Son Of Hitarah , Who Had A Confidante Wife Named Qiynat , And The Girgasit '' Rough Ones '' Son Of Hildar , A Horite , Who Had A Confidante Wife Named Betha .
Verse 17 . And The Hivite '' Tent Dwellers '' Son Of Hitarah , Who Had A Confidante Wife Named Mayya , And Arkite '' Those Who Sweat '' Son Of Hildar , Who Had Confidante Wife Named Nayyat , And Sinite '' Yearly '' Son Of Hidar , Who Had Confidante Wife Named Yabanet .
Verse 18 . And The Arwadite '' Desire '' Son Of Salha , Who Had Confidante Wife Named Debra , And The Zemarite '' Counsel '' Son Of Hitarah , Who Had Confidante Wife Named Marilyn , And The Hamthite '' The Burnt '' Son Of Salha , Who Had Confidante Wife Named Gwin ; And afterward were the clans and families Of The Canaanite '' Lowlander Spread Abroad .
Verse 19 . And The Border Of The Canaanites Was From Sidon '' Fortified '' As You Go Toward Gerar '' The Halting Place , To Gaza '' The Strong Ones '' As You Go Toward Sodom '' Burning With Fire'' And Gomorrah '' Those Ruled By Things ' And Admah '' The Dumb Ones And Zeboim '' The Warriors '' ,To Lasha ''To Anoint .
Verse 20 . These Are The Children Of Ham , After Their Clans And Families , After Their Tongues Of Phoenician , In Their Part Of The Planet Earth And In Their Gentile Nation . < King James Version Hebrew - Greek Key Word Study Bible >
The effects of Intoxicantion has led to the destruction of many lives , and has brough the downfall of Every Nation that permitted and encourage its use .
Intoxicant ; 1 . To effect temporarily with diminished control over the physical and mental powers , by means of Alcohol , Liquor , Etc . 2 . To Poison .
From the simple fermented Juices of Fruits and Grains , to the Sophisticated synthetics made up in mankinds laboratories , all are capable of inducing a state of Stupor by relesing varlous poisons in the body . All of these dubstances , under various trade names , are avallable directly and indirectly to any and everyone who desire them . When one hears of the Use and Abuses of Drugs , one immediately thinks of the so-called '' Hard Drugs '' , Heroin , Etc , and the same people who get Drunk on the Weekend have the Nerve to complain about Drug Addiction . This is because many people over - look the point that Alcohol and Nocotine ( contained in Tobacco )are Drugs on the same level as the socalled '' Hard Drugs '' . They all affect the central Nervous System and in sufficlent doses renders a person Physically and Mentally Incompetent .
Intoxicants are a definlte Weapon of Shaytan and is not what he makes it appear to be in the T.V. Highway Billboards and Magazines . And do not be fooled by those who pretend to help the Victims of Alcoholism and Drugs . Those organization that claim to cure etc . they are all parts of the Scheme to Destroy People , The production , Advertising and Sales of Intoxicants in all its forms , continue alongs with the pleas from various organizations supposedly decicated to the aid of the victims from their Habits . There is obviously , a vast hypocrisy somewhere , if these same people do not not strike at the roots of the problem and pretend to treat the effects .
Drug rehabilltation programs are not desiged to help the Addict , by substituting Methadone ( a drug that is as equally as dangerous as Heroin ) to those addicted to Heroin they merely keep the person in a state of '' limbo ''. They are still addicys , only this time the Federal goverment pays the bill for the fix . The excuse for this type of so-called treatment is that by making the Drug of similar qualities avallable to the Drug Addict , he no longer must look to the street to support his habit , There is no convern for the physical way , the government can compete with Underworld Pushers and with enough people in the Methadone program , they can have the business to themselves .
The purpose of this post is to make you aware of this deadly weapon that The Evil One is using against you . Intoxicants are nothing to play with , It does not make you anymore sociable , that you already are . Wine and Tobacco will not make you any more cute than you already are nor will it help you win real friends . These things are Subtly Suggested To You when you See , or Hear The Everage Commercial . The Evil One makes these catchy little tunes that ring in your head all day , you can barely wait to get to the store to buy yourself  A Pack Of Cigarettes that somehow makes you identify with the handsome face on the Billboard . Why ? You will Never be Rich and Famous as the people in the Commercials , especially if all you are going on is your favorite brand . The farthest you may get is a temporary feeling that all is well and life is great , when you know that is not true .
So wake up ! Some Body is getting rich off of your silly habit . They even got you thinking that you are hooked and that you must go in a round -about way to kick the habit . It is only in your mind , they call it '' Psychological Dependence . The Evil One advocates the use of Intoxicants even when he cliams to be fighting a War against Drugs . It is one of his best Weapons against people . Because so many people are depressed on account of their situation and are eager to try anything that would aleviate the pain of a miserable existence . But Drugs are not the way . they only drive you deeper into the pit . In this Day and Time , Allah Subhana Wa Ta'Ala bequeated for Muslims  the greatest comfort , Truth . If they accept it wholeheartedly , they will no longer be slaves to Shaytan - The Evil The Devil and fall for his Schemes .
The Gospel According to John 8 ; 32 , Where It States ; And Ye Shall Know The Truth And The Truth Shall Make You Free . < King James Version Hebrew - Greek Key Word Study Bible >
For those of you who claim to know better , the socalled Christians and Muslims , and still indulge In smoking Tobacco and Marijuana , The Holy Qur'aan outright Condemns Intoxication on any form . So to partake of any kind of Intoxicating substance willfully is a Violation of Islamic Law .
Intoxication - - In - - to indicate inclusion within a space , places , or limits .
Toxication - - Tox - - poison or of a poisonous effect ,
Ion -- Suffix used to form abstract nouns from verbs .
The term < Khamr - arabic > is the Arabic word originally taken to mean Wine from grapes ( If this is was true , then grapes would also be unlawful ) . But < Al Khamri - arabic > literally means '' The covering '' , or '' The veil '' , And in reference to wine a person's mental facillties are blurred , covered or veiled . The socalled Christian and Muslims who smoke Cigarettes and teac that it is alright to do so are in error ( Sin ) but are to weak to Stop , and as a result they take other with them .
Holy Qur'aan 2 ; 218 , Revealed In The Year 624 - 626 A.D. Al Baqarah ( The Heifer ) Where It States ; If they ask you , ( Muhammad ) about < Al Khamri - arabic > Intoxicants and < Al Maysir -arabic > The Drawing Of Lots , ( Gambling ) ; tell them ''Both of them ( intoxicants and gambling ) are a big guilty act ( sin ) , in them are some benefits for the Enosites ; and both their guilty actions ( sin ) is bigger than their benefits ; and when they ask you ( Muhammad ) , as to what they should be sharing willingly , tell them this , ( Muhammad ) ; Whatsoever can be spared , The Source , Allah , makes the signs clear for you all , so that perhaps you all will think .
A Drug is a substance used as Medicine or as an ingredient in medicine , Drugs that affect the mind are classed into the following groups , some Drugs however cannot be action on the Nervous System .
Narootics - ( Nar - oot - ticks ) from the Greek Narkoun which means '' To make numb .'' In this group belongs , Opium and all derivatives from it . Such as ( Morphine , Heroin and Codine ) . Also all other Drugs that have the same or like effects as those mentioned . The term '' Narcotcs'' Is therefore used as a common name for all oplated ( Oplum derlved drugs ) . They are used to relleve pain and induce sleep , they are habit forming and excessive amounts can cause Stupor , Coma or Death . Narcotic Intoxicants act directly on the central Nervous System ( Brain and Spinal Cord ) . It slows down the activities of the Brain , especially the ability for involved concentration . When the brain is no longer able to function correctily , the imagination becomes free of all thoughts pertaining to reality .
Barbiturates ; ( Bar - Bit - U - Rates ) prepared from a white , barbituric acid . Divided into four groups according to the duration of action ; they are ; Barbital , Phenobarbital ( Feno - Bar - Bi - Tal ) , prepared from a white , barbituric acid . Divided into four groups according to the duration of action ; they are ; Barbital , Phenobarbital ( Feno - Bar - Tal ) , Amobarbital ( Amn -Bar - Bi - Tal ) , Butabarbital ( Bu - Ta - Bar - Bi - Tal ) , Pentobarbtal ( Pen -To - Bar - Bi - Tal ) , Secobarbital ( Sek - O - Bar - Bi - Tal ) , Thiopental ( Thi - O - Pen - Tal ) , and Thiamylal ( Thi - A - Myl - Al ) , Barbiturates are used to revive insomnla and anxiety by producing a hypnotic type of sedation .
Amphetamines ; ( Am - Fet - A - Mines ) made from a white , chrystalline compound . First used in 1887 as a less expensive substance for Ephedrine ( E - Fed - Rine ) a drug used to relleve nasal conjestion . The effects of Amphetamines are the opposite of barbiturates ; and are among the most commonly used stimulants . Amphetamines induce wakefulness , high spirits and reduce fatigue . The main ones are ; Ben - Ze - Drine , Dexe - Drine - , Bi - Phet - Mine .
Hallucinogens ; ( Hal - Lus - Sin - Jins ) These are drugs which produce extreme distort - ions of reality ( Halluci - Nations ) . A person may see or hear things that are not present in the environment , or the images that are present may be severely distorted to his perception . These drugs are also labeled '' Psychedelic '' ( Sy - Ka - Delic ) .
As drugs affect the mind , they also affect the body . The first signs of their presence in the body The first signs of their presence in the body is the dilation ( Widening Of The Eyes To Various Degrees )  1 . Marijuana , 2 . Cocaine . 3 . Heroin  , 4 . Morphine .
Isaiah 28 ; 1 , 7 , Where It States ; 1 Woe to the proud crown of the drunkards of E'phraim, and to the fading flower of its glorious beauty, which is on the head of the rich valley of those overcome with wine! Verse 7 . These also reel with wine and stagger with strong drink; the priest and the prophet reel with strong drink, they are confused with wine, they stagger with strong drink; they err in vision, they stumble in giving judgment.
One doesn't go to school let His / her's mind to die , They go to school so that their mind will come alive .

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Anything that have negative effect on your mind forbidden

Like wine

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