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    Posted: 09 August 2013 at 9:38pm

Eid Mubarak.


“A’uudzu billaahi minasy-syaithaanir-rajiim”



Surah-25 (AL Furqaan/The Criterion),

§   Verse-45:

Have you not pay attention (the creation of) your Lord, how He lengthened (and shorten) the shadows and if He wills He surely make it permanent shadows, then We made the sun as an indication of the shadows,

§   Verse-46:

Then we pull, that shadows, to Us, with the pull of slowly.


The Verses-45 and 46 of Surah-25 (Al-Furqaan /The Criterion) above, in my opinion are short and simple Verses of the Qur'an. Maybe because the incident of elongated and shortened shadows are unremarkable occurrence that happen everyday because of the relative movement of the Sun from east to west.

But the assumption will soon gone when we explore it further, because

1.        There can be no verse of the Qur'an which is not meaningful for human life.

2.        Prompts Allah SWT to pay attention to His creation through the


Qur’an Surah-3 (Ali ‘Imran/Family Of Imran).

§   Verse-190

Verily in the creation of the heavens and the earth, and the alternation of night and day the are signs for people that have intellegence,

§   Verse-191:

(There are) those who remember Allah, standing, sitting or lying down and they thinking about the creation of the heavens and the earth (saying): “Our Lord, You have not created this in vain. Glory to Thee, so guard us from the torment of hell”.


3.        Frankly I personally crave His grace as His statement in the


Qur'an Surah-2 (Al-Baqarah/The Heifer), Verse-269:

Allah confers al hikmah (deep understanding about which the Holy Qur'an and As Sunnah) to whom He wills. And he who granted al hikmah, he really has awarded the many grace. And only those intelligent person who can take a lesson (from the word of God).


As we know, our shadows are longest when the Sun is just after sunrise or just before sunset and the shortest when the Sun is directly above us, of course, when we are in a state of standing.

Furthermore the incident is caused by the decrees of Allah to the Earth, rotation and orbit the Sun on its orbits as implied in Surah-25 (Al-Furqaan/The Criterion), Verse-45 above.

Because of the rising and setting sun events are routine events that occur or as sure to happen every day, it is very rare that I personally (and probably you) pay attention. Let alone grateful for His blessings and grace, because there is no and there will never be no decree of Allah Almighty in vain. None, however small or trivial whatever, wherever either hidden or not, the entire events in the universe is God Almighty has set as expressed by His word in


Qur’an Surah-6 (Al An’aam/Livestock), Verse-59:

And in Beside Allah the keys of the Unseen; nobody knew except Himself, and He knows what is on land and at sea, and no a leaf that fall, but rather He know it (too), not falling one granule of seed, in the dark earth and not something wet or dry, but is written in a Clear Book (Lohmahfuz).


Indifferent attention to extending or shortening the shadows would change instantly into awe mingled with tremendous fear, when we pay attention to His really subtle threat.


and if He wills He surely make it permanent shadows, then We made the sun as an indication of the shadows

Pieces of Surah-25 Verses-45 mentioned above.


Imagine, in order to fixed (static state) the shadows or not shortened neither elongated, then there are two things should be done to the Earth, that is stop its rotation and revolution.

Furthermore to stop Earth rotation, there are 2 alternatives:

1.         Stop the Earth's rotation is gradually or slowly, which occurs naturally become slower seasons change and the weather will be unpredictable. The most serious situation is when the speed of rotation and revolution of the Earth exactly the same or the time required 1 times rotation is absolute equal to the time of 1 times Earth orbits the Sun. When previously it takes 24 hours to rotate once, so now 1 times rotation need 1 year or approximately 365 x 24 hours (This is exactly happening to the Moon, which rotates exactly the same as the time it takes to orbit the Earth that is 1 full month. So since He created the Moon, we are on this Earth can only see the surface of the Moon as it appears today). So that half of the surface of the Earth will facing the Sun (noon) for ever, while the other half of the surface will experience a night that "eternal". Please imagine by yourself, what will happens to the Earth and everything on it.

2.         Stop the Earth's rotation instantly or suddenly, because I have no idea what will happen, so let see the opinion of astronomer Lynn Carter, PhD. who I admire:

§  If the Earth's rotation INSTANTLY stopped, everything not fixed to the Earth would continue to rotate around at the same velocity that they were before due to conservation of momentum. To us it would feel like a giant earthquake where the Earth would suddenly start "moving" in the opposite direction of the rotation. Buildings would collapse, the oceans would wash up onto land in large tidal waves, and there would be a large atmospheric wind shear at the surface. (The atmosphere is not attached to the planet either and would keep rotating too). Since we are travelling at about 460 m/s at the equator (about 1000 miles or 1670 km per hour) we would be tossed pretty far. (We wouldn't fly off the earth, though. Escape velocity is much higher.) As my officemate said when I told him about this question "We would be thrown into the wall at 1.5 times the speed of sound as the building was tipped off its foundation."

§  Seismic waves from the impact would travel through the earth causing massive earthquakes. Depending on the size and velocity of the impactor, the earth might even break apart.

§  Much of the atmosphere would be boiled off. A fireball would expand outward destroying material in it's path and polluting the rest of the atmosphere.


Whereas hurricane "Katrina" who attacked the state of Louisiana - USA on Monday morning September 29, 2005 with a top speed of "only" about 280 km per hour and take place in the “relatively limited" area, had killed more than 2,000 people with the destruction of public facilities more than 80 billion U.S. Dollars!

So I am really sure, no any living things will survive, because the Earth's crust too will be peeled off. Please try to compare with His words in


1.      Qur’an Surah-69 (Al Haaqqah/The Reality),


So when the trumpet is blown once inflatable


And lifted up the earth and the mountains, and then it's collided once collide


So on that day came to pass the Day of Resurrection,


And the sky split, for on this day the sky became weak.


2.      Qur’an Surah-101 (Al Qaari’ah/The Doomsday),




What the Doomsday is?


Do you know what the Day of Judgment is?


On that day, all human like moths that flies


and the mountains like a feather being squandered


Furthermore, the cessation of rotation of the Earth will not stop the lengthening and shortening of the shadows, because the Earth is still orbits the Sun. And then the interchange between day and night will occur once every 6 months. But there's an interesting thing that is if you survived from the cessation of the Earth’s rotation, then you will see the incredible miracle, the sun rises from the west and will be immersed in the eastern horizon 6 months later!

You may still recall the story of the prophet Abraham arguing with Namrudz king of Babylon in


Qur’an Surah-2 (Al-Baqarah/ The Heifer), Verse-258:

Have you not seen those who disputed with Abraham about his Lord (Allah) Because God has given him the government (power). When Ibrahim said: "My Lord is the One who turn on and off," the man said: "I can turn on and off". Ibrahim said: "Verily, Allah maketh the sun from the east, then maketh it from the west," then the pagans become speechless, and Allah does not guide the wrongdoers people.


To stop altogether lengthening and shortening the shadows, Earth rotation stoppage must be followed by a cessation of its orbital motion. When the Earth's orbital motion is stopped, then the Earth would instantly "falls" into or be "sucked" by the Sun.

Earth-Sun distance is 150,000,000 km (1 AU or one Astronomical Unit) will be taken by the Earth for approximately 65 days. Try once again to attention His words in


Qur'an Surah-25 (AL Furqaan/The Criterion), Verse-46 above:

Then we pull the shadows to us, with slowly pull.


Alhamdulillah from His words that "very simple" (sorry), it appeared that many knowledge we obtain, hopefully this article useful, I beg your pardon if there was a misinterpretation or wrong conclusion, it is not apart of my limited knowledge.


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