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prophet Yusuf

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    Posted: 22 July 2012 at 7:29am
following is story of prophet YUSUF as comes in Quran

{surah 12 of Quran}
Quran has an explicit as well as an inplicit - hadith.

{1-3}    Alif-Lam-Ra. These are the Verses of the Clear Book. Verily, We have sent it down as an Arabic Quran in order that you may understand. We relate unto you the best of stories through Our Revelations unto you, of this Quran. And before this, you were among those who knew nothing about it (the Quran).

 [This sura starts with Allah talking to prophet in a code language based on letters {Alif Lam Ra in this case} Allah then directly talks to the prophet that the most beautiful stories in human history are being told to him, stories which he knew not prior to Allah telling it to him.]

{4-5}    (Remember) when Yoosuf (Joseph) said to his father: "O my father! Verily, I saw (in a dream) eleven planets {kwakib} and the sun and the moon, I saw them prostrating themselves to me." He (the father) said: "O my son! Relate not your vision to your brothers, lest they arrange a plot against you. Verily! Shaitan (Satan) is to man an open enemy!

[Yusuf who was yet not a prophet, saw a dream that troubled his father prophet Yaqoob {Jacob}, his father/prophet understood the dream - Joseph will be raised higher in honor than his brothers, this was a cause of concern as his brothers were jealous of him to the extent that they could harm him, but the point to be noted is that Yusuf kept his father/prophet’s statement “satan is enemy of man” in his mind all the time, the meaning of this statement “satan enemy of man” which was also said by Allah when he exiled Adam, eve and satan from Jannat “you are enemy one to another” will get manifest in verse 100, that how enmity is to be taken]      

    6    "Thus will your Lord choose you and teach you the interpretation of dreams (and other things) and perfect His Favour on you and on the offspring of Yaqoob (Jacob), as He perfected it on your fathers, Ibraheem (Abraham) and Ishaque (Isaac) aforetime! Verily, your Lord is All-Knowing, All-Wise."     

[it gets established in this verse that prophet Yaqoob did understand his dreams, as this art was gifted by Allah to Abraham and his family.]

    7    Verily, in Yoosuf (Joseph) and his brethren, there were Ayat (proofs, evidences, verses, lessons, signs, revelations, etc.) for those who ask.

[Now Allah gives a great pointer towards what is Islam, Allah says in the story of Yusuf is the explanation of Islam for those who seek to understand Allah, come, lets travel across these signs in the best of story and discover Islam]    

{8-9}    When they said: "Truly, Yoosuf and his brother (Benjamin) are loved more by our father than we, but we are Usbah (a strong group). Really, our father is in a plain error. Kill Yoosuf or exile him out to some (other) land, so that the favour of your father may be given to you alone, and after that you will be righteous folk "

[I will comment on this verse differently from other commentators, as I have a complaint that commentators comment on Quran forgetting the bigger picture-satans challenge against Allah. The brothers are doing exactly as satan had done, when Allah liked Adam more than satan, he became jealous, his whole strategy became to take Adam out of the way and once on doing so ask Allah forgiveness, satan said to Allah “I will bring men under my sway”, how exactly are these brothers who are under satan’s sway like satan!!! Through Quran we can know past as well as future, keeping these verses in background we can know what satan must have said with his supporters after not prostrating to Adam “truly Adam is more beloved by our creator, but we are usbah {a strong group] Really our creator is in plain error {angels questioned Allah too} get Adam out of the way so that favors of Allah may be given to us alone and after that we will repent” Only those who understands this, understand by reading Quran that in how many indirect ways Allah has been warning satan throughout history, warning that his wish for repentance is getting over as his ways are being finished, eg. Through taking pharaoh under his sway when magicians accepted Islam, satan says to Allah that see when man gets humiliated he exterminates those because of whom he has got humiliated, he does what I do, I try to exterminate Adam on being humiliated because of him, man is just like me! How is man better than me?? And Allah by not accepting pharaoh’s repentance says “I will be proved correct, I know that which you do not, and when you will repent on seeing you have lost, I will not even listen to you”. A whole book can be written with every example from Quran continuing from here but I will stop. Even simple sentences of Quran have so much depth for those who have the eye of Abel.]

{10-12}    One from among them said: "Kill not Yoosuf, but if you must do something, throw him down to the bottom of a well, he will be picked up by some caravan of travellers." They said: "O our father! Why do you not trust us with Yoosuf, - when we are indeed his well-wishers? Send him with us tomorrow to enjoy himself and play, and verily, we will take care of him."

[O muslims now keep on seeing the evilness of those who are around the khalifa of Allah-Yusuf, his brothers were very evil, no less than satan in human form, hypocrites, munafiq of highest degree, see how innocent they are acting]     

    13    He (Yaqoob) said: "Truly, it saddens me that you should take him away. I fear lest a wolf should devour him, while you are careless of him."     

[The prophets have the eye of wisdom that can see through people and their intentions through their voice, as it comes in Quran for last prophet “you will recognize them {hypocrites} by the tone of their voice”. So while the brothers were acting innocent, their father recognized what was in their hearts, prophet Yaqoob knew Yusuf will never die like this as he knew the dream of Yusuf, but still he said so as it was to happen like this only]

{14-15}    They said: "If a wolf devours him, while we are Usbah (a strong group) (to guard him), then surely, we are the losers."     So, when they took him away, they all agreed to throw him down to the bottom of the well, and We inspired in him:"Indeed, you shall (one day) inform them of this their affair, when they know (you) not."

[O people, you all have gone through childhood, you all have some or the other time gone with your brothers or some elder to fairs, parks, markets to enjoy, always feeling secure that they are around, if they went out of your sight your innocent eyes would suddenly be filled with tears and your heart with an immense fear that you are lost…..imagine if those elders would had taken you from your parents, and you go happily with them that your beloved elders will buy you sweets and take you for rides etc but instead they take you to a lonely spot and beat you and throw you in a dark alley from where you will get kidnapped and put to use by kidnappers and you will not return to home, how will you feel?? how betrayed will you feel?? will you ever forgive such people?? This was how badly Yusuf was betrayed…..but when Yusuf was feeling as if the sky has fallen on him, as if the world is filled with darkness and everything has ended……the sky spoke, the light shined and informed him that everything is not over!!! “you shall inform them of this their affair, when they know not”… would our scholars of today judge such satanic people? What all punishments and what all curses will they give to such people? Our scholars will even ask us to pray against them, pray with loud voices in the mosque on loudspeakers and order us to throw such people in the well as they had thrown others. Lets see what Allah calls beauty/best and thus we will know what is ugliness/worst by going through Yusuf’s life.]
{16-18}    And they came to their father in the early part of the night weeping. They said:"O our father! We went racing with one another, and left Yoosuf (Joseph) by our belongings and a wolf devoured him; but you will never believe us even when we speak the truth. And they brought his shirt stained with false blood. He said: "Nay, but your ownselves have made up a tale. So (for me) patience is most fitting. And it is Allah (Alone) Whose help can be sought against that which you assert."     

[So we see, what their father had judged happened, but the point to be thought about is that why didn’t Prophet Yaqoob punish them for he surely knew the truth? Why didn’t he react to their plot? Actually Allah says that his message has always been the same from Adam to last prophet, so to know what message was with earlier prophets we have to see what message was with the last prophet….”you can punish proportionate to the wrong done to you, but if you show patience then it is best, and be you patient and not distress yourself because of their plots, verily Allah is with the patient”. Think where the word “help” comes, sura Fatiha and then here and then when Pharaoh ordered killing of Moses and Aaron and all children of israel but Moses asked them to be patient!!! Do we have the same spirit when we say “wa iyyaka nastaeen”??]

{19-20}    And there came a caravan of travellers; they sent their water-drawer, and he let down his bucket (into the well). He said: "What good news! Here is a boy." So they hid him as merchandise (a slave). And Allah was the All-Knower of what they did.     And they sold him for a low price, - for a few Dirhams (i.e. for a few silver coins). And they were of those who regarded him insignificant.
[Yusuf was sold in the slave market like a commodity, what a dishonor]  
    21    And he (the man) from Egypt who bought him, said to his wife: "Make his stay comfortable, may be he will profit us or we shall adopt him as a son." Thus did We establish Yoosuf in the land, that We might teach him the interpretation of events. And Allah has full power and control over His Affairs, but most of men know not.

[The man who had purchased Yusuf as a slave thought that he would be a great servant and prove to be useful in business or get a good price on further selling or as he was childless he may in future announce him as his son, commentators are unanimous that the intention of taking him as son were purely worldly, that people will say he has such a good looking son.]      
    22    And when he (Yoosuf) attained his full manhood, We gave him judgment and knowledge (the Prophethood), thus We reward the Muhsinoon.

[Here Allah announces that from now on in the story he is a prophet, Allah says he gave Yusuf Judgment and knowledge, judgment and knowledge are the foundations of shariah, Jesus judged “don’t judge and you shall not be judged”, we shall see that did Yusuf judge like the judges of our times or did his judgment become the inspiration for the last prophet standing at Kaaba after fateh Mecca….well nothing inspires the false scholar but the hate he has in his heart. May Allah teach us judgment and knowledge like he taught Yusuf. From now on in this surah judge what is “judgement and knowledge” and question your own belief. The next verse onwards is the story of Joseph after he got right judgment and knowledge.]     

    23    And she, in whose house he was, sought to seduce him (to do an evil act), she closed the doors and said: "Come on, O you." He said: "I seek refuge in Allah (or Allah forbid)! Truly, he (your husband) is my master! He made my stay agreeable! (So I will never betray him). Verily, the Zalimoon (wrong and evil-doers) will never be successful."

[Yusuf had been given knowledge and judgement & made a prophet, he was still a khalifa of Allah while being a slave to a mushriq man!!! Think what is Khilafat? Verily Allah said “in the story of Yusuf there are signs for those who ask”. Surely one can run Khilafat while even being a slave!!! Khilafat is not dependent on an Islamic state. This is the sign of a muslims character that he never betrays his master even if mushriq, Yusuf realized that she is an evil women]

{24-25}    And indeed she did desire him and he would have inclined to her desire, had he not seen the evidence of his Lord. Thus it was, that We might turn away from him evil and illegal sexual intercourse. Surely, he was one of Our chosen servant. So they raced with one another to the door, and she tore his shirt from the back. They both found her lord (i.e. her husband) at the door. She said: "What is the recompense (punishment) for him who intended an evil design against your wife, except that he be put in prison or a painful torment?"

[Now the chosen servant of Allah realized that she is an evil woman, satan in human form, full of evil, for she tried to seduce him is one thing, tried to rape him another while what made her satanic was that she got into the eyes of everyone and sought pu8nishment for him!! Punishment for the completely innocent and honest person!! How shocked would Yusuf be……how shocked would you be if you were in his place?] 
{26-29}    He (Yoosuf ) said: "It was she that sought to seduce me," - and a witness of her household bore witness (saying): "If it be that his shirt is torn from the front, then her tale is true and he is a liar! "But if it be that his shirt is torn from the back, then she has told a lie and he is speaking the truth!" So when he (her husband) saw his ((Yoosufs) shirt torn at the back; (her husband) said: "Surely, it is a plot of you women! Certainly mighty is your plot! O Yoosuf overlook this! (O woman!) Ask forgiveness for your sin. Verily, you were of the sinful."

[Yusuf was proved to be innocent and the woman was asked to apologise and things were sorted out, but note no action against her was taken by Yusuf the possessor of judgment, his single Dua will bring destruction on her and obliterate her from the face of this earth to live in jahannam forever]    

{30-31}    And women in the city said: "The wife of Al-Azeez is seeking to seduce her (slave) young man, indeed she loves him violently; verily we see her in plain error." So when she heard of their accusation, she sent for them and prepared a banquet for them; she gave each one of them a knife (to cut the foodstuff with), and she said (to Yoosuf): "Come out before them." Then, when they saw him, they exalted him (at his beauty) and (in their astonishment) cut their hands. They said: "God forbid! No man is this! This is none other than a noble angel!"

[The women of the city who had not seen the slave prophet khalifa of Allah looked down upon Azeez’s wife saying ‘she has fallen for a lowly slave, she is a fool in plain error!!?’ However the point to be noted is that Yusuf who knew how evil the mushriq woman was, he still obeyed her even when she wished to present him as a commodity, Allah said he had judgment and knowledge!! What is judgment and knowledge?]  
    32    She said: "This is he (the young man) about whom you did blame me, and I did seek to seduce him, but he refused. And now if he refuses to obey my order, he shall certainly be cast into prison, and will be one of those who are humiliated."

[Imagine how evil was she! She took the whole matter to her ego and made it a matter of pride ‘he a slave refused me’ Yusuf salutations to him realized how unrepentant she was, how evil she was, how much injustice did she seek to do him, she sought for him humiliation, imprisonment and stern punishment while he is just trying to walk on the path of Allah. O you proud false scholars who keep shouting ‘justice, justice’ you would had judged and prayed ‘O God I am your prophet, so destroy the evil woman, how dare she try to humiliate me! I am one of your chosen servant! Wipe her off from the face of this earth & put her in hell and give her stern punishment and humiliate her’ I know, I know, O false scholars you would had done so if you were in prophet Yusuf’s place, but you would do so for you don’t know how to judge, for you don’t know what justice is and thus cant give correct judgment……BUT BEHOLD!!! Look at him the chosen one, the one bestowed with right judgment and knowledge, Look at him and wonder what is right judgment and knowledge, Look at him….]      

    33    He said:”O My Lord I Would Prefer {prefer what? Destruction for her? Prison for her? Humiliation for her? No the man of right judgement and knowledge said} I would prefer prison for me {humiliation for me, stern punishment for me and not for her} over what these women are inviting me to do {this is the way he took over the way false scholars would, to avert what?} And if you do not avert their guile from me I may yield to them and so become one of the ignorant {so save me my Lord your chosen servant}”

[AHH!!!! DO NOT DISTUINGISH BETWEEN THE PROPHETS!!! How can we? How can we? I again see an Abraham {pbuh} in prostration to save his Ummah from the destruction of Allah!!! Like Abraham was in prostration for Lut, Yusuf is in prayer for her!!! Right judgement and knowledge!!! ‘O Allah I know you are angry at this woman and would want to punish her to save me, But O Allah please, there is another way, this way ‘prison for me’, and O Allah think not twice to take this option, I will be humiliated but it will be in your cause ‘God’s cause’, it doesn’t matter if I will be humiliated in the eyes of the world till I am in honor in your eyes,  so let it be.’ O PEOPLE O PEOPLE O PEOPLE, How the eyes get wet, how the tears roll down, indeed Allah wills not to guide wrongdoers in our times as well as Yusuf’s, they see all evidence and yet make a wrong judgment, as Allah tells us that he accepted his prayer and misguided them. See note 1 in the end for further discussion]      

{34-35}    So his Lord answered his invocation and turned away from him their plot. Verily, He is the All-Hearer, the All-Knower.     Yet even after all the evidence they had seen {of his innocence} they judged that he should be imprisoned.

[Ensure that you are not of the misguided, who see all evidence and yet judge wrongly, remember justice is to be like prophets – right judgment and knowledge!]     

    36    And there entered with him two young men in the prison. One of them said: "Verily, I saw myself (in a dream) pressing wine." The other said: "Verily, I saw myself (in a dream) carrying bread on my head and birds were eating thereof." (They said): "Inform us of the interpretation of this. Verily, we think you are one of the Muhsinoon."

[First of all we will never wish prison for ourselves like prophet Yusuf did {in order to save someone from destruction for the only reason that the person may live and in future have a chance to realize and repent}. secondly However if we are to be imprisoned even after we were innocent and all proofs were in our favor, how rebellious will we become? How much will we curse them and pray for their destruction and plan to topple government and establish khilafat? Lo Yusuf was imprisoned and the imprisoned slave started a Khilafat in Prison itself, to establish once and for all – Khilafat is not dependant on politics and land, but the heart and thinking of a pious man.]   
{37-38}    He said: "No food will come to you as your provision, but I will inform its interpretation before it (the food) comes. This is of that which my Lord has taught me. Verily, I have abandoned the religion of a people that believe not in Allah and are disbelievers in the Hereafter (i.e. the Kananioon of Egypt who were polytheists and used to worship sun and other false deities). "And I have followed the religion of my fathers, - Ibraheem, Ishaque and Yaqoob, and never could we attribute any partners whatsoever to Allah. This is from the Grace of Allah to us and to mankind, but most men thank not”     
{39-40}    "O two companions of the prison! Are many different lords (gods) better or The God, the One, the Irresistible? You do not worship besides Him but only names which you have named (forged), you and your fathers, for which Allah has sent down no authority. The command (or the judgment) is for none but Allah. He has commanded that you worship none but Him, that is the straight religion, but most men know not.

[Allah has been sending the same message from Adam to last prophet, by knowing the message of last, we can know the message of those before and vice versa, Yusuf is doing nothing but “invite all to the way of your Lord with wisdom and beautiful preaching and argue with them in the ways that are best and most gracious”, he only talked to them once he developed his trust on them]

{41-42}    "O two companions of the prison! As for one of you, he (as a servant) will pour out wine for his lord (king) to drink; and as for the other, he will be crucified and birds will eat from his head. Thus is the case judged concerning which you both did inquire." And he said to the one whom he knew to be saved: "Mention me to your lord (i.e. your king, so as to get me out of the prison)." But Shaitan (Satan) made him forget to mention it to his Lord. So (Yoosuf) stayed in prison a few (more) years.     

{43-45}    And the king (of Egypt) said: "Verily, I saw (in a dream) seven fat cows, whom seven lean ones were devouring - and of seven green ears of corn, and (seven) others dry. O notables! Explain to me my dream, if it be that you can interpret dreams." They said: "Mixed up false dreams and we are not skilled in the interpretation of dreams." Then the man who was released (one of the two who were in prison), now at length remembered and said: "I will tell you its interpretation, so send me forth."     

    46    (He said): "O Yoosuf (Joseph), the man of truth! Explain to us (the dream) of seven fat cows whom seven lean ones were devouring, and of seven green ears of corn, and (seven) others dry, that I may return to the people, and that they may know."     

[Yusuf didn’t start off by saying ‘you rascal, you call me man of truth, you forgot to mention me to the king, because of you I an innocent is in this prison, living a hard life {prisons of those days were not like prisons today which are full of comfort}, you man of satan, satan made you forget, you are happy in your life, you should be preparing an army to topple this unjust king’, no he didn’t say all this, which many today would, but he helped the man!!]

{47-49}    (Yoosuf) said: "For seven consecutive years, you shall sow as usual and that (the harvest) which you reap you shall leave in ears, (all) - except a little of it which you may eat."Then will come after that, seven hard (years), which will devour what you have laid by in advance for them, (all) except a little of that which you have guarded (stored)."Then thereafter will come a year in which people will have abundant rain and in which they will press (wine and oil)."

[Now on hearing the dream, if our false scholars whose hearts are full of hate and devoid of faith were in Yusuf’s place would had said in their heart ‘Now will Allah destroy them, the unjust system, the mushrik kingdom, Allah you have heard our prayers, destroy these kaafirs utterly, who do nothing but spread injustice’…… No infact the chosen servant who possessed true Islam, judgment and knowledge instead of doing all this, he got grieved knowing that their destiny had destruction, had jahannam {as Abraham got grieved on knowing the fate of people of Lut} he not just interpreted the dream but showed a way on how to change the destiny -  from destruction to prosperity, indeed if Abraham could do what he did for people of Lut, if Last prophet can fall in prostration for people in Jahannam after Qayamat till Allah releases many to Jannah, then surely it is not at all surprising that Yusuf did so, the common thing being the desire to save people from hell and give them a chance to change in future and go to Jannah - the common thing being “God’s cause”, peace be on the whole brotherhood of prophets who had one mission the “God’s Cause” {see article “God’s cause”, follow it and become like prophets} Surely the false tongue of the false scholar certainly utters falsehood.]   
{50-51}    And the king said: "Bring him to me." But when the messenger came to him, (Yoosuf) said: "Return to your lord and ask him, What happened to the women who cut their hands? Surely, my Lord is Well-Aware of their plot." (The King) said (to the women): "What was your affair when you did seek to seduce Yoosuf ?" The women said: "Allah forbid! No evil know we against him!" The wife of Al-Azeez said: "Now the truth is manifest (to all), it was I who sought to seduce him, and he is surely of the truthful."

[Allah again and again through different parables keep informing us that those who become like Abel are given the same result, Abel died doing dawah and didn’t kill his brother Cain in return….he gave his brother a chance to repent in future, lo he did think and repent {5:27}… also Yusuf took the humiliation and went to prison but didn’t seek the same for her….lo they all stood in front of Yusuf repenting, not just repenting but praising his character…..Allahu Akbar.]    

{52-53}    (Then Yoosuf} said: "I asked for this {enquiry) in order that he (Al-Azeez) may know that I betrayed him not in secret. And, verily! Allah guides not the plot of the betrayers. "And I free not myself (from the blame). Verily, the (human) self is inclined to evil, except when my Lord bestows His Mercy (upon whom He wills). Verily, my Lord is Oft-Forgiving, Most Merciful."

[look at Yusuf, look at him, How the court must have been in rapture, from the king to the soldier silent, silent while such a man of unbelieving integrity and character was standing in front of them and spoke, proven more innocent than a new born baby and yet saying making his intention clear ‘I am not trying to absolve myself’ ‘I am not trying to free myself of blame’, I am doing so that Azeez {my master} may know that I didn’t betray him!!!, this is my neeyah for doing so, otherwise I wouldn’t even do this for if it gets my honor back it also humiliates others!!!” And the angels must have fallen in prostration saying ‘O Allah we thought man would do bloodshed on earth and asked you not to create man, truly you knew that which we didn’t, surely he is even more pure than we are’ Where are your khalifas today O Allah, who would make the angels bow down? Give us nijaad from these false scholars. Give us scholars who teach us how to become like Yusuf, give us scholars who teach us judgment and knowledge. Give us true scholars and return to earth the knowledge you have lifted. O muslims become like Yusuf as Allah says in verse 22 that he gives judgment and knowledge to the muhsinoon]

     54    And the king said: "Bring him to me that I may attach him to my person." Then, when he spoke to him, he said: "Verily, this day, you are with us high in rank and fully trusted."

[King was utterly impressed and speechless the only words that could come out of his mouth for Yusuf were the words of Honor and granting of reward]    

    55    (Yoosuf) said: "Set me over the storehouses of the land; I will indeed guard them with full knowledge"

[Do you think the king would had thought twice whether to trust him or not? The point to be noted is that many power hungry, fitna spreading, false scholars say that ‘if you work under non-muslim rule then you do haram, you have to work to destroy them and establish Islamic khilafat’, well was Yusuf the khalifa of Allah doing haram work throughout his life??  Ofcourse No, But they know not that Islam also has dawah, and those who do dawah run the Khilafat of Allah on earth, Khilafat is not tied to politics but to the “God’s cause”, thus Yusuf worked hard under a non-muslim king to save his kingdom, those who do so are either ‘khalilullah’ or ‘chosen’ or ‘habeeb’, may Allah make us like them so that we may rise and the world may look upto us and honor us and thus be easier the dawah of Islam and the world may come to Allah, Closing the chances of unbelievers to come closer to paradise is the work of satan while the work of prophets is to give unbelievers chance to come towards paradise even if it demands a personal loss]

{56-57}    Thus did We give full authority to Yoosuf in the land, to take possession therein, as when or where he likes. We bestow of Our Mercy on whom We please, and We make not to be lost the reward of those who do good.

[Thus prophet Yusuf in later part of his life was somewhat like prophet Moses was under pharaoh in earlier part of his life, part of noblemen.]  
    57    And verily, the reward of the Hereafter is better for those who believe and used to fear Allah and keep their duty.

[Mentioning of term “fear Allah” is very apt in story of Yusuf, we have seen that how Yusuf was doing nothing but exactly what Abel had done {see verse 33 its commentary and note 1}. The logic that Abel gave for his act was “fear Allah” {5:27}, so we should ‘fear Allah’ fitting in the examples of Abel and Yusuf]

    58    And Yoosuf’s brethren came and they entered unto him, and he recognized them, but they recognized him not.

[They didn’t recognize him as, 1- they wouldn’t expect him there, 2- many years had gone by and Yusuf had become a man. Now were our false judges of shariah there in place of Yusuf they would say ‘yes Allah reminded me when they were throwing me in the well :"Indeed, you shall (one day) inform them of this their affair, when they know (you) not."{verse 15}. Aha!! it has been fulfilled, now they are under my authority, now I will tell them what they did to me, I will punish them now and teach them a lesson and make an example of them so that none may do such a thing ever’…..but lets see did the real possessor of knowledge and judgment do to them what the false scholars of today do, or will he set an example of another kind? The kind we overlook, but the kind Allah the witness over everything calls “most beautiful/best” and reveals it in Quran our shariah, so much so that prophet Muhammad repeated this example in his life.]     

    59    And when he had furnished them forth with provisions (according to their need), he said: "Bring me a brother of yours from your father; (he meant Benjamin). See you not that I give full measure, and that I am the best of the hosts?

[Benjamin was his real brother, while the others were step brothers, even to such wicked step brothers Yusuf gave full measure and treated them well. Though Yusuf could just capture them and torture them and go back to his house, but no, he decided to repeat the whole cycle, he knew that how concerned his father used to be about him and Benjamin and didn’t used to send them with the brothers as they wanted to hurt both Yusuf and Benjamin, he asked them to bring Benjamin which they could only do if they promise their father to protect him, like they promised at the time they took Yusuf…..and we will read that it happened just as Yusuf thought]    

{60-62}    "But if you bring him not to me, there shall be no measure (of corn) for you with me, nor shall you come near me." They said: "We shall try to get permission (for him) from his father, and verily, we shall do it."    And (Yoosuf) told his servants to put their money (with which they had bought the corn) into their bags, so that they might know it when they go back to their people, in order that they might come back.     

    63    So, when they returned to their father, they said: "O our father! No more measure of grain shall we get (unless we take our brother). So send our brother with us, and we shall get our measure and truly we will guard him."     

    64    He said: "Can I entrust him to you except as I entrusted his brother (Yoosuf) to you aforetime? But Allah is the Best to guard, and He is the Most Merciful of those who show mercy."

[It was as if everything was repeating just as it had happened but only this time Benjamin was in place of Yusuf, and their crime of what they did to Yusuf would be flashing in their eyes.]    

{65-66}    And when they opened their bags, they found their money had been returned to them. They said: "O our father! What (more) can we desire? This, our money has been returned to us, so we shall get (more) food for our family, and we shall guard our brother and add one more measure of a camels load. This quantity is easy." He (Yaqoob (Jacob)) said: "I will not send him with you until you swear a solemn oath to me in Allah’s Name, that you will bring him back to me unless you are yourselves surrounded (by enemies, etc.)," And when they had sworn their solemn oath, he said: "Allah is the Witness over what we have said."     

{67-68}    And he said: "O my sons! Do not enter by one gate, but enter by different gates, and I cannot avail you against Allah at all. Verily! The decision rests only with Allah. In him, I put my trust and let all those that trust, put their trust in Him."    And when they entered according to their fathers advice, it did not avail them in the least against (the Will of) Allah, it was but a need of Yaqoobs inner-self which he discharged. And verily, he was endowed with knowledge because We had taught him, but most men know not.  
[Prophet Yaqoob was suspicious about the giving of grains/corn on the demand that first get your brother then food will be given! Who wouldn’t be? Who demands such a thing? Why was so much value being given to Benjamin? Surely somebody who is giving so much value to Benjamin will not let him return but seeks to keep him! He feared an attack on them and that’s why even said  ‘you will bring him back to me unless you are yourselves surrounded’ Asking them to enter through different gates was a way to make them avoid an attack if it was planned, ie not all will suffer but might escape, Prophet Yaqoob sensed that Benjamin will not return but will be kidnapped, just like he sensed at time of Yusuf that what story will they make up, but Allah’s plan was that Benjamin will not return but be kept back in the city.]

    69    And when they went in before Yoosuf (Joseph), he betook his brother (Benjamin) to himself and said: "Verily!I am your brother, so grieve not for what they used to do."

[Yusuf knew that his brother also suffers a lot at the hands of the wicked step brothers and comforted him that ‘brother our time has changed we are no more weak, they can not harm us’]     

{70-72}    So when he had furnished them forth with their provisions, he put the (King’s) bowl into his brothers bag, then a crier cried: "O you (in) the caravan! Surely, you are thieves!" They, turning towards them, said: "What is it that you have missed?" They said: "We have missed the (golden) bowl of the king and for him who produces it is (the reward of) a camel load; I will be bound by it."  
[Asad’s commentary - Commenting on this verse, Razi says: "Nowhere in the Qur'an is it stated that they made this accusation on Joseph's orders; the circumstantial evidence shows rather that they did this of their own accord: for, when they had missed the drinking-cup, [these servants of Joseph remembered that] nobody had been near it [except the sons of Jacob], and so it occurred to them that it was they who had taken it." Analogous views are also advanced by Tabari and Zamakhshari in their comments on the last words of verse 76 below. This extremely plausible explanation contrasts sharply with the Biblical account of this incident (Genesis xliv), according to which the false accusation was part of an inexplicable "stratagem" devised by Joseph. If we discard-as we must-this part of the Biblical version, it is far more logical but not correct to assume that Joseph, who had been granted by the King full authority over all that belonged to the latter (see verse 56 above) but under his law {see verse 76 below}, had placed the royal cup as a present in the bag of his favourite brother; and that he did this secretly, without informing his servants, because he did not want anyone, least of all his ten half-brothers, to know his predilection for Benjamin. For a further explanation of this incident and of its ethical relevance within the context of Joseph's story]

{73-74]    They said: "By Allah! Indeed you know that we came not to make mischief in the land, and we are no thieves!"  They (Yoosufs men) said: "What then shall be the penalty of him, if you are (proved to be) liars."

[Yusuf was in complete control of the situation, the evil brothers were in his grip, he could narrate his whole story to the king, who would believe him and seek punishment for them, but no he was the khalifa of Allah.]   
    75    They (Yoosufs brothers) said: "The penalty should be that he, in whose bag it is found, should be enslaved for the punishment (of the crime). {The Egyptian or brothers said} Thus we punish the Zalimoon (wrong-doers.)!"

[Asad’s commentary - Most of the commentators (relying, perhaps on Exodus xxii, 3) assume that this was the customary punishment for theft among the ancient Hebrews. Razi, however, suggests that this last sentence may not be a part of the brothers' answer but a confirmatory remark made by the Egyptian herald, meaning, "[In fact,] thus do we [Egyptians] requite the doers of such wrong"]    

    76    Thereupon [they were brought before Yoosuf to be searched; and] he began with the bags of his half-brothers before the bag of his brother [Benjamin]: and in the end he brought forth the drinking Bowl out of his brother's bag. In this way did We contrive for Yoosuf [the attainment of his heart's desire]: under the King's law, he would [otherwise] not have been able to detain his brother, had not God so willed. We do raise to [high] degrees [of knowledge] whomever We will - but above everyone who is endowed with knowledge there is One who knows all

[This is a great verse that tells us the exact position of Yusuf under the mushriq king; he had authority coming to him through the approval of king and he could not keep his brother to him otherwise. It is not something to be much wondered about, in a time of famine people move to the places that have provisions and people must be crowding the city, so the king must have passed a law that nobody from outside the city can be in the city for more than some particular time.]    

    77    They (Yoosufs brothers) said: "If he steals, there was a brother of his (ie Yoosuf) who did steal before (him)." But these things did Yoosuf  keep in himself, revealing not the secrets to them. He said (within himself): "You are in worst case, and Allah knows best the truth of what you assert!"

[Now this is the heights of character assassination of Yusuf the honest, It showed Yusuf that these evil brothers of his, even after so many years were full of hatred for him and his brother, how quick they were in dishonoring Benjamin which can yet be understood but the blame they put on Yusuf!!! How could that be excused?? How the heart of Yusuf must have cried ’it was years back when I was not even a man that my brothers you betrayed me so gravely, for no reason but injustice, decades have gone and you still carry a grudge against me!!, it shows not even once you thought of repentance and if you get a chance to repeat what you did to me you will!!, dishonoring me for what I didn’t do and calling me a thief and I knowing what you did am sitting here in authority and being good to you!!! You call me thieves? Nay you are thieves, you robbed me of my trust on you, you robbed me of my well being, my family, my father, my house, my country, my happiness, my freedom….and yes my shirt which you took from me when you threw me in the well’… by law of Egypt or their brothers law Yusuf should had enslaved them {verse 75}…….but there is another law, which those who are like Abel, only they understand, and on that law rests the true shariah…..but most follow unclear verses and become men of no judgment and no knowledge but only cause dissension {3:7}, the scholars of today would had thought ‘now I will enslave them and they being my slave will bow to me and thus my dream of planets bowing to me will be fulfilled’…..but if only the scholars of today had understanding I wouldn’t be writing tafsir to this surah.]    
    78    They said: "O you great one {Al Azeez}! Verily, he has an old father (who will grieve for him); so take one of us in his place. Indeed we think that you are one of the Muhsinoon (good-doers}."
[These were very evil brothers, they were not concerned for Benjamin at all nor also for their father really, but didn’t wanted to hear him complaining which used to irritate them {verse 84-86}, they were at one point agreeing to be enslaved as they knew how well Yusuf {Al Azeez, muhsinoon} of Egypt treated those around him but they could not take the thought of Yaqoob their old father sulking around them all the time.]     
{79-80}    He said: "Allah forbid, that we should take anyone but him with whom we found our property. Indeed (if we did so), we should be Zalimoon (wrong-doers)." So, when they despaired of him, they held a conference in private. The eldest among them said: "Know you not that your father did take an oath from you in Allahs Name, and before this you did fail in your duty with Yoosuf (Joseph)? Therefore I will not leave this land until my father permits me, or Allah decides my case and He is the Best of the judges.

[This brother who said ‘I wont return/leave this land’ was probably the better of all the brothers, the one who suggested to not kill Yusuf but throw him in the well, he was very evil no doubt, but not so much as his other 10 brothers who had no limits. The thought of his father’s pain inspired some guilt in him regarding Yusuf.]     

{81-82}    "Return to your father and say, O our father! Verily, your son (Benjamin) has stolen, and we testify not except according to what we know, and we could not know the unseen! And ask (the people of) the town where we have been, and the caravan in which we returned, and indeed we are telling the truth."     

    83    He (Yaqoob) said: "Nay, but your ownselves have beguiled you into something. So patience is most fitting (for me). May be Allah will bring them (back) all to me. Truly He! only He is All-Knowing, All-Wise."

[Prophet Yaqoob didn’t know that they were telling the truth as they knew truth to be, he dint know they were not making up a story, Allah not telling Yaqoob the truth has wisdom too, as Allah wanted to show me, you and all humanity that even when both the sons were taken away from a khalifa of Allah, he still chose patience!!! And did what we read in every salat “you alone we worship, you alone we seek for help”….the khalifas of Allah soak in all the pain but seek not even a single ill thing for the giver of pain…..they are fed by the world grass {the most useless thing} and stay in blood and dung t{he hateful things} but yet being in between of all this give the world milk pure to drink…..surely this Quran guides only the muttaqee for they understand the signs of God……and stay far from extremism of the hater.]     

    84    And he turned away from them and said: "Alas, my grief for Yoosuf" And he lost his sight because of the sorrow that he was suppressing.

[so sad was he! He said this to Allah. He knew what had happened to Yusuf, he knew about the betrayal Yusuf suffered, how he was beaten and mercilessly thrown in a well… would you fell if you get to know your son suffered such a thing?? Wouldn’t you loose your sight? Verse 86 suggests that Yaqoob got a revelation from Allah, as Allah could no longer see his khalifa in pain.]    
{85-86}    They said: "By Allah! You will never cease remembering Yoosuf until you become weak with old age, or until you be of the dead." He said: "I only complain of my grief and sorrow to Allah, and I know from Allah that which you know not.

[he knew that they were responsible, but yet see he doesn’t complain to them, don’t imagine Yaqoob to be an old weak man lying on the bed, he was yet not as the misbehaving son said……does a son say to his father “until you be of the dead”!!! no son but the worst son, yet Yaqoob doesn’t even complain. This is the level of patience Moses didn’t have with Al-khidr.]

    87    "O my sons! Go you and enquire about Yoosuf and his brother, and never give up hope of Allah’s Mercy. Certainly no one despairs of Allah’s Mercy, except the people who disbelieve."

[This was not Yaqoob who was reiterating his own faith and righteousness as it may seem at first glance. This was Yaqoob doing dawah in advance which will bear fruit later with his evil sons, Yaqoob got to know that now Yusuf will be found, and he needs to show the sons that ‘I didn’t despair and see I got result, so do not despair that Yusuf will get your share or Benjamin will get your share, Allah’s merciful so do not be disbelievers any more’.]    

    88    Then, when they entered unto him (Yoosuf), they said: "O exalted one {Al Azeez}! A hard time has hit us and our family, and we have brought but poor capital, so pay us full measure and be charitable to us. Truly, Allah does reward the charitable."
[Even now they don’t enquire about Yusuf and Benjamin {their step brothers} but were after worldly gain. This was the time for Yusuf to strike back. How Yusuf would had remembered his betrayal that there was a day that I was asking them and there is this day that they are asking me!!] 
    89    He said: "Do you know what you did with Yoosuf and his brother, not knowing what you were doing?"

[Now all the memories were fresh and alive in Yusuf’s mind, from throwing him in the well to calling him a thief {verse 77} and many more things which Benjamin by now would had told Yusuf regarding their misbehavior with him. But this sentence of Yusuf blew the lid, as the brothers thought ‘ how would he know that we did something wrong to Yusuf ? nobody knows that we did something wrong to him!! O God our prophet father said we will get news of Yusuf!!! ‘Are you Yusuf??!!’  ]     

    90    They said: "Are you indeed Yoosuf?!" He said: "I am Yoosuf, and this is my brother (Benjamin). Allah has indeed been gracious to us. Verily, he who fears Allah with obedience to Him, and is patient, then surely, Allah makes not the reward of the Muhsinoon (good-doers - see V.2:112) to be lost."

[The term ‘fear  Allah’ is very apt here, we have discussed it in detail in the note of verse 33, Prophet Yusuf the khalifa of Allah reminds his step brothers that those who ‘Fear Allah’ might suffer a temporary loss but their reward which they deserve can not be stolen by the work of the evil ones. Can anybody steal a thing which Allah himself protects?? Yet we become not like Abel like prophet Yusuf became, to reserve our place with Allah.]      

    91    They said: "By Allah! Most certainly Allah has raised you high above us, and we certainly are guilty.  "

[Now seeing that Yusuf is in power over them, the evil brothers suddenly showed repentance, just some time ago they were calling Yusuf thief {verse 77} and by the way they said it, it seemed as if they had been calling him a thief all the time to disgrace him and Benjamin, but now when it is clearly their turn to be disgraced - they do not want to be, those who didn’t listen to the cries of young Yusuf while throwing him in the well, were cornered and crying in front of Yusuf – the possessor of knowledge and judgment, who knew what justice is in the eyes of never changing Allah.]     

    92    He said: "No reproach on you this day, may Allah forgive you, and He is the Most Merciful of those who show mercy!  
[And look at the khalifa of Allah delivering justice in the most beautiful/best story according to Allah…..He forgave them whom no muslim scholar or non-scholar will forgive…..and as we don’t have beautiful stories like this in our Ummah it is no more beautiful anymore…..”verily in Yusuf and his brothers there are signs for seekers” {verse 7} O those who seek to understand shariah of Allah, Allah is calling you to story of Yusuf – plotting to murder {injustice}, - murder attempt {injustice}, - because of brother enslaved {injustice}, - exiled from own country {injustice}, - rape attempt in enslavement {injustice}, - jailed {injustice}, - twice home snatched away, home of father to home of master to jail {injustice}, - falsehood heaped that he is a thief by those who had stolen from him everything {injustice}…..{12:3} – “we recount to you the most beautiful/best story in revealing the Quran to you…….when Yusuf told his father….” When Yusuf’’s evil brothers lay in front of him, on whom he could fall down and pluck like an eagle plucks a rabbit and they are confessing to their guilt, he doesn’t say “Now”, like Allah said to pharaoh “Now!”, but like Abraham became ‘deeply at variance as to what to believe’, like Abraham who fell in prostration seeking forgiveness for people of Lut, he became like his grandfather, for Allah can obliterate people and start their hell in this world in accordance to his promise to Satan {that he will destroy people who become like him ie come under his sway in hell} but prophets don’t have any promises to satan but all promises to Allah, that they will take as many people as possible to Jannah, thus he said for the people Allah would had never forgiven “I forgive you and blame you not for anything today”, but he didn’t stop there, but went on to tie the rope of satan’s defeat and humiliation and Allah’s happiness and joy on Allah’s hands, for he said then “may Allah forgive you! And he is the most merciful of those who show mercy!!!”…..the armies of satan wiped out by a single arrow of the slave general of Allah’s army, was satan defeated more humiliatingly ever??....for not many understand what his statement means, for not many follow the command of Allah ‘tawassum’ ‘tadabbur’ ‘tafakkur’, his saying “I forgive you without reproach and Allah is most merciful of those who show mercy” means if Allah doesn’t forgive them, then Yusuf becomes more merciful than Allah, surely Allah wont let that happen!!! ”….now I am jumping to verses not come yet the servant of Allah Yusuf said in {verse 100} “He was kind to me…after satan had brought discord between me and my brothers {ie arranged paradise for us all after satan had arranged hell for them} My lord is best planner in achieving what he wills” Lo! Allah was never more happy in human history! Never ever more happy that He would had said “Oh my angels I ask my creatures to bow to me in return of the goodness I do to them, I in my promise to satan would had never forgiven these evil brothers and never given them Jannah, but because of this Yusuf forgiving them! I will have to forgive them or he will be more merciful than me!, where as I am the one who is most merciful!!, so they will go to Jannah because of the effort of this slave of mine alone, and if the honor of bowing is in return of the eternal goodness done, I say justice, go tell them why do you bow down to me, bow down to him! For Yusuf is above the title of being called a friend, for now he is Me and I am him…..for doesn’t I the master of Yusuf want paradise for all?? And lo the father defers seeking forgiveness for his sons till Friday but the step brother who has suffered more asks it there and then for who knows when death comes!!!”…..”and they {the family} fell down before him {Yusuf} prostrate” {verse 100} on earth, while angels fell down prostrate in skies before Allah “Verily O our Lord You knew that which we didn’t”……making the angels do so is our shariah, one who has knowledge of how to make angels do so is one with knowledge, one who knows how to give judgments that make Angels do so knows Justice.….”and we gave Yusuf knowledge and judgment”…….all else is wind.]

{93-94}    "Go with this shirt of mine, and cast it over the face of my father, he will become clear-sighted, and bring to me all your family."     And when the caravan departed, their father said: "I do indeed feel the smell of Yoosuf (Joseph), if only you think me not a dotard (a person who has weakness of mind because of old age)."    
    95    They said: "By Allah! Certainly, you are in your old error."

[“They” in this particular verse alone, refers not to brothers but other family members “bring to me all your family”]    

{96-98}    Then, when the bearer of the glad tidings arrived, he cast it (the shirt) over his face, and he became clear-sighted. He said: "Did I not say to you, I know from Allah that which you know not. " They said: "O our father! Ask forgiveness (from Allah) for our sins, indeed we have been sinners." He said: "I will ask my Lord for forgiveness for you, verily He! Only He is the Oft-Forgiving, the Most Merciful."

[Yaqoob promised that he will ask for forgiveness but he didn’t at that time “I will ask” and deferred it till Friday as comes in hadiths.]  
    99    Then, when they entered unto Yoosuf (Joseph), he betook his parents to himself and said: "Enter Egypt, if Allah wills, in security."     
    100    And he raised his parents to the throne and they fell down before him prostrate. And he said: "O my father! This is the interpretation of my dream aforetime! My Lord has made it come true! He was indeed good to me, when He took me out of the prison, and brought you (all here) out of the bedouin-life, after Shaitan (Satan) had sown enmity between me and my brothers. Certainly, my Lord is the Most Courteous and Kind unto whom He will. Truly He! Only He is the All-Knowing, the All-Wise.

[Look at the innocence of Yusuf how instead of blaming his brothers he is blaming satan!!!........God forbid, let no one call the knowledge of Yusuf innocence! O muslims when will you realize that it is satan who is causing enmity between us humans, Allah says in Quran he will call out on Qayamat “O children of Adam!”, if we do tawassum tadabbur tafakkur it wont be hard to realize why he calls them “children of Yaqoob”…..O children of Adam Allah wants you to be like children of Yaqoob!!! And Lo! Prophet fulfilled this unsaid command of Allah at Fateh Mecca, In medina with Ibn Ubayy and many other instances. Yusuf did keep in his mind what his father prophet said in {verse 5}]      

    101    "My Lord! You have indeed bestowed on me of the sovereignty, and taught me the interpretation of dreams; The (only) Creator of the heavens and the earth! You are my Walee (Protector, Helper, Supporter, Guardian, etc.) in this world and in the Hereafter, cause me to die as a Muslim (the one submitting to Your Will), and join me with the righteous."

[May Allah teach us the interpretation of Quran as he taught Yusuf the interpretation of dreams, for Quran and good dreams both come from Allah. Point to be noted is how Yusuf says “cause me to die as a muslim”……tears come to my eyes, I am a muslim and my most righteous acts seem faithless in front of Yusuf’s……i don’t say “may Allah make me die as a muslim”, for it can be said only by one who has lived as a muslim!….Yusuf did…..if I say so I will dishonor Yusuf for the sinner I am.…..but yet I will say seeking honor for Allah “may Allah make me die as a muslim”. And it can only be if I live as a muslim.……lo! The last prophet said “Death is better for you O son of Adam than trial” Who wants to be tried like Yusuf??…..but may Allah try us and may we die as a muslim! Forgiving is not as tough as it seems indeed, is to die as tough as forgiving? And yet it is tough for the children of Adam, but no it wasn’t for the children of Jacob {yaqoob}.]    

    102    This is of the news of the Ghaib (unseen) which We reveal by Inspiration to you (O Muhammad). You were not (present) with them when they arranged their plan together, and (also, while) they were plotting.     

    103    And most of mankind will not believe even if you desire it eagerly.

[Indeed, prophet eagerly wants mankind to become believers as Allah describes in Quran, like Yusuf in this surah, but keep a hand on your heart and ask will mankind become like this?? But the answer you get is of no concern to you, the answer that will be of concern to you will be to the question ‘will you become like this?’…..for yes, most of mankind will not, but one soldier of Allah {Yusuf} was heavier on the whole army of satan and took away from their clutches 11…….the ratio is of 1:11……will you become the 1 is of concern, will you become the soldier of Allah?? Like Yusuf, who came at dawn with sparks flying off his hooves, and like a comet crashed into enemy lines with Allah on his back. May peace, blessings and honor be on the horses of Allah. O Horses of Allah be not demoralized, you can not be! But rise and become like Ibraheem, Yusuf, Lut, Haabil {Abel}, Muhammad, for Allah loves those who become his reply to satan….did not satan say when there were only believers around him, when only Noah and the believers were saved on boat – “I have hope in their future generations!”…..and did not last prophet say when he was surrounded by unbelievers and his shoes were filled with blood “I have hope in their future generations!!”

Realize it is a war, and the reply of satans stone shall be with a rock, we shall wreck his city, destroy his forts and become his nightmare, tie his hands and bring his plotting to nothing!! Whoever says Yusuf did not fight is blind and can not see, there is Yusuf at the centre, surrounded by satan’s army attacking him and giving him no respite…..but Lo he turns towards the wife of his master and the foot soldiers fall, he turns towards the king and all the cavalry is dead, he turns towards his brothers and the archers at the walls of the fort fall down……peace be on one of the highest generals of Islam….. ]       

    104    And no reward you (O Muhammad) ask of them for it, it(the Quran) is no less than a Reminder and an advice unto the Alameen (men and jinns).

[Prophets don’t get anything if you become the soldier of Allah, Prophet Yusuf will not get anything, it is you who will be in Jannah, it is you who will get, and it is a reminder to you.]   
    105    And how many a sign in the heavens and the earth they pass by, while they are averse therefrom.

[There is a sign in Skies – the rain, the sun, the moon etc. there is a sign in earth – the food growth, the rivers etc. Allah says “If I were to catch man for his mistakes there wouldn’t be a single living creature alive on the back of this earth” “your lord is full of forgiveness for mankind”….if the master is so much even more so should be his khalifas, for Allah said “forgive and overlook, don’t you wish Allah to forgive you?”
The rain falls on all from the sky and the grain bursts out from earth for everyone!!.]     

    106    And most of them believe not in Allah except that they attribute partners unto Him.

[What is believing in Allah? That he is one? He is the creator of the universe and everything? That he will question us? That he has made Jannah and jahannam? That Quran is his book? That so and so are his prophets? That he has an army of angels?........O foolish ones satan too believes in all these! What makes Iblees a satan is that he is not like the believers!!!  When prophet said one who believes in such and such things is a muslim, he meant believes as others have believed, believed as Yusuf has believed and Yusuf joined not partners with Allah, he was a horse of Allah and didn’t let Allah off his back ever, never did he give anyone else that place, no not even himself!….thus he joined not partners with Allah.]
    107    Do they then feel secure from the coming against them of the covering veil of the Torment of Allah, or of the coming against them of the (Final) Hour, all of a sudden while they perceive not?

[Do you think not standing for the honor of Allah is not a crime? Stand like Yusuf did, and know as Yusuf knew that it is not your brother son of Adam who seeks to humiliate Allah but Satan, as comes the fatwa from the mouth of Yusuf the knowledged {verse 100}, but men of understanding know how….how?...... well the angels said “they will cause blood shed on earth”, this satan knows and thus sows enmity {verse 100} so that we may do blood shed and angels get proven correct over Allah……but then only men of understanding pay heed and rise above everything satan throws at them to make the angels bow to Allah saying “O our Lord truly you knew that which we didn’t”.]     

    108    Say (O Muhammad SAW): "This is my way; I invite unto Allah with sure knowledge, I and whosoever follows me (also must invite others to Allah) with sure knowledge. And Glorified and Exalted be Allah (above all that they associate as partners with Him). And I am not of the Mushrikoon (polytheists, pagans, idolaters and disbelievers in Allah; those who worship others along with Allah or set up rivals or partners to Allah)."

[Indeed this was the way of last prophet too as also of all the prophets, he invites us with sure knowledge, and remember Allah said Yusuf had sure knowledge {verse 22}, one teacher, one class, one knowledge – sure knowledge, know one and know all. May the dais too invite all to the way of their lord with wisdom and beautiful preaching and argue with them in the ways that are best and most gracious….with sure knowledge, so as to become like the prophets and fulfill the prophecy “I wish I could meet my brothers”.]     

    109    And We sent not before you (as Messengers) any but men, whom We inspired from among the people of townships. Have they not travelled through the earth and seen what was the end of those who were before them? And verily, the home of the Hereafter is the best for those who fear Allah and obey Him (by abstaining from sins and evil deeds, and by performing righteous good deeds like Yusuf). Do you not then understand?     

    110    (They were reprieved) until, when the Messengers gave up hope and thought that they were denied (by their people), then came to them Our Help, and whomsoever We willed were delivered. And Our Punishment cannot be warded off from the people who are Mujrimoon (criminals, disobedients to Allah, sinners, disbelievers, polytheists).     

[Mujrimoon has people from both groups, those who reject prophet outrightly and those who reject prophet with fallacious arguments while yet accepting them, eg. Pharoah as well as Jews who worshipped the calf. So we Muslims of today too are Mujrimoon along with pharaohs of our times.]

    111    Indeed in their stories, there is a lesson for men of understanding. It (the Quran) is not a forged statement but a confirmation of the Allahs existing Books (the Taurat (Torah), the Injeel (Gospel) and other Scriptures of Allah) and a detailed explanation of everything and a guide and a Mercy for the people who believe.

[Ahh! I feel sad that the beautiful/best surah has ended, when a beautiful trip ends don’t you feel sad? But the parting remark that Allah your creator gives is that “indeed in their stories” and he says it while ending story of Yusuf, after dedicating one full surah to a single prophet which is a honor given to no other {just like no prophet was asked to be prostrated in front of on this earth? Adam was asked to be prostrated in front of on that earth.} Allah clearly puts the story of Yusuf as No. One on the list of “Indeed in their stories there is a lesson for men of understanding” and surely men of understanding know it. The Quran is not a forged book that provides false Knowledge, the knowledge derived from Yusuf’s story is truth of highest order – “God’s Cause”. Surely it is with “God’s Cause” that Allah has painted his religion Islam from Adam to last Prophet Muhammad {PBUT} through various revelations having same message – work to get paradise for all, yes even your enemies – “O Moses go to pharaoh and talk to him gently, perchance he might yet take heed” {20:44}, Quran confirms the “never changing ways” of Allah for eternity, those who believe are guided to know the detailed explanation of everything, the rest are only misguided through unclear verses {3:7} {2:26}

May Allah make us believers as he defines believers and not as we define, surely Satan picked the brothers of Yusuf, the wife of Yusuf’s master, the unjust king and said to Allah “See you asked me to bow to them? SEE!” and Allah turned to his general Yusuf picked him up and said “NO YOU SEE, THIS IS WHOM I ASKED YOU TO BOW, SEE” O mankind become God’s reply to satan, for indeed satan picks men and says to Allah “see!”, how lucky are they whom Allah picks and says to satan “No!, You SEE!!” May God guide us, bless us, help us, Aameen.]
NOTE 1 – verse {12:33} – contd….[…..Right judgement and knowledge, O people how many tiumes I have cried that the ‘justice’ in Quran refers to ‘justice’ in the light of ‘God’s cause’ {see article “God’s cause”} and not in worldly sense as we ourselves define, the prayer of prophet Yusuf  did not pray for her destruction {while a single wish of an innocent prophet facing injustice would bring the sky down on the woman} but he prayed for prison for himself!!! it was justice!!! How? Only they know how who know “God’s cause”, rest do not understand “judgment and knowledge”
Prophet Yusuf {truly peace be upon him} hugged humiliation and it was justice!! Prophet Yusuf was victorious and so was prophet Muhammad {pbuh} at Hudaibiya on hugging humiliation victorious “a clear victory”. Again I say you can not understand till you understand the “God’s cause”. Prophet Moses said “Turn to Allah for help and be patient, the earth belongs to Allah and he gives it to those of his servants who are Muttaqee” ie who fear Allah. What is being Muttaqee but what Abel the muttaqee said and did? He said “even if you try to kill me I shall not do the same to you for I fear my Allah, the lord of all beings”…..did not Prophet Yusuf did the same thing? Didn’t he? He is symbolically saying “even if you prison me I shall not desire that to you, even if you humiliate me I shall not humiliate you, even if you desire destruction for me I shall not desire destruction for you”…..this is the corner stone of shariah, the most beautiful stories, the best stories according to Allah. Thus did prophet say who had the best understanding of Quran “be like the better son of Adam”……you are not a muttaqee till you become like this. Remember only the muttaqee find guidance in Quran {2:2} rest find misguidance {2:26} {3:7}.

Truly prophet Yusuf had the eye of Abel.
“right judgment and knowledge”

14:26 – “My lord they have led so many astray, anyone who follows me is with me BUT IF ANYONE TURNS AGAINST ME {don’t destroy them but} YOU ARE SURELY FORGIVING & MERCIFUL”
The whole world is like Hazrat Umar but no one is like his sister and brother in law.
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Thank you, brother, for the great and informative post. Keeps posting like this in future.
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what is the end of zulekha in the story kindly tell me 
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