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    Posted: 29 July 2009 at 6:49am




Salim I. Hassan (Salimullah)

Education Department, BUK.

Kano, Nigeria.

[email protected]



          If a part of man’s body is perished the doctor will say: it is going to be amputated for the whole body to regain normalcy. The fact that one part is abnormal does not mean the detriment of the whole body. If you are very insightful you know what I mean in metaphor to Boko Haram militants in northern Nigeria.

Recently a group Muslims in northern Nigerian, under the leadership of their tutor, in the person of somewhat Yusuf Bakanike, appears to oppose and prohibit Western system of education for the Muslim children which is known as ‘Boko’ in my Hausa mother tongue in northern Nigeria. They appear with guns and other ammunitions killing government officials and security forces proclaiming that some various idea/theories of Western education ‘(Boko)’ shall be Islamized fully before it becomes legitimate to be taught to Muslim students. Obviously, this is what they mean by declaring that ‘Boko’ is Haram – meaning Western education is prohibited. They account that some scientific theories seem to contradict Qur’an verses. Similarly, they perceived that some Western social science systems and policies are strongly prohibited in Islam and are still being taught to our people. Furthermore, they oppose Nigerian constitution as a symbol of Kufr (polytheism/infidelity) for it asserts that state laws and politics takes precedence over the Muslims’ Shari’ah ruling system which are the laws of Allah that Nigerian Muslims want to live by them. So, in their attempt to bring about a change they become acting against the principles of Islam. It is my fair will to address the both side of conflict in this brief article and I am not hesitated to express my personal view on this matter.

Yes, of course they are telling the truth but not following the right principles and procedures to present changes. Obviously, I have neither eulogy nor advocacy for ‘Boko Haram’ militants because they are acting insensibly and un-Islamically. They kill and therefore, they most be killed whatever the cost might be. We may also ask ourselves here that is the government fair in its abrupt and urgent military response against ‘Boko Haram’ militants? We are not saying that they should be let killing innocent people but at least they should be given chance to fair-hearing. Absolutely if we shall be patriotic to our Nigerian brothers the urgent military response is not fair for them. Consider the case of Niger Delta militants – a non-Muslim Nigerian violent group who have been fighting and killing government officials in a conflict over national oil resources which is largely generated in their homelands. How may years it took the government before it set out for military force to tackle the militants who have spent many years killing government officials and innocent people? In the all previous years, the government had been compromising and reconciling with them while they were amidst of massive killings of government officials. But here now, just for a few days problem, the government resorted to the use of military force against our brothers. Yes, they are indeed our brothers because they are still Muslims. Furthermore, let us be fair in our attitude, whenever they say Boko is ‘haram’ (prohbited) they are referring to only negative side of it which they perceived as contradictory to Islamic principles. Every sincere believer confesses that Western education (both natural sciences and social sciences) constitutes some element of Kufr (infidelity) which should be suppressed in our schools; and likewise Democracy and its constitutional laws. Every activist Muslim knows this fact and he need to implicate changes. It is such changes that the so called ‘Boko Haram’ militants set out bring however, inappropriately and violently. They failed to adhere to Islamic principles from the very onset of their action. Before I address the possible peaceful procedures and strategies to bring such a change I would like to highlight some basic heretical and anti-Islamic ideas/theories embodied in Western education (Boko). Darwin’s theory of evolution, Interest theory (Riba), Capitalism, Communism, Secularism, Democracy are minute among the huge heretic ideas of Western education. They are all anti-Islamic and antithetical to human socio-moral values and standards. Let us go by them one after the other.

          For instance, in the first place, Darwin’s theory says that Allah does not exist and therefore, is not the eternal creator who creates; all mankind came to be through natural selection by nature. But, here Allah – the Most High – is telling us in the glorious Qur’an that He is only who creates. Islamically speaking Darwin’s theory is a typical Kufr. It is unfortunate that this theory is till being taught in our Muslim schools worldwide. The enemies have the right to say this polytheistic idea but we (Muslims) should not be studying it in our institutions. However, thanks to the effort of Yahya Harun who wrote a lot of volumes to refute and destroy Darwin’s theory which is a typical Kufr.

          In the second aspect we don’t need to waste our tongue on Interest, Capitalism, Communism and their alike; they are all prohibited according to Islamic principles. From moral standard also, they are against human norms and values. The untold poverty afflicting greater number of people in the world is due to Interest system (Riba) which is the main component of Capitalist theory. But, painful as it might be to admit, Capitalism and Interest is hitherto, being taught in our Muslim schools worldwide. The detrimental consequence is that so many among the Muslims that have learned these Capitalist theories end up as greedy, misers, avaricious, and money-wizard – attitudes that are strongly discouraged in Islam. Such people values wealth and money more than spiritual and moral values of humanity.

          When we move to the issue of Secularism and Democracy, the situation is worst than any. Kufr/infidelity can be best described as Secularism; and Democracy is a tool or agent through which Secularism (Kufr) is imposed upon the world nations by the American super-terrorist state. Similarly, the Jews are the investors of Democracy, Capitalism, and Interest system and they are those who wield supreme power in the American senate. Secularism argues that God (Allah) has sovereignty over the heaven only; and that man has the sovereignty over the earth. This is a Boko ideology which is in sharp glaring contrast to many of the Qur’an verses. But still it is being taught to our students; why? Nowadays, the global order of Kufr, as it is headed by the West, is Secularism; and the tool through which Secularism is propagated on earth is Democracy. Despite of its imposed acceptance by many Muslim nations, Democracy is anti-Islamic and polytheistic. Firstly, it proclaims that sovereignty (Uluhiyyah) belongs to man and not God; that man alone can legislate and make laws for himself and the people whether they are compatible or incompatible with God’s eternal laws (Shari’ah). Worst of all, Democrats (advocates of Democracy) assert that laws of God (Shari’ah) is injustice against the men. This is typical Kufr. Secondly, Democracy asserts that man-made laws as embodied in Democratic constitution are superior to that of Allah. These are only a minute of heretical and polytheistic aspect of Democracy. The problem is that most of our students do not pursue Western education with pure Islamic vision, purpose, and sense of direction. (For more please, watch out the release of my book: The Battle: Democracy Vs ISLAMOCRACY).

          From foregoing account, one has to believe that indeed, some Western ideas/theories as contained in ‘Boko’ are either Kufr or polytheism. Hence, the need to Islamize our Western system of Education and to Islamocratize our nations and governments according to complete Islamic principles and precepts. So, how can we set out to bring such a change? The answer is obviously through intellectual movement; only a brain and intellect can do this work and not the destructive weapons as resorted by the ‘Boko Haram’ militants. The change which the militants of ‘Boko Haram’ intend to bring about should not be in that orgiastic violent manner. My personal view to tackle the problem as to Islamize Western system of education in our states and nations can be best known from my propounded theory of ERIS (Educational Revolution in Islamic States) as I have detailed elsewhere in my writings. Boko Haram’s approach to change the society should be suppressed by all means of force. They most be told that they are not in the right way of reaction although they are telling the truth. Their violent act is highly un-Islamic; their proposed strategy has no shred of authority in the religion. They are killing innocent people; therefore, they most be killed wherever they are met. We must tell them that if they are fair in their faith to bring change in Muslim Education let them first use their intellect, insight, and memory so as to produce Islamistic theories and ideologies in al virtually fields of Sciences and social sciences. Let them first produce and propagate volumes of books and journals containing Islamic worldview about economy, politics, government, banking, commerce, sociology and so forth and so on. Let them use their wealth and resources to built schools, colleges, and institutions.  Let them design new curricular of primary, secondary and tertiary institutions and present it to the government with a proposal that “this is what we intend to do for our Muslims education”. If the government refuses despite of its benefits to the Muslims then, they can decide what to do next. It is only through such political means and strategies that they can overcome the problems and subdue the enemies. These are the most meaningful and peaceful means and strategic procedures employed by many national and international organizations to Islamize Western system of Education in our Muslim nations. Association of Muslim Social Scientist of North America (A.M.S.S), International Institute of Islamic Thought (I.I.I.T), The Institute of Contemporary Islamic Thought (ICIT) London, and e.t.c. are typical example of such Islamic intellectualism in the field of all study. .I.I.I.T it is having Nigerian branch at BUK (Bayero University Kano), old campus. You can go there and contribute with your own ideas.

          Finally, to those Nigerians who are anxious and zealous to Islamize the negative side of Western theories of study, to those who are ready to reshape Nigerian politics and constitution especially in favour of independent Muslims Shari’ah Ruling System, I hereby, inform you that recently, a new proposed Association (Muslim Development Thinkers Association) is striving to gain school authority approval to be established at BUK new site. It shall be and exciting and interesting Islamic, intellectual, political, and social re-orientation movement through the use of knowledge, intellect, and brain. Theirs is violent; and ours is peaceful; for this is a time of use your brain and not the time of use your gun. I respect West for only one thing: ‘they value brain’ – an Islamic heritage and legacy which modern Muslims have abandoned voluntarily.


Till we meet again.                     


Edited by salimullah - 30 July 2009 at 3:24am
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