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    Posted: 19 June 2009 at 9:19am






Salim Ishaq Hassan

Education Department Bayero University Kano.

5 June, 2009

[email protected]

©S. Salimullah (2009).




Brief Historical Note On Democracy

          They say that Democracy begins in ancient Athens of Greece where all the entire matured members of the society have the right to elect their leaders, make decision-making, serve the Juries, and establish Justice (1). These aspects and others constitute the components of modern Western Democracy. It is not only that, most of the English words have their root in Greek language. Western way of life, thought, building, and philosophy were Greek in nature. This portrays the extent of impact that Greek culture has upon Europe and West in general. The fact that our religion has come to establish such acts of good governance, human right, rule of law, justice and freedom on earth, it makes the Muslim independent of Western democracy which has its root in Athens. But, some of the Muslims fail to take heed of this fact as they hastily chasing the West to borrow their system of democracy.

          Nearly 3,000yrs ago democracy had become a quest in ancient Greek. Before, only the elites and aristocrats of the society could have access to government and power; slaves and the masses had no right to participate or even to vote or be voted for. Those elites and aristocrats on power exclusively reserved the authority and power and distributed it among them. They sat to discuss, decide and elect leaders personally. Such was the habit of Greek government before the quest of democracy did arise.

          The next important scene of democracy was known to have flourished in ancient Roman Italy after it became a big city with extensive territory. Even the ordinary citizen could have right to vote for their leaders who only drew from the elites and the aristocrats. But women were banned to vote. Shortly after, democracy fell in Rome when it collapsed under the ruling of independent Emperor.

          It was not only towards 1200s, when mid-modern societies began to take meaningful life in Europe that Democracy was reborn. One typical example was England. It was ruled by a king; but the king has power only in the consent of the parliamentary members, and that makes it democratic. Soon, British England became very powerful at the time. This gave it power to penetrate and colonize foreign nations first, in Latin America, then Asian and Middle East nations, and finally in some other parts of Africa. In America, British power had partitioned and annexed over ten different territories.

          Towards the end of 1700s, in America, thirteen colonies revolted against the British colonial powers. Having broke out; they declared their independence. They called themselves United States and founded their government based on Democracy.  By 1920, Democracy grew speedily and forcefully in America; it extended its hands to foreign countries with fast and energetic power, subjugating socialist, communist, and Nazis government.  And this was how the U.S.A came to be as a democratic state up-to-date.  Recently, democracy is being exaggerated to mean a country; but this is just a Western propaganda. In democratic countries – whether a pure one or a pseudo-democratic one (e.g. Nigeria) – people choose how they will be governed and they usually elect their leaders mostly through vote election which is more vulnerable to corruption and rigging. And this is mainly because democracy employs the idea of multi-party system which increases disintegration, discord, hostility, and competition for power among the society members. In such a competition all parties will resort to every legal and illegal means to justify their aims. Even though democracy claims that people elect leader to serve the public citizens’ interest and to protect and ensure their right and freedom, it is not necessary that the elected leaders are doing as such. While some countries uphold the explicit idea of social welfare provision for the citizens, other do not even considered that as compulsory upon the government, the elected leaders there are too often appear to become tyrants and dictators. Today, citizens of developed democratic countries have fundamental rights in the constitution, but most of these rights are only exist in illusionary theory which has never become established in reality. Such were some fallacies and deceptions of democracy.



          Globally speaking, Democracy today means American hegemony upon other nations. The American power still exerts pressure upon the world nations especially the Muslim ones that to must accept Democracy willy-nilly. And by imposing democracy on other nations, American has been enforcing their cultures, civilization, and evilization upon other world communities.  

          From the brief introduction we have just presented one can realize that democracy tries to incorporate some basic essential and inherent messages of Islam such as good governance, Justice to people, ensure of people’s right and freedom. However, it views these aspects from atomistic view of point and in a reductionist manner when it separates them from spiritual faith and belief in God as such it fails to establish them truly on the earth. All such kind of democratic aspects are just secondary in human life which could not be established truly unless the primary aspect is established. And this primary aspect is the question of faith and belief in God whose laws and orders must be the basis of human constitutional way of life. In fact this is the first right to be established prior to human right. The fact that Western democracy deliberately or ignorantly fails to address the question of spirituality as a primary focus in human life makes all its ideas to become fallacious, deceptive, and reductionist. But, Islam as a most perfect and most comprehensive political way of life, a fully-detailed and all-encompassing principle upon which all the nations can found their system of social, economic, and political life. Islam does address both the spiritual and material aspect of human life; thus creating balance between the soul and the body, and between this world and the hereafter. Hence, we can realize that democracy tries to re-interpret the basic messages of Islam pertaining to good governance and Justice, meanwhile distorting them via introducing secularism which has never existed in Islam. Islamocracy comes as an alternative to Western reductionist Islamocracy seeks to eliminate all the negative sides of Democracy; thus Islamizing it and re-defined it to Islamocracy. While Democracy is an agent of the global order of ‘Kufr’ (Secularism) Islamocracy is an agent of the global order of Islam. While Democracy is an agent of the global order of war, economic conflict, and political hegemony and invasion Islamocracy is an agent of the global order peace, unity, and model political emancipation of the world nations.  I appreciate the attitude of some Western writers for they have objectively understand the essential components and principles of Islam is basically of peace, Justice, good governance, rule of law, people’s right and freedom and so many other aspect that Western reductionist democracy to have come to establish them on earth. It is Just as John O. Voll and John L. Esposito wrote: “The Islamic heritage, in fact, contains concepts that provide a foundation for contemporary Muslims to develop authentically Islamic programs of democracy (2). So, we can say that Democracy could be acceptable by the Muslims if its entire programmes are basically Islamic or based on Shari’ah Ruling System. And the same time, in this regard, we can also define Islamocracy as a re-defined and Islamized system of Democracy that to be founded on the basis of Shari’ah Ruling System. Voll and Esposito also, they objectively understand that even if that the Muslim system of government appear to be a Theocracy, it will still remain a Democracy for that theocracy in Islam is not like that in European Christianity: “A more apt name for the Islamic polity would be the "kingdom of God" which is described in English as a "theocracy." But Islamic theocracy is something altogether different from the theocracy of which Europe has had bitter experience. . . . The theocracy built up by Islam is not ruled by any particular religious class but by the whole community of Muslims including the rank and file. The entire Muslim population runs the state in accordance with the Book of God and the practice of His Prophet. If I were permitted to coin a new term, I would describe this system of government as a "theo-democracy," that is to say a divine democratic government, because under it the Muslims have been given a limited popular sovereignty under the suzerainty of God. The executive under this system of government is constituted by the general will of the Muslims who have also the right to depose it” (3). These writers have put forward a very impressive notion such like ‘Theo-democracy’ for that I appreciate their philosophical effort; but I can still correct them some slight err – that in Islam there is nothing like theocracy.  From the time of our noble prophet of Allah (Peace be upon him) down to his pious predecessors and until now Muslims have never practice theocracy. All of their system of government and leadership is based on communal politics through Shura (legislative/parliamentary) council. Hence, I am sorry for Voll and Esposito to say that we could not accept their proposed notion of ‘Theo-democracy’. If any word that contains ‘cracy’ is to be probably accepted by the Muslims should not be other than ISLAMOCRACY that means an independent system of Shari’ah government that governs the social, political and economic life of the people. Under no circumstance Islamic and Western values can be complete friendly relation. That is to say Democracy as it is perceived in Western thought must be antithetical to Islam as such Muslim would not accept it in its vague and heretical ideas; unless that Democracy is re-defined by the Muslims that it can be established in the Islamic state.  When Democracy IS re-defined and Islamized by the Muslims then it becomes ISLAMOCRACY.   

          Therefore, the Islamic worldview of government must be superior, more effective and most supreme over any other system of government, being it democracy or otherwise. So then, we ought to know that the Islamic way of life – religious, political, social, and economic – is what we called “Shari’ah” in Islamic terminology. Since we have our own set of rules, laws, norms, policies, philosophy, and cultures, we must depose and suspend democracy from our nations meanwhile putting “ISLAMOCRACY” which denotes a government ruled by Shari’ah Ruling system and by a constitution which is based on the foundation of eternal verities of God (Islamic laws). In this discussion, we are going to objectively expose the heresies, deceptions, fallacies, and illusions of Western conventional Democracy while resorting to ISLAMOCRACY (Government ruled by Shari’ah) as being the most comprehensive system of government and leadership. Such discussions would be the central theme of this article. 




          Anagrammatically, the word ‘ISLAMOCRACY’ is composed of two words i.e. (Islam and Democracy). The conception of this word came to be when I became anxious to see that Shari’ah system of government should rule the Muslim nations. I used to meditate very carefully over why some secular-minded Muslims do not will to be ruled by Shari’ah even though all what they admire in democracy such as good governance, right to vote and elect leaders, Justice, Rule of Law are therein the Shari’ah also; and they are even more truly and practically established in Islam than in deceptive democracy. Such fact disappointed me a great deal. I took a long mull to realize the reason that causes this unwanted attitude in the mind of some Muslims. At last, God unveiled the secret of the matter. Soon, I realized such people do so just because they were captured by the admiration of pronouncing the word ‘Democracy’. Such people if they hear the word ‘democracy’ is pronounced you will find them vibrantly and happily appreciating and admiring it; but when the word ‘Shari’ah’ is mentioned they shrink and feel disappointed as if the word seems to be odd and démodé to them. So, in order to avoid such problem and to resurrect the defeated mind of such people we decided to develop this new technical English word (Islamocracy) in an anagrammatic form to mean a System of Shari’ah government which is more effective, comprehensive, fully-detailed, and all-encompassing than Western democracy. Therefore, to cut it short, the political worldview of government is what we called Shari’ah Government System and in technical sense is called “ISLAMOCRACY. This word aims to fight and to diminish the evil side of democracy; it comes to rectify and eradicate some of the mistakes, errors, and deceits of democracy which rendered it evil and bad system of government. It comes to emancipate the Muslim nations from the political hegemony of U.S power. It comes to restore the vibrant spirit of religion in the world politics and economy. It comes to grant man his full right and freedom which has been for long an illusionary in Western democracy. We ought to know that human right or freedom in Western democracy is only a deception as the founding fathers (Jews) of democracy proclaim: “We have included in the constitution such rights as to masses appear fictitious and not actual rights. All these so-called “people’s rights” can exist only in idea, an idea which can never be realized in practical life” (Jewish Protocols: p.36). Hence, Democracy is a fallacy and all its principles and components are illusion. We are now beyond the question of Democracy; we now speak vehemently of “ISLAMOCRACY”. We are indeed ‘ISLAMOCRATS’ and not Democrats. This is what we proposed to all our members of ‘Ummatul Islam’ to adopt and to advocate for it to the whole humanity.



          Democracy, suppose it is good, in Nigerian and many other nations it is bad and the situation is irony in most of the world nations (4). One of the main features of Nigerian democracy is tyranny and dictatorship. And even in the US itself as mother of democracy, there is element of injustices and subjugation of citizens’ will and interest. The current foreign policy of War on Muslim Nations by American military power is a clear testimony where the majority of the citizens condemn it, but few leaders on power insist and legalize it. Hence, any idea of human right, consideration of public citizen interest, and freedom of religion becomes an illusion and fraudulence in democracy.  Obviously speaking, democracy denotes the supremacy of U.S will and interest as it is imposed upon other world nations especially the Muslim ones. International perspective of democracy entails that the world nations should be under the hegemony of U.S villain power. It further means the predominance of U.S will and policy over the world. Even though the West still desperately claims that democracy is good for all because it advocates justice, rule of law, good governance, human right, liberty and freedom, capitalism and secularism. All these aspect are good in democracy with the exception of capitalism and secularism. The both are antithetical to socio-moral values and standards of humanity. With this exception, all what they have claimed to have been guaranteed for man under democracy is not something new to our way of life (Islam/Shari’ah). All good aspects of democracy that commands universal consent and regard is part of the principal messages of Islam; they are part of essential aspects of life that are fundamentally emphasized and enforced in Islam in favour of establishing the standard values of humankind and for the development of their material, spiritual, and moral well-being. Hence, it is irrational for the West to introduce democracy to the Muslim world. We can consider democracy as good only in reference to the developed countries. Despite of this fact it is not the democracy in itself good but the leaders of those countries. We can justify this fact as we focus Nigeria. Our leaders are evils, wolves, dictators, and tyrannical. 

          At the top level, the founding fathers of democracy are the Jews – the ‘incubators’ of world evils – who dominate the world leadership and economy through the proxy of American power. These evil people (Jews-the super-terrorists) have created their political tools to mislead and destabilize the world and humanity, and these tools are among others, Democracy, Freedom of Speech, Liberty Capitalism and Interest (Riba). Their first target is to destroy the political power of Christianity in European countries and they have achieved this aim because the whole European continent is now dominated by democracy and is hardly Christianity and Church priest have any power or authority to say in the state politics and laws. Their second target is the Muslim world and they are currently proving their aims successful to the extent that there is hardly a Muslim nation that uphold Shari’ah Ruling System including Saudia itself despite of their desperate claim to have been practicing it. Their final aim is to eradicate Islam with its entirety from socio-political life and to depose it from the leadership of the world. Thus, they introduced Secularism which has been hither to, advertised and advocated by American leaders and politicians. All these are some of the Jewish schemes and conspiracies that are documented in their protocols of Jewish learned elders of Zion. The agent of Secularism is Democracy; and Democracy has its authoritative power in Constitution whose laws and provisions are venerably regarded as superior and supreme over any other laws of a divine religion (5). This is the main reason why all of the Muslim nations were deprived of their right and liberty for full implementation of Shari’ah Ruling System.  Thus, Islamic laws and principles are drastically limited and restricted by democratic constitutional provisions in the Muslim states. Now our mission is to break those barbaric policies of constitutional restrictions over Shari’ah Ruling System.

          It is here we have come to the question of ‘ISLAMOCRACY’ – a system of government based on Political Islam. Both the word Islamocracy and Political Islam denote a system representing a model of Islamic government, Shari’ah, and politics. Islamocracy, though the word is somehow new and strange to the people, it is not something extrinsic or barbaric to Islam; rather it is just a new technical English word which we devised to denote a system of government based on the provisions of Islamic constitutional system of leadership (i.e. Shari’ah Ruling System). Only what I know to have been the effective system of good governance is “ISLAMOCRACY” i.e. liberal Shari’ah government which is emancipated from all the clutches of Western imposed foreign wills and policies. Though democracy has more good than bad, it has lost its recommendable spirit from the onset of its basis i.e. it usurps God’s sovereignty and transfers it to man. That is to say, in democracy the will and laws of man is supreme over the God’s divine laws. Let me remind you that you should never accepts any word begins with a prefix “Demo”, for any word begins with “Demo” entails disgrace, lowness, misfortune, unluckiness, disaster, and all sorts state of undesirable condition and situation. Think of the words like demotion, demoniac, demobilization, and many more others all of which denotes undesirable and disgusting things. Likewise, democracy should not be exempted from such evil words category. As thus, one needs not to repent when he declares that democracy is evil and bad.

          Democracy is a peaceful way of tyranny and subjugation of human right; it is a reductionist of justice, idea of rule of law and equality before the law. Yet, in democracy the powerful subjugates and dominates the right of the weak; the rich still exploits the poor through its tool of capitalism; those in power tyrannize and victimize their citizens; those who wield power replace the elected leader with whom they so wish by betraying and rigging the election; and finally, people are being duped that through representatives their rights and interests are ensured and protected when the situation is fraudulent and full of deceit. 

          The western fathers of democracy headed by American super-terrorist power argues that Islam repulses the democratic idea of tolerance, rule of law, capitalism, secularism, human right, liberty and freedom of religion. This is a gross misconception from them; Islam is only against capitalism, secularism and all other evil side of democracy. This is because they are all antithetical to socio-moral values and standards of humankind. For instance, capitalism emphasizes economic classes by subjecting majority of the people to perpetual abject poverty while favouring the few rich individuals in the society. It also helps the rich to exploit the poor by perpetrating interest. In fact, all these are against social justice. Likewise, secularism negates and ignores the fundamental focus of human life and i.e. the question of faith and belief which constitutes the spiritual nature of man. Thus, man is from the onset, deprived of his fundamental right and liberty to regulate social life as enunciated in his faith and religious divine laws.

          Should Islam be repulsed? In normal worldview of social life all people want peace, justice, good governance and security, while repelling tyranny, injustice, conflicts, and war. Hence, Islam should be accepted universally because it has come to establish the aforementioned fundamental aspects in all dimension of human life.  Islam is not only a religion of mosque but also a fundamental way of life as such it is not only for the Muslims but the entire humankind of all races, religions, continents, and nations. Presumably, Islam as a religion of mosque, only the ritual aspects of worship is preserved exclusively for the Muslims; as such, other people out of it are not enforced to accept it as their religion of worship. But, the universal concept of Islam as a fundamental and complete ideology and a way of life is for all humankind. In this way, Islam should be accepted, supported, endorsed, and advocated wholeheartedly by the universal men. Therefore, non-Muslims should not be bothered or anxious when they hear us proclaiming this religion as a social and political ideology of human life. Nor should they oppose us when they hear that Islam is the only solution to current world predicaments and political malaises and instabilities.

          What the entire world can see now from international conflict to insecurity, war and clash of civilization especially between the West and the Muslim world is a result of political tyranny, domination and hegemony of U.S villain power over the world nations particularly the Muslim countries(6). By all means of political and military power, the U.S super-terrorist power seeks to impose its will and foreign policy upon the Muslim countries. This in consequence, forced the Islamists and the Jihadist to defend their religion, nations and laws; thus, culminating in formidable reaction and resistance of American foreign policy by the Islamists. American villain power has won war by subjugating the leaders of the Muslim nation. Even though the Arab and Muslim leaders have abandoned the cause of Shari’ah and liberation of the Palestinian land, the Islamists and the Jihadist vowed to undertake it.  This is the essence of Middle East conflict; and this is the essence of clash of civilization between the West and the Muslim world. American villain power wanted to impose its foreign policy upon the Muslim nation which the Muslim described as antithetical to their Shari’ah and norms and values. As a matter of fact, Islam does not accept or tolerate injustice, tyranny, or imposition of other’s will upon it especially when this comes from its enemies. To accept this, is a disgrace and Islam has never dare to voluntarily or forcefully accept or tolerate disgrace. What the Muslims demand is that the U.S villain power should stop imposing its wills and policies upon the Muslim nations. It should let them regulate their state, politics, and life as bounded by their Shari’ah Ruling System. The only solution to the ongoing war between the Jihadist Muslims and the American power is that the U.S should accept and abide by the aforementioned proposal (i.e. the Muslim nations should be let freely to regulate their socio-political life based on their Shari’ah system of government).   What we notify people is that the true concept of Western democratic idea of justice, rule of law, human right, and so forth, are not barbaric to the principles of Islamic concept of government (Islamocracy). If any discrepancies could be found would probably arise in the issue of capitalism and secularism because Islam does not accept these two aspects which is fundamental in democracy. This is because Capitalism is an element of injustice while secularism is an element of ignorance. This is where the road split; Islam cannot tolerate capitalism and secularism while the West insists on them. This is where the clash erupted.   

          Now, let us directly focus the following discussion on what Islamocracy entails.


ISLAMOCRACY: The Revived System of Government

“All sovereignty and Authority belongs to Allah Alone,

The supreme legislator and the law-giver;

And that Man is entrusted with temporal power to govern.”

          The above basis is the universal political concept of Islamocracy. Islamocracy! What does it mean?

          Islamocracy means an independent system of Shari’ah government that governs the social, political and economic life of the people. Islamocracy is the government of peace for the people whose values, norms, honours, nobility, rights and freedom must be granted and protected to ensure the development of their peculiar socio-political and spiritual well-being. Islamocracy is a government of God formed by the people to serve the interest and right of the people as bounded by Shari’ah. Islamocracy negates the split of the religion and the state politics; both are one and the same. In fact, the religion (Islam) is the mover of the state politics under Islamocracy. We now preserve the right to speak about ‘Political Islam’. By Political Islam we mean that Islam is not only a religion of mosque but also a political ideology that interprets and addresses the problems, goals, and developmental needs of the state and society; it organizes and orders the state political affairs and administrations. Thus, there must be a conspicuous disparity between the concept of religion in democracy and the concept of religion in Islamocracy. Hence, the difference between democracy and Islamocracy becomes succinctly conceivable. While democracy asserts sovereignty of man Islamocracy strongly asserts sovereignty of God – the creator of man – and that man has a temporal power and will as prescribed for him by Allah. Islamocracy challenges the world that if the people are unable to take control of their lives and deaths, then they most recognize the sovereignty of God in all aspects of life. It also argues that if the laws of God (Shari’ah) are to be suspended from human life then there would be no any human to impose his man-made laws on other men since man is not the creator of man. This fact renders man ineligible to be the master, legislator and law-giver of himself. And therefore, he could not be the legislator and law-giver of other men. As democracy tries to detach human beings from God by assigning sovereignty to man Islamocracy comes to re-attach man to God by explaining to him (man) that sovereignty belongs to God alone and that he (man) is entrusted with temporal power to govern through a systematic machinery of leadership popularly called the Government. And this government can be positive or negative. Positive government is that aims at establishing laws and orders based on belief in God. In other word, it is a government that recognizes the sovereignty of God in the state politics. Whereas, the negative government is that which establishes its laws and orders based on unbelief and secularism. Such negative government tends to usurp the power of God by claiming sovereignty in the hands of man or the state. Thus, Islamocracy explains to man, as a representative of God, his duties and responsibilities on this earth as enunciated in Islam and Shari’ah. It comes to liberate men from the servitude of other men to the servitude of God alone – the creator of men. Liberty, right, freedom of speech are all placed in their appropriate positions under Islamocracy and were given their original meanings. Man can enjoy liberty, right, and freedom only when it is in accordance to the laws of God or the Islamocratic state. In Islamocratic state each and every Muslim and non-Muslim citizen is subjected to the laws as prescribed in his peculiar religion.

           Islamocracy rejects the delusive idea that man could be a supreme legislator and law-giver to other men; but it recognizes man to be the guidance of other men to the laws of God. According to Islamocracy there is what it calls the ‘Ultimatum Adaptation’. This means that if a leader or a government suspends the laws of God in the states there shall be no more obedience to it by the citizens; and that the citizens have the legal, legitimate, and constitutional right to depose such leader or government from power. It further means that if the government rebels against the laws of God, it is then become an obligatory duty upon the citizens to rebel against the secular laws of the state/government. In Islamocracy, any act of new political and legal legislation or decision-making should be in conformity with the eternal verities of God. To make that possible Islamocracy employs the application of ‘Shari’ah Privatization Policy-making’ (7). In Islamic Juristic terminology is called ‘Al-Ijtihad or Al-Ijma’ This is a process by which prominent jurists, judges and lawyers of the Islamic state interpret the original divine eternal laws of Shari’ah in order to arrive at a credible and acceptable conclusion in deriving new laws as it is required by the changes of times and modernity. This is an inherent nature of Islam and Shari’ah in essence. In fact, in the Qur’an Allah confirms the dynamic nature of His religion (Islam) and Islamic Law (Shari’ah) by proclaiming the Qur’an as all-encompassing and dynamic book of inspiration, information, and instruction. We therefore, ought to know that Qur’an which constitutes the bases of all Islamic laws, is a guidance at all time (Q2:2); it is an explanation for all things and affairs (Q3:138); it is an reminder to mankind (Q43:1-2); it is an exhortation to whole mankind (Q10:57); it is a complete and succinct message (Q14:52); nothing left unmentioned in it i.e. it addresses all aspect of human life and affairs (Q6:38); it contains all the records of past, present, and future events (Q11:6); nor human invention of falsehood that can penetrate it (Q41:42); it is free from flaw (Q18:1-2); it never cast aspersion on the believers’ mind (Q2:2); it leads to what is best and effective for human life (Q17:19); and finally, it remains valid forever (Q15:9) (8). All such was the divine nature of the Qur’an and therefore we should not hesitate to uphold it as our basis of doctrinal and political constitution.

          Back to subject matter, in Islamocracy only God is the sovereign and the supreme legislator and law-giver. Hence, all new matters on the table of legislation should be in conformity with the will of Shari’ah. Islamocracy seeks to create a strong egalitarian Islamic society and state for the development of righteous individuals within it. It further seeks to create an Islamic state where social justice and welfare service prevails – a state where wealthy and powerful leader could not use his authority to exploit or victimize the masses and weak among the people. All men are born equal and noble. The basic aim of this Islamocratic government is to develop, in its all political implementation, legislation, and decision-making, the manifestation of the divine guidance and laws for all men to flourish. Such an Islamocratic government is responsible for maintaining social justice and provision of social welfare for all the citizens. It should be emphasized here that each and every citizen under Islamocratic government must attain the level of ‘Three Goals Satisfaction’ and i.e. nourishment, shelter and basic education for his family. This is the most obligatory duty of an Islamocratic government. This is the meaning of social welfare provision and this is indeed, the meaning of social justice though the basis of social justice is equality before the law. The state is responsible for its economic and social development. It is responsible for security of the public lives and properties. In Islamocratic state also, the private ownership has some limitations under certain conditions especially when the owner of such properties or wealth monopolizes the public commodities; or when he exploits the poor and weak among the citizens. In Islamocratic state the annual payment of Zakat share is enforced emphatically by the law and the entire rich individuals must adhere to this law. It should be noted that the ultimate objective of Shari’ah is the maximization of the betterment of man’s material and spiritual well-being and his development in all aspects of life. Hence, any new laws and legislation aims at accomplishing these objectives is part and parcel of Shari’ah and therefore, should be held by the Islamocratic state or government and should be incorporated in the Islamocratic state laws and constitution.  The noble Qur’an has outlined the basic functions of Islamic state or government (Q16:90). And that any government or leader that assumes power must take oath in God and enter into covenant with Him that he shall work to advocate justice and rule of law; and he must fulfill this covenant (Q16:91).

          When we turn to the issue of ‘right’ E.G. human right, we could find that Islamocracy is much more comprehensive and reliable than democracy. Because in Islamocracy there is a fundamental question of ‘First Right’ which democracy is unable to address; and i.e. the Right of God; thus Islamocracy first, speaks of God right, then followed by Human right, and or even Animal right. In essence Democracy fails to understand the inherent relationship between these three articles of right. You cannot establish the ethics of human right unless you first establish the God’s right unto which the essential foundation of human right is built. Likewise one cannot establish the ethics of animal right when he rejects human right. Such was the relationship among these three articles of right. Since Democracy diminishes to address these three issues Islamocracy admits to undertake this task. And this is because democracy is a fallacious and reductionist of social justice and human right; but Islamocracy is much more comprehensive, fully-detailed, and perfect in explaining the system of leadership and government in man’s life.

          Therefore, Islamocracy as an intelligent and a comprehensive system of government speaks of right of God, and right of man both of spiritual and secular life. To establish the right of God in the state is the first and foremost duty of Islamocratic government, then followed by human, and then animal right. These three articles of rights were never mentioned in democracy. This is a major drastic drawback of Democracy which the Western world desperately claims to be the best system of government. Lo! Such Western people are professional liars, deceivers, and prevaricators.

          In special sense, Islamocracy proclaims that the first right to be established and maintained is the Right of God – the creator of man. God has the rights upon man and vice versa. One most important of this right upon man is that man should recognize God as his supreme lord, legislator, and law-giver, and he most not associate partner to Him – the Al-mighty Allah. This is because in essence, man have entered into sacred covenant with God Al-mighty – that he witnessed God as his Lord – Allah; and that he should not worship other being than Allah the Almighty (Q7:172, Q36:60, & Q17:23). It is the sacred right of God upon man that he must worship him by the prescribed ritual rites; and that he must adhere to God’s laws of commandments and prohibitions; and he must establish God’s Shari’ah on earth.

          In returns, the right of man upon God (if man fulfills the right of God upon him) is that Allah has guaranteed him (man) peace of mind, pleasure, and prosperity in both here and the hereafter. Hence, the relationship of God’s right and man’s right is of reciprocal nature. This is the vital issue of focus in human socio-political life which the Western reductionist democracy suspended from secular life even though it is part and parcel, and inherent in man’s social life. The other aspects of human rights as well as other variables are well fully elaborated in Islamocracy beyond the demarcations as it is limited in democracy. It is beyond the scope of this chapter to discuss this issue thoroughfully.


A Special Observation on the Topic “Islam and Democracy; Are they Compatible?”  

          This topic has become a major issue of discussion in world politics especially by those anxiously concerned to attain Independent Islam worldwide. Too often, people at both national and international level becomes immersed in discussing this topic as a debatable issue as whether Democracy and Islam are or not compatible. The topic is good to be discussed in searching for alternative to this evil system of democracy that entangled the Muslim countries worldwide. But, there is a slight correction to be offered as regards the construction of the question as it is above. However, before long let us suggest a simple answer to the above question.

          To me, these two terms are distantly far cry from each other. They are incompatible and therefore must be diametrically opposed to each other.  Let it alone that the set up of the question is somehow suspicious, faulty, revulsive, and disgusting. How can one dares to equate Islam with Democracy. While the former governs the general aspect of life (religious, social, economic & political), the later is just a mere system of government which is also a part in focus among many folds of Islam. Since Democracy is just a mere system of government; and that this government is an aspect of life in Islam; and the fact that system of government is known as Shari’ah in Islam then the question should be read thus: “Shari’ah and Democracy: Are They Compatible”? Specifically, we have devised a new technical English term, i.e. “ISLAMOCRACY” to mean Shari’ah Ruling System of Government.

Hence, the question could be thus read: Islamocracy and Democracy: Are They Compatible”? The very major drawback and problem associated with the former set up of the question is that Islam is much wider than Democracy because it comprises the general aspect of human life both in secular and spiritual sphere; whereas Democracy is just a mere form of Government. Specifically, we can say that Islam is a general term while Democracy is specific. So, then how can one compare the importance and effectiveness of what is general with specific. The disparities are clear.

          Finally, having removed the problems with the former set up of the question; and having realized that the new question should be read: “Islamocracy and Democracy: Are They Compatible”? Then we ought to know that Islamocracy is much more comprehensively effective system of government than Democracy. The previous account presented in this article makes all things clearer and more informative. ALLAH IS ALL-KNOWING THE BEST. 



          In Islamocracy there shall be no political extremism; and also violent political vanguard is banned. The political parties should not exceed four in number in the entire nation. This is what Islamocracy called “Fourism Party System” or “Rashidun Number Party System”. However, it is preferable for Islamocratic state to uphold singular party system. Election in Islamocracy must fundamentally reflect the will and attitude of the citizens; under no circumstance rigging could not dominate an Islamocratic election. If such case appears to happen, the administrators and the managers of the election must undergo criminal trial before the court. A candidate is only eligible to contest after his rectitudeness, astuteness, leadership qualities, and socio-moral integrity is confirmed by the National Elders of Islamocracy. For any candidate to qualify for primary election in his party must undergo interview screening process. In Islamocratic state there is what is called ‘Centre for Candidacy Consultancy and Screening’ that supervises and checks the eligibility of each and every candidates at all levels of political aspiration.



          Islamocratic politics is called ‘Pure Politics’ or call it ‘Peace Politics’ if you like. But it will be useful to define politics here. Politics can be defined in two different but relevant meaning. First one the one hand, we defined politics as a process of people participation in state or national political discussion concerning their national problems and possible solution to be derived. Secondly, we defined politics as a system of peoples’ political movement and discussion in support of one or more individual, or group as oppose to another. This is the most common meaning of politics from the perspective of the general masses. This second definition also portrays the nature of the present secular system of Nigerian politics. But, it is very important to bring another aspect to the fore and i.e. Political Strategy. Political strategy is any planned scheme thought out by the learned elders of a society, nation or state aims at achieving political goals – unity, economic stability, standard education e.t.c. within a particular context of time and space.

          “Pure Politics” or “Peace Politics” on other hand can be defined as a process of emancipating and liberating individuals, community or society from any subjugation of external political power – directly or indirectly, physically or mentally. According to this definition, there shall be no any external country or power that can impose its will, foreign policy or civilization on the other. Pure politics is further defined as a process of peoples’ participation in political discussion with the aim of developing their nation, religion, norms and values, or with the aim of achieving political power and position by individuals within the bases and provisions of religious and morally-social values and norms of the society as embodied in their Communal Constitution. According to this definition, any act of politics that tends to undermine and contradicts the religious, social and moral values of the society should be banned and eradicated despite of its political benefit if any.  For instance, an individual or a political party can apply the use of blasphemous and defamatory remarks and words in his campaign or political movement against his counterpart in order to attain success in his aspiration for power. Such act was both religiously, socially and morally unacceptable despite of its political benefit. Therefore any politician, government and public in general under Islamocratic state must abstain from such bad act. It is such defamation, blasphemy, abuses of one’s honour, respect, nobility that we call Political Vices and Taboos in Pure Politics, which we enjoin all the politicians to cut off themselves from these bad attitudes. Under Islamocratic state, whoever found guilty of any of them shall be dealt with accordingly. Islam comes to respect and protect the honour, right, dignity and nobility of each and every individual. It is not worthy or recommendable for you people living under the shade of Islamocracy to defame or blaspheme one another just for the lust for political benefit or power. Hence, in our ‘Pure Politics’ there are certain crimes deemed to be “Political Vices and Taboos(PVT) that all politicians, government agencies, journalists, and public in general should abhor and abstain from them.



          Political vices and taboos are many and varied in their form and can be committed in different way; however, their features can not be hidden. In any speech, speak, remarks and writings, any act of political vices and taboos are very conspicuous and noticeable. Some of the political vices and taboos include; Defamation, Blasphemy, Mock, Abusive words, unnecessary Criticism, Lies, Fabrication, baseless Claim, baseless Disclaim, Vilification and so forth and so on.


Blasphemy – This is an insulting speeches or remarks against a person or his religion. Under our politics no one is allowed to blaspheme another under the pretext veil of freedom of speech. All freedom of speech shall be in accordance with the provision of Islamic law. Politicians, journalists, and publics should ensure and honour the respect, right, nobility and dignity of whomever they are going to speak about in public meeting or press media. If one found guilty under the law shall be dealt with accordingly. Each and every person has the legitimate right to be respected and honoured by his fellow members in the society even under political competition.


Defamation – This is an act traducing and disparaging i.e. fabricating false remarks and acts while attributing them to an innocent person and at the same time purveying them among the public. Therefore, under our ‘Peace Politics’ people are strongly enjoined to refrain from any act of purveying, traducing, and fabricating false remarks; failure to abide by this law tantamount to appropriate punishment under the law.


Lies – This is any kind of speech or remarks that is baseless and fallacious i.e. having no truth in itself. It is therefore strongly discouraged and forbidden under our ‘Pure Politics’. Types and varieties of lies is common to people and therefore it needs no more explanation on it.


Abusive Words - Use of abusive words in any kind of speeches and remarks is not allowed. Any word that is considered impudent, discourteous and it is therefore, socially, morally and religiously unacceptable should not be applied by anyone to vilify another; it is deemed serious crime under the law. Even criticism shall be done with less abusive words – words that would not render one psychologically socially and religiously disturbed. Criticism by any politician is strongly discouraged unless under necessity and should be done in a tactful manner, and with polite word. It is necessary here to have a look at the Jewish evil notion of ‘Freedom of Speech’. This freedom of speech is indeed a Jewish creation. It is a targeted notion documented in the protocols of their learned elders of Zion aim at destroying the mutual peaceful inter-personal relationship among people of any society and religion in such a way that a person has the right under freedom of speech to criticize, blaspheme and defame his brother regardless of whether such remarks or speech expressed deserve truth or not. Such bad habit is religiously, socially and morally unacceptable under our politics. Freedom of speech is only a freedom when it is governed by the provision of our laws. Hence, all acts of lies, defamation, blasphemy, fabrication and traducing are strongly banned and forbidden under Islamic system of politics.

          Criticism sometime is a good thing as it serves as a pressure tool to bombard the leaders towards a change of good acts and attitude in their administration. Despite of all this, it has some negative effect. At most of the time criticism is unnecessary. So, one way of epitomizing the both sides we can draw a conclusion that all positive criticisms are welcome while the negative and unnecessary ones are unwanted and strongly discouraged.

          Finally, these are the description of some major political vices and taboos, but they are many and varied from one form to another. Some of them would not be even known unless when they are committed by one. Others like baseless claim, baseless disclaim, and e.t.c. is all known. To generalize them, it is a situation whereby a person would come and express the truth and after that another would come and disclaim it when he is not aware of or even not knowledgeable about the fact just for him defend some of his personal political interest. It can also be the situation where a person claim this and that, when the whole situation is untrue as he claimed or stated. All these and others are among the political vices and taboos and the commission of any of them tantamount to appropriate punishment under the laws of Islamocratic state.

          “You shall not pursue (to accept any information) which      you have no knowledge of it; your hearing, seeing and mind           will be held accountable (before Allah)” (17:36).      




          We have for long been prevented from our legitimate right of establishing full and complete Shari’ah Ruling System (SRS) in our respective Muslim states/nations. Democracy under its evil constitution has been undermining people’s right especially of religion and yet it claims to have granted them freedom of religion. We Muslims, whenever we mention our right or freedom of religion we mean that our full legitimate and legal right for Shari’ah implementation in our states/nations rather than only practicing ritual worships in the mosque as it is misconceived in Western democracy. Democrats should understand what freedom of religion entails in our Islamocracy. Freedom of religion in Islamocracy is beyond only practicing it in the mosque or church; but rather it covers the people’s right to be ruled and governed by their religious laws, norms, and values as enunciated in their peculiar religion. Democratic constitution is a very poisonous one; it is full of heresies and fallacious ideas. It states that state constitutional laws are superior to the laws of God (Shari’ah constitutional laws) as such that wherever contradiction exists the state laws must prevail. This is typical blasphemy to God – Allah – and whosoever upholds this fact is an absolute ‘Mushrik’ (a polytheist). Some Muslims and some of their leaders have been duped into believing that Shari’ah Ruling System can be fully established under the veil of Democracy. Whoever believe as such he was indeed deluded. We should never for a minute expect that Shari’ah can be practiced in Democratic state; while the former gives priority to the laws of God the later gives priority to the man-made state constitutional laws. Furthermore, Democracy says that sovereignty belongs to man when Islam proclaims that all sovereignty, power, and authority belong to Allah – the Almighty. If man should have any sovereignty must be a minor and temporal one and must be exercised within the limit of God’s ultimate sovereignty which manifests in His laws and orders of commands and prohibitions as embodied in Shari’ah Ruling System. That is why the perceptive notion of Islamocracy proclaims that: ““All sovereignty and Authority belongs to Allah Alone, The supreme legislator and the law-giver; And that Man is entrusted with temporal power to govern.” This means that all what man or state can exercise from power, authority, legislation or law enforcement must be founded on basis of the eternal laws of God. Therefore, Democratic constitution makes it impossible to establish God’s laws (Shari’ah Ruling System) under Western system of Democracy.

          Therefore, in order to have our full and complete legal and legitimate right for Shari’ah ruling System we must resort to Islamocratic Constitution. Constitution is Islamocracy shall be in the form of ‘Communal Constitution’ which guarantees each and every community in a state/nation to be governed by its peculiar religious laws, norms, and values. Therefore I hereby call upon my respective intellectual Muslims and political activists, students and scholars to support and advocate the creation of “Communal Constitution” in all their nations and states so as to have a full right for Shari’ah Ruling System in their state politics and economy; hence, the need to suspend Democracy and to adopt Islamocracy. So, what “Communal Constitution” entails?  Communal Constitution is that type of constitution which provides laws on the bases of the religion, norms and values of each and every respective community in a state or nation whose members belong to the same religious entity e.g Muslim Community. In Communal Constitution the national government should not make any law that may even likely to violate one or more of the religious values and laws of any of the communities. Communal Constitution could be homogeneous when the state is entirely identified as a Muslim or non-Muslim one. However, the non-Muslim minority (residing in Muslim state) would be granted their right of their particular religion and laws, and a vive versa. And it can be heterogeneous when the state is dominated by a large citizen of both Muslims and non-Muslims in such a way that each distinctive part in the C&C caters for the laws and values of particular community members residing in the state/nation. E.g Communal Constitution in Nigeria should be heterogeneous one because the country is highly cosmopolitan.

          Moreover, it is interesting to note that Communal Constitution has two categories of laws provision: General Provisional Laws (GPLS) and Supreme Community Laws (SCLS). On the one hand, General Provisional Laws or GPLS is a distinct part in “Communal Constitution” which provides general laws in the state/nation that are common and acceptable to all communities; and that it represent the positive aims, goals and objectives for the national growth and development in general sense. It is only the government that has the authoritative power in the legislation, regulation, and maintenance of GPLS; it is the chief designer and prosecutor of GPLS. However, Supreme Community Laws (SCLS) must prevail if there is any collision or contradiction between the two laws. For instance, under GPLS the government can promulgate a law that may undermine or violate the Muslim Laws of Shari’ah. In such situation Muslim laws must prevail and their community should be exempted from such particular law provided in the GPLS. In general we can say that any law that is common to all communities and that are directly related to the national development are made, decided and promulgated under GPLS where the government has the exclusive power to legislate and maintain it.

          Supreme Community Laws (SCLS) on the other hand, is the second part of “Communal Constitution” which is mainly deal with the communal laws of each and every community within the nation. When we say community in this regard we are referring to particular society belong to same religion (e.g. Muslims Community or Christian Community). It is in this part that each and every community shall have their peculiar in the C&C section dealing with their particular laws, principles, and rules and regulations pertaining to their social, economic, political, civil, and common affairs. SCLS are set of laws, principles, rules, and policies which are designed and provided by a particular Community leaders based on their religion, beliefs, values and norms to serve as their legal and political constitution in the state/nation. Such laws and principles are the Ruling systems governing their Politics, Leadership, and Economy in addition to legal, civil and common laws in all dimension of social life. It is important to note that the Muslim community leader in an Islamocratic state shall be considered as the ‘Caliph’ and shall have his seat in the ‘National House of the Caliphate’. SCLS are sacred, reverent and therefore untouchable by any provision of the GPLS. In fact, as far as a particular community is concerned its SCLS are supreme and superior to the state GPLS. This is what we mean by Communal Constitution.

          In general, “Communal Constitution” has the following basic features and characteristics:

v    It guarantees all Nigerian communities full and complete political right and liberty to rule their states in accordance with their religious laws and principles.

v    It respects all of the communities’ religion, norms, values and laws in such a way that no any state provision of GPLS that is allowed to violate any of the law or system of the communities.

v    Finally, in “Communal Constitution” it is the community laws i.e. (SCLS) that have the supreme power in all political legislation and decision-making of the State community.



          The above theory of ‘Communal Constitution’ is a sub-theory extracted from a broader theory of “Communal Politics” propounded by a Muslim political intellectualist. Communal Politics suggests that a heterogeneous society can co-exist to live equally, peacefully, tolerably, and interdependently only if the state constitution grants full liberty and right of political power to each and every community residing within the Nation/State, to govern and rule its members in accordance to its religion, beliefs, norms, cultures and philosophy of life. The Government can only have the authority to decide and to regulate what it should be done for the general growth and development of the nation as well as to function at international level. But, all legal, civil, and common laws should be exclusively reserved for the respective community leaders.



          In all what have presented to you we seek to re-integrate, reconstruct, and re-vitalize the spirit of Islamic Shari’ah polity in modern world of Western reductionist Democracy. We have already notify you that if Democracy can befit Muslims it must be redefined and re-conceptualized on the basis of Islamic cultures, norms, and values as such it must suspend the claim sovereignty in the hands of man instead of God. When Democracy was redefined on the principles of Islam then it becomes ISLAMOCRACY. This is what is all about ISLAMOCRACY.



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Islamocracy, is there such a term ?

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There is now.. I guessSmile  English is really a creole anyways.. its great, no need for purity in English.. hahaha
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As Salamu Alaikum, Demonocracy as I see it man made laws vs The Laws sent by Allah(swt).
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So called Islamocracy sounds nice but problematic since it limits free speech. For instance, I am not free to say Muhammad the prophet is fake. If I do in a muslim country I'd be punished. Why? If such people truly exist why punish others for an opinion? I mean in alabama the kkk can hold parades in the south spewing hatred under the law they are protected.if such trash can be protected under democratic law then democracy on a constitutional basis means more than something that has greek origin.
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Not just punished but possibly killed!
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