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Islam and peace in Somalia 2009.

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    Posted: 24 October 2008 at 1:11am

Islam and peace in Somalia 2009.


Project Radio Bismillahi Rahmani Rahim. (Radio for the sake of God, Peace through Radio, Voice following the peace of the Sunnah)




The reason for conflict in Somalia and a solution.


Muslim continues to kill Muslim in Somalia. This is forbidden in Islam.


99% of people in Somalia are Muslim but the depth of knowledge in Islam for many is low.


Clan divisions and lawless behavior overshadow the high moral code of Islam.


Religious knowledge is in Arabic but many Somalis have a limited Arabic language understanding.


This project aims to establish a Somalia wide shortwave broadcast station called Radio Bismillahi Rahmani Rahim (Radio for the sake of God, Peace through Radio, Voice following the peace of the Sunnah).


The radio will teach the high moral code of Islam in the Somali language.


To join this project Email [email protected]





Project to promote peace in Somalia-

Radio Bismillahi Rahmani Rahim (Radio for the sake of God, Peace through Radio, Voice following the peace of the Sunnah).

Somalia problem-

The 17 year (1991 to 2009) violent civil conflict of Muslim fighting Muslim continues in Somalia.


Somalia has an estimated population between 9 to 10 million.

In 2009 the people in Somalia are living isolated from the outside world without the normal government services that are available in the rest of the world.

Reason for Somalia problem-

Within Somalia there is a lack of understanding of the high moral code in Islam that forbids the doing of bad and promotes the doing of good.

Muslim killing Muslim is forbidden.


The lack of understanding of the meaning of Islam (peace) has allowed the continual use of the different Somali tribal origins to be used to separate the people to create conflicts that break the peace.

Over the past 17 years all peace agreements between the people of Somalia have been broken.

99% of people in Somalia are Muslim but the depth of knowledge in Islam for many is low.

Most knowledge of the religion is in the Arabic language however the Somali people speak the Somali language and many have a limited understanding of the Arabic language.


1. Teach the high moral code of Islam in the Somali language.
Most existing Somali radios teach religion in the Arabic language.

2. Establish a short wave radio station to broadcast in the Somali language. Short Wave Radio can cover all Somalia. Most existing Somalia radios use FM. FM is usually technically limited to a 25 km radius.

Radio programs-

Radio programs would be based on the Sunnah (what the Messenger did, said and approved) and not the politics of today.

Where there is disagreement between different schools in Islam the reasoning behind the differences of thought can be explained from each schools point of view by referring to the Sunnah.

This will allow listeners to understand the different schools of thought in Islam and be better able to identify the correct path in Islam.

People in Somalia are in conflict because of a lack of knowledge in their religion.

For example some say that the start of the month of Ramadan is when you see the crescent of the Moon, others say it starts in Somalia at the same time that it starts in Mecca and others say it starts as calculated by astronomical means. This is one example of conflict that causes unnecessary division among the people in Somalia. Each year some people say they are correct and you are incorrect. Radio can address this and similar unnecessary conflict that results from a lack of knowledge.

Matters that cause division can be discussed on radio with the reasons for the different views included.

Finally the Sunnah could be stated so that listeners are able to understand the correct view.

Radio operation.

Translation to Somali must be in a kind and friendly language to avoid offence to different views.

The radio is not promoting one school because it recognizes that many schools follow the Sunnah.

The radio will encourage friendly constructive discussions on the opinions of the different schools of thought so that listeners can understand which ideas, actions and thoughts coincide with the Sunnah.

Broadcasting of human hatred is not permitted and is not Sunnah.

The radio will be open to all schools of Sunnah thought to come together in friendship and learn together as brothers and sisters.


The following English language programs from the Australian Muslim community in Sydney are now ready to be translated to the Somali language.


The material below is from one school of Sunnah thought only because it is the first I have received.


Belief in Islam.

God, creation and prophets.

Ahlus-Sunnah wal-Jama’ah (Belief of the first few generations of Muslims).

First 300 years of Islam.
The correct path in Islam.

Correct religious knowledge.

Islam forbids the killing of innocent people.
Innovations of guidance and misguidance.
Obligations of the heart- do not object to the will of God. Do not exaggerate in glorifying beloved Prophet Mohamed.


God (Allah).

Sunni creed- Fatwa 2514.

Names of God.

Nothing is like God.
What ever you imagine in your mind cannot resemble God.
The 13 Attributes of God.
The speech (kalam) of God.
Existence of God.
God exists without a place.
Correct faith in God.
God exists without a beginning.
God knows all things.
The will of God.
Wisdom of God.

The oneness of God (Tawhid).

Before creation.
Order of creation.
Difference between the eternal and the created.
Difference between God and creation.

Angles, Jinn and Humans.
Every action and every thing is created by God. Whatever God wills will happen– Destiny.
Good and evil are created by the will of God.

Life after death.
After death,

Intercession on judgment day

Surprise in Paradise.

Prophets and Messengers.
Prophets, Messengers and followers.
Attributes of the Prophets.
Prophet Adam (Adan).

Prophet Enoch (Idris).
Prophet Adam to Prophet Noah (Nuh).
Prophet Abraham (Ibrahim).
Prophet Joseph (Yusuf).

Prophet Job (Ayyub).
Prophet Moses (Musa).

Prophet David (Dawud).
Prophet Solomon (Sulaiman).
Prophet Ezra (Uzair).

Prophet Zechariah (Zakariyya), Mary (Maryum) and the birth of Prophet Jesus (Issa).
Prophet Jesus (Issa).
Prophet Mohamed.
History of Prophet Mohamed.
Miracles of Prophet Mohamed.
Physical description of Prophet Mohamed.
Death of Prophet Mohamed.
Visiting the grave of the Prophet.
Asking the Prophet for something.

Leaders and teachers.
Abu Bakr (First Caliph).
Imam Ahmad Iban Hanbal (Teacher).

Imam Ash-Shafi'ee (Teacher) 

Islamic studies.
The first obligation of a Muslim.
Fundamentals of belief. 

Good deeds.
Riba (Forbidden gain).
Welfare contribution (Zakah).

Women of Al-Medina.
Women’s dress and inheritance.

Quran verse.
Interpretation of verses.
Life after death.
Angles obey God.
Protection from Hell fire.
Making a vow.
Existence of God.
Prophet Noah.
Nothing is like God (Allah) in any way.
Humans made from clay.
God knows all.
The biggest sin.

Angles in the sky.
God (Allah).



Prophet Adam (Adan).


Fear of God

Womens voice is not to be hidden.

Benefits to the dead.


Calling for help.

The Grave.

Paradise and Hell Fire.



Respect for God.

Leaving Islam.

Reciting the Quran for the dead.

Wearing Quranic words.

Attributes of Prophets.

Good deeds.

Seeking blessings from the Prophet and his relics.

Sorcery, witchcraft.

Creation of Adam (Adan) and Eve (Hawwa).

God sent messengers.

Angle Gabriel (Jibral).

Angles, Jinn, Man.


The cave story.


Hadith (reported saying, deed or action approved by Prophet Mohamed).


Slave woman story.

Visiting graves.


Mosque sermon.

Eid sermon.

Rain and milk.

Ablution (Wudu).
Call to prayer- Before sunrise (Adan Fajr).
Call to prayer- After midday (Adan Zuhr).
Call to prayer- afternoon (Adan Asr).
Call to prayer- After sunset (Adan Maghrib).
Call to prayer- Night (Adan Isha).
Call to prayer- Friday Jumuah.

Invalid Prayer.
Prayers in congregation.

Prayers – Friday.

Prayer to God- speaking of Prophet Mohamed.
Ramadan night prayer.

in English and Arabic.

Project Radio Bismillahi Rahmani Rahim seeks to achieve the following-

1. To establish a studio in Galkayo, Somalia
to translate Arabic and English programs and chants to Somali for radio broadcasting.

(This requires an office/studio in Galkayo with electricity and computers. These can be obtained in Galkayo and need funding).


2. Help to obtain Radio Kuwait audio English language programs
such as “The Ethics of Islam”, “30 days of Ramadan the holy and great month of Islam” and as many other programs as Radio Kuwait can provide for this project. These programs and chants would be translated in Somalia to the Somali language.

(I currently have Arabic and English programs and chants from Sydney, Australia that I will put on a portable hard drive to take to Galkayo, Somalia to be translated to Somali. To make translation and audio mixing easy every program and chant is in both wav and mp3 format).

3. I am ready to supervise Galkayo staff
in the editing of broadcast material and assist in the training of a local Somali staff of teachers who are following the path of peace in Islam.

(This requires return air tickets and accommodation, food and living expenses).

4. Short wave radio broadcast transmitters
, antennas, studio and electronic equipment.

(This requires funding or the donation of equipment).

This project could be established immediately.

I am ready to set up a translation office in Galkayo and use the existing Radio Galkayo community radio station to broadcast “on the air” some of the translated programs.

This would allow the training of Somali staff in program and chant translation while we wait for equipment to establish “Radio Bismillahi Rahmani Rahim”.

(If 2 return air tickets and living expenses for 2 visits to Galkayo are available I would be able to immediately go to Galkayo to setup the translation office and the local staff in Galkayo. I would then return to Australia to prepare the transmitting equipment and again return to Galkayo).


A 24 hour Short Wave Radio station could promote knowledge about Islam that is currently missing in Somalia.

Understanding the religion’s high moral code will help to stop the doing of bad and promote the doing of good.

Knowledge about Islam is unknown among many foreign listeners. Some programs in Arabic and English could be aired to welcome foreign listeners to Islam.

If anyone is able to translate programs and chants to Hebrew we could also welcome listeners in Israel to Islam.

Foreign listeners can be welcomed to visit Somalia to learn more about the religion, people and country.

I have visited Somalia 10 times between 1993 and 2007 during which I helped to establish a community radio station called Radio Galkayo in Galkayo, 700km north of Mogadishu.

Everyone on the path of peace is welcome to join this project for Allah’s sake.

Contact me on email.


Sam Voron VK2BVS, 6O0A
2 Griffith Ave, Roseville, N.S.W., Australia 2069
Tel- 61-2-9417 1066
Email: [email protected]

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There is a problem of famine, still in Somalia???
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jazak Allah for sharing all this huge collection huge interesting facts thanks for sharing 

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