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ISLAM in Bangaldesh

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    Posted: 14 January 2008 at 12:46pm

SWEETSWORDS 39 [ Mother Land ]


Poga Humayun Dundiwala

PAKISTAN zindabad and long lives BANGLADESH
Home of majnun and land of Darvesh
Birth place and mothers tongue
The local lyrics and the universal song

PAKISTAN zindabad and long lives BANGLA
Home of insaan and land of ALLAH
May ALLAH bless them with light of ISLAM
And guide them toward the true path of
MUHAMMAD sallel la hu alahi wa sallam

Poga Say's in a foolington maze

Do you know what zero function is
Temporary land lords with permanent lease
Zero function is sanction of all
One time contact no more call

Do you know what zero function is
Temporary tenders and permanent fees
Zero function is base of all action
A functional first sanctioning all reaction

Do you know what zero function is
Is it bottom of all chasm base of all abyss
Do you know what zero function is
Is it mothers land or womb of all genesis

Gada Darr Dada Say's Dundiwala Baisab
My Hindu bowl body and your Muslim soul Maqtab
My Nafsi Narayan desire and Your Mental Be Aql head
My present living and your Akirath dead

Musalman grandson Say's Gada Darr Dada
Your blood and my bone is in fifty fifty Ada
Our birth and blood is our common ground
But our brain and belief is our personal sky
While i believe in Noor Un Ala Noor light
And you believe in Choor Un Ala Choor dark sai

Mr Barzakh Fitrath Ullah : From Veda to Buddha then to Bollywood
HINDUSTAN Aryan Manu's son in the relation of Indian motherhood
From Ramayana to Geetha the to Geethanjali
INDIAN English Mans mantra in the rituals of Sanskrit and Palli
From Puran to Quran then to Bandemataram
BARATHA your pure Sanatan Brammahkatha
Today polluted daily
By Matrimurthi Santans of Hindi and Bengali
Of Hindu Muslim Itaram

Mrs Be aql Khan Usta : From Indian ocean by bay of Bengal piece of earth changed from Bong to Bongo
With nameless blood and titled Angha
It lives with earthen body and watery soul
Till it becomes BANGLADESH the complete whole
Now the divided Bangla with its indivisible Bengali
As Hindu Shadu and Muslim Wali
They live by dreamy still shade under nightmare of operation search light
They live with memory of dark  day's and bright night
There with two human Rahman ALLAH  Rahmanur Rahim
In the war of liberation he created Mujib Jia team
By the law of battles capture of leader leads to victory
But here the second Khaliffa took the charge of holiest jihad to fulfill ALLAH'S decree
And win for Umma who were oppressed
Freedom for Umma who were much suppressed

Mr Barzakh Fitrath Ullah: Mother land and father of a nation
Universal wisdom and local information
Cubical house and Akhandamandalakar Sansar
Mother's land and father's war
These are bondage's of my BARZAKH veil
To cover the mummified humanity with ignorance of pass and fail
Therefore oh BE AQL hear when i say
Under Christian rule it was Jinnah who fought Muslim way
He won the Jihad and captured the land
Under Islam upon Muslim hand
Yet the knowledge of local dialogue and universal message
Creates The BARZAKH The barrier in The Foolington Maze
There they shout PAKISTAN zindabad and long live BANGLADESH
Hindu Shadu and Muslim Darvesh
There they shout PAKISTAN zindabad and victorious BANGLA
There they shout from the home of inasn and the land of ALLAH
There they know not
How the seed of ISLAM became the MAHABOT
There they know not how one Rahman
Deprived the UMMAH of AWAMI MUSLIM LEAGUE for just being MUSALMAN
He shied away from word MUSLIM during the occupation
And after the independence he run away from word ISLAM in gratitude's for being released from the prison
Yet ISLAM through another rahman
By will of ALLAH by BISMILLAH in theirs constitutional SANVIDHAN
ISLAM through heart and mind of overwhelming BENGALI
There KUFFR lessens periodically but ISLAM grows daily
There they shout under English calender for right of Bengali date
Therefore come out oh BE AQL from theirs ignorant game of love and hate
And let us unite
Like the string and the kite
At the hand of master pilot
Let us unite with the duality of paper and ink into oneness of single dot

Mrs Be Aql Khan Usta : Bangabandu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman
For him oneness was Bengali duality was Musalman
For him priority was secular democratic society of Bengali nation
Freedom for all to express theirs mothers tongue and fathers narration
He is the father of nation what none can dispute
If BANGLADESH is sweet-sounding Vrindaban then he is the Sri Kishan flute

Mr Barzakh Fitrath Ullah : Democracy from that Bully
Killer of public speaker in national assembly
He killed Shahuda Shahid Ali by throwing down the chair
Then he killed the democracy by being the one man dictator
But his greatest crime was that he forgave the unforgiven
Rapist Murderers Killers of man woman and children
Even to this day mothers miscarriage hearing the horror story
How awami league rapist paved the Bengali rape alley by raping the bihari
It was Muktibahini who kept our honor
The common folks of the Bengali Sansar
While the party public fought their wars in kolkata whore house
They fought for the violated Bengali Burkha by unknotting the Indian blouse
Yet while whole world looked of justice he looked for excuse
For Bengali YA JUJ and Pakistani MA JUJ
What is his contribution compere to Kudiram
Vivekannada Jagdish Chandra Basu or Rafique Barakath Salam
Therefore Oh BE AQL no one really needs no more DADDY
But we do need our Bangabandu our Bengali BUDDY
To tell us who gave him the authority to forgive who are guilty by the law
None of his Daughter was victim chiller sexual assault none of his sons was victim killer mortal blow
And for him being the Father of the nation i personally dispute
We the heir of Prince Vanga Bengali by our true birth not by any fake vote and loot
Why can't our Father of the nation be Prince Vijay singh of Bengal
Who conquered land and sea up to the Singhal
Why can't it be the Mohanlal or his master Siraj
Who fought for Bengali Shinghasan and Bengali Taj
Why can't it be those who fought and died in Palashi's mango grove
Why can't it be those who devoted theirs live to up hold our lingo above
Because it is our lingo as Bengali
By spoken songs and written Geethanjali
It is they Tagore Bankim and Najrul
By many mind upon the topic single
Hindu Shadu and Muslim Darvesh
There many came greater than Mujib
Therefore we don't need to look for fathers like bastard child because we know we are the children of ADAM AND EVE

Mrs Be Aql Khan Usta : As the coward chicken tikka khan
Placed the piping hot boiled eggs in side the wet weak vagina of Bengali woman
They fuc#ed in the name of ALLAH what was mission impossible even for all accomplished SATAN
What no woman can give birth such son are rape ali khan of PAKISTAN
Yes as they placed the eggs they hardly expected any chicks
But be hold she bore the fierce Bengali woman the blazing phoenix
Now with the pen of flaming hell she wrote the prescription of deadly sin
The book of diseased doctor by medi-CINAL TASLIMA NASRIN
Now whore of Babylon no longer bore KAFFIR son
Now all her customers are AMIR MUSALMAN
And yes BANGABANDU SHEIKH MUJIBUR RAHMAN is our father of nation
Because he is the best of the rest
It is he who gave us the free unbounded BANGLADESH not confined by any east or west

Mr Barzakh Fitarh Ullah : He is not our father of nation
He is our national onion
Like veils of onion as they fell
Nothing comes out of its within apart from the smell
The stinking odour
Thy name is sheikh mujibur
Start with the first veil the name
With Muslim title yet he chose to disconnect word Muslim and Islam for his political game
Then start with the second veil the democracy
And its final example of it is his killing the opponent with the Kursi
Third veil the party
First he killed the Muslim league and gave birth to awami Muslim league
Then he killed Awami Muslim league and gave birth to Awami league
Then he killed the Awami league and gave birth to Baksal to become the party less deity
Yet oh BE AQL he is our father of nation because he gave freedom to us from the jail
Now what happens if some invaders attack us and we defend to fail
And loose our Independence and win it back by one victor Bengali fighter
Then are we going to name him our number two national father by our history writer
How many father do we need
No BE AQL no we have our father we are the ADAMS breed
We are the ADAMS breed with Bengali dialogue
We speak the universal ISLAM by our MUSLIM monologue
We who are burned by operation searchlight
Now whose dawns light ashen shame frighten every human sight
Yes it is our Awami League democratic right what wrongs ISLAM
Insults inviolable inviolate MUHAMMAD Sallel La Hu Alahi Wa Sallam
Yes it is result of sin when we choose Ghander democracy above universal ISLAM
The dead Grecian democracy in the living Jahannam
Yet i know my mother my BANGLADESH
The land of Hindu Awuliya and Muslim Darvesh
There ISLAM Came at the night of splitting moonlight
Long long before the KUFFR the dark dark dawns light

Mrs Be Aql Khan Usta : To all dawns light
Darkness is your destiny by the Armageddon twilight
From earthen Bengal as your light grows to maximum only to decrease
But by ALLAH Noor Un Ala Noor begets solar systems for its interstellar genesis
So beware BE IMAN Bengali dawn
As you fuse out your smiles ALLAH brings forth the ashen moan

Mr Barzakh Fitrath Ullah : To recognize who am i i looked into my flesh
I saw mystical muddy meat in the form of BANGLADESH
I saw i am the PADMA MEGNA JAMUNA haur and jeel
I saw i am the plant and trees the Greenman Gupta Ibn Chlorophyll
Now i reveal my narrative by my BARZAKHULLAH veil
To tell the travelogue of light years by the tongue of snail
I say my name is BANGLA and i am MUSLIM
I am not Indian vrindaban nor am i the Arabian hareem
I took ISLAM from the mouth of SAHABAH
The universal KALIMAH from the omnipresent KAABA
Even then KUFFR lived from Quraish to Qourab
Just as now among the Bengali among the Arab
Now one Bengali KAFFIR have insulted our prophet like Arabian abu jahel
Now world will see how Sweet Golden Bengal becomes for him the Bitter Scolding HELL


------------------------------------------------------------ --------------------

Originally Posted by um-eesaa 
Islam in Bangladesh

taken from


Islam arrived in this land in the same process as the land itself has been formed - in a conituous process of accumulation of silts. Islam was preached by generation after generation before the establishement of Muslim rule through a period of six centuries. As a result, a favoiurable place for Islam along with basic knowlegde about it was created in the hearts of the people. If formed an excellent psychological base that kept the inhabitants of this area firm upon Islam neglecting all sorts of obstacles, attacks and conspiracies.

Islam entered Bangladesh through the following three ways:

1. The Chittagong port was one of the major ports for entering the eastern region including China, Thailand, Malaysia and Indonesia. Many merchants used to anchor at the Chittagong port and go to China using land roads. The Arab merchants had been using this port since pre-Islamic period and continued to do so after they embraced Islam. They used to preach Islam along with their business activities. Islam began to spread from that time.

2. King Cherumol Perumol of Tamilnadu coastal kingdom Malabar embraced Islam during the lifetime of the Prophet Mohammad (PUH). As a result that area turned into a centre for preaching Islam. Preachers used to come to Bangladesh from that region.

3. After the conquest of Sindh by Muhammad Bin Kashem, many preachers used to come from the Arabia, Iran, Iraq, Turkey on their feet to preach Islam here.

The silent preaching of Islam that went for more than six centuries remained hidden due to lack of historical evidences. Modern researcher are finding evidences are being found from the books written by Arab Muslim historians, geographers and Muhaddises. For example, it is proven from the narratives of Muhaddis Imam Abadna Marwazi that a group of Sahabis including Abu Oakkas Ibn Ohaib came to Chittagong in the year 618. The narratives of many Arab geograpics of eleventh century including Abul Kasem Obaidullah Ibd Khurdadbih, Al Idrisi, Al Masudi, Yaqub Ibn Abdullah mention the business relations and settlement of Arab merchants in Chittagong seaport, Chandpur river port, Ramu, Coxesbazar etc. These are verified by recently discovered archaeological evidences. A gold coin of the period of Harun-ur-Rashid (788) was found in Paharpur, Rajshahi another set of coins of Abbasia period were found in Moinamoti, Comilla. An ancient Masjid that was built in the seventh century (689 BC, 69 Hizri) has been discovered recently in Lalmonirhat district.

The folk stories and songs provide substantial hints about many Islam preachers and saints. There are signs of their tombs and Dargahs. We find many mosques built by them. These indicate that Islam had been spreading in Bangladesh for six centuries before the Muslims conquered Bengal. The repressed anti-Aryan people of Bengal began to adore Islam from that time.

The conquest of Bengal started in 1204. Islam began to receive patronisation from the rulers. The barriers for the people of this region for embracing Islam was removed. As a result they began to enter into Islam in large numbers. Islam did not come here with the help of swords, rather the people of Bangladesh embraced it through love and profound understanding.
Before Conquest of Bengal:

People of this land were familiar with Islam before the conquest of Bengal. Arab merchants had links with Chittagong port since pre-Islamic period. It has been proven in recent studies that a group of Sahabis including Abu Oakkas Malik, Quyes Ibn Sairadi, Tameem Ansary, Urrah Ibn Assasa, Abu Quyes Ibn Harisa came to Chittagong in 618 during the lifetime of the Prophet Muhammad (PUB). They preached Islam there for few years and then went to China.

The following Sahabis came to Bangladesh through Chittagong seaport after the death of the Prophet Muhammad (PUB):
- Abdullah Ibn Utban
- Assem Ibn Amr Tameemi
- Sahel Ibn Abdi
- Suhael Ibn Adi
- Hakim Ibn Abeel Assaqafi

Later five delegations of the Tabeyees including a group of Muhammad Mamun and Muhammad Mohaimen came here to preach Islam.

In 712 Muhammad Bin Kasem conquered Sindh. It paved the way for Muslims to come to Bengal.

In 778 a group of Muslims fell into a storm in the Bay of Bengal. They were taken to the King of Arakan Ma-ba-toing. The king became very pleased with them due to their behaviour and intellects. He gave them several villages to settle. As a result, an Islamic society was developed in the course of time.

During 866 to 874, the famous saint of Iran Baezid Bostami preached Islam in Chittagong. Although most of the historians say that he returned to his homeland, many people believe that he died and was buried in Chittagong. His shrine is still in Chittagong.

In 954, the Muslims of Arakan became so powerful that they established Muslim rule in a part of Chittagong. King San-da-ya could not tolerate the Muslim rule and defeated them.

In 1053, Shah Muhammad Sultan Balkhi reached Harirumpur of Manikgonj through river way. He later established an Islam preaching centre around Mohastangar of Bogra. He established mosques and Islamic schools. During this time, he had to fight with King Parshuram of Mohastangar. The king was killed in the battle. Later the Army Chief Surkhab and captive princes Ratna Moni embraced Islam. Shah Muhammad Sultan Balkhi arranged their marriage and nominated Surkhab as the new king.

In 1053, Shah Muhammad Sultan Rumi came to Netrokona with a group of preachers. He invited the king of Madanpur for embracing Islam. The king refused first but accepted the invitation later and entered into Islam.

In 1179, Baba Shah Adam came to Bikrampur with a group of preacher to preach Islam there. Later he was martyred in a battle with king Ballal Sen.

In 1184, Shah Makhdum Ruposh came to Rajshahi as the first Islam preacher there. He was one of the preachers who built the base of Islam in Bangladesh in a completely hostile environment. He turned Rajshahi into an Islamic locality. His activities were centred around Rampur and Boalia.
Islam as Victor in Various Places:

It took two centuries to establish complete Muslim rule in Bengal. Muslim rule started from Rajshahi and completed in Khulna by Khan Jahan Ali.

1. North Bengal (Nadia, Gaur, Rangpur, Dinajpur: 1204)

After Delhi and Bihar was conquered by Muslims, King Lakxan Sen of Bengal anticipated Muslim attacks there. He was afraid that a Muslim battalion would suddenly attack him to free the people of this region from his oppression. Moreover, the astrologists told him that he would be defeated by the victor of Bihar, Bakhtier Khilji. As a result he employed strong guard in all conventional entrances of his temporary capital Nadia. However, in 1204, Bakhtier Khilji entered Nadia in a completely unconventional and difficult way and attacked the palace with a battalion of only 18 advanced soldiers. Lakxan Sen thought that the capital had fallen and escaped through the backdoor. It was the starting of Muslim rule in Bengal. Bakhtier Khalji conquered the whole North Bengal including Gaur, Bogra, Rangpur and Dinajpur.

2. Eastern-Southern Area (Sonargaon, Dhaka, Faridpur, Mymensingh, Barishal: 1274-1290):

Sultan Mugisuddin Tugril of Lakhnauti became active to establish Muslim rule in entire Bengal. He defeated the last Sen king Madhu Sen and brought Eastern Bengal under Muslim rule. As a result Sonargaon, Dhaka and Faridpur came under Islam. He build a fort at a place called Larikal 25 miles south to Dhaka and named it 'Killa-e-Turgil'. Bughra Khan was appointed ruler of Bengal in 1281. He ruled Bengal until 1290. Meanwhile, he brought Mymensingh and Barishal under Muslim Rule.

3. Sylhet (1303):

Sylhet was being ruled by a tyrant king named Gaur Gavinda. In 1301, Sultan Shamsuddin Feroz Shah sent forces against him twice in the commands of his Army Chief Sekander Gazi. It failed. He sent a group of soldiers again in 1303 in the leadership of Sayed Nasiruddin. Sekander Gazi too fought against Gaur Gavinda in this battle. Famous saint Shah Jalal assisted the force with his 313 companions. Gaur Gavinda escaped after being defeated. Shah Jalal stayed in Sylhet till his death in 1446 and preached and established Islam there.

4. Chittagong (1340):

Although Islam reached Chittagong much earlier, it took time to establish Muslim rule there. Sultan Fakhruddin Mubarak Shah was thorn in Soanargaon in 1338 and extended the area of his rule to southeast. During that period Ali Qadar Khan, Ali Mubarak Khan and Shamsuddin Mubarak Shah were in power in North Bengal. Fahkruddin Mubarak Shah brought Chittgaong under Muslim rule for the first time in 1340 and built a road from Chandpur to Chittagong.

5. Khulna Division (1418-1449):

Khan Jahan Ali played a remarkable role in preaching and establishing Islam throughout Khulna Division. Few Hindu Zaminders were ruling a small portion of the area and the remaining vast land was occupied by jungle. Khan Jahan Ali was engaged in building habitants, preaching Islam among non-Muslims and carrying out humanitarian activities. He built 360 mosques, dug 360 ponds for drinking water and constructed numerous pukka roads. He started building mosques, digging ponds and constructing roads from Barabazar of Jhenidah and reached Bagerhat. There he settled and build famous Shat Gambuj (Sixty Domes) Mosque. He established Quranic rule there in the name 'Khalifatabad' meaning the place of God's representatives.


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