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Kensington ’9.11’ Runestone

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    Posted: 28 May 2005 at 1:33pm
Kensington '9.11' Runestone

I suggest the Kensington Runestone reveals the two Twin Towers and
Building 7 of the World Trade Center Complex, and all three collapsed
through ‘fire’ on the day of Tuesday, September 11, 2001.

The Kensington runestone is a roughly rectangular slab of greywacke
covered in runes on its face and side, 30 by 16 by 6 inches, weighing 202
pounds. Its meaning have been disputed ever since it was found in 1898
near Kensington, Minnesota. Many historians dismiss it as a prank or
hoax. Its supporters claim it is evidence Scandinavian explorers reached
the middle of North America in the 14th century.

The stone was reportedly found near Kensington, Minnesota by Swedish
farmer Olof Öhman who was clearing his land of trees and stumps before
plowing. The stone was on a small knoll or hillside, lying face down and
buried in the root system of a Poplar tree believed to be at least ten years
old. According to several witnesses, some of the roots were flattened and
fit tightly around it. At Cormorant Lake in Becker County, Minnesota there
are three boulders with triangular holes similar to those used for mooring
boats along the coast of Norway in the 14th century and found were other
triangular holes in rocks near where the stone was found. Some have
speculated the explorers could have come down the Nelson River from
Hudson Bay to Lake Winnipeg, then taken the Red River of the North to
Cormorant Lake. A 14th century Scandinavian firesteel was found
between the lake and Kensington, where the Runestone was discovered. (I
assume that the early firesteel was similar to that available today.
Firesteel is the best way to light a fire in any weather. Today’s firesteel is
a magnesium alloy that consists of 7 metals. It will light most ignitable
materials, like wood, paper and also kerosene stoves).

Other Viking artifacts dating from the 14th century have turned up in
Minnesota but apparently none were recovered under controlled
archaeological conditions and it has been impossible to eliminate the
possibility they were brought by Europeans centuries later. Similarly, the
dating of any Viking-like mooring holes cut into rocks in the region has
been elusive.

In a joint statement for a 2004 exhibition of the stone at the Museum of
National Antiquities in Stockholm, Nielsen and Henrik Williams, a
professor of Scandinavian Languages at Upsala University and a
proponent of the forgery theory, noted there were linguistic discrepancies
for both 14th and 19th century origins of the inscription and that the
runestone "requires further study before a secure conclusion can be

The inscription on the face reads: “8 göter ok 22 norrmen paa opthagelse
farth fro winlanth of west Wi hathe läger weth 2 skylar en thags norder fro
theno sten wi war ok fiske en thag äptir wi kom hem fan X man rothe af
bloth og ded AVM frälse af illum” The lateral (or side) text reads: “har X
mans we hawet at se äptir wore skip 14 thag rise from theno odh Ar wars
Herra 1362.”

Translation: “8 Geats (South Swedes) and 22 Norwegians on acquisition
venture from Vinland far to the west We had traps by 2 shelters one day's
travel to the north from this stone We were fishing one day. After we
came home found 10 men red with blood and dead AVM (Ave Maria)
Deliver from evils!” Translation: “I have 10 men at the inland sea/lake to
look after our ship 14 days travel from this wealth/property Year of our
Lord 1362.”

Deciphering by Number

My quest to offer up some deciphering suggestions for the ‘character’ of
the Kensington Runestone begins with the Poplar tree where it was found.
The reference number for the wood of the Poplar tree is 24.3 simply
because the wood 24.3 pounds per cubic foot, and is thus the basic
reference for the ‘Tree of Liberty’.

So we have a Poplar tree, the Tree of Liberty, that was erected in Paris in
1792 by the lawyer dictator ‘Terror’ Robespierre. And the year mentioned
in the Kensington Runes is AD1362 and 430 years before the ‘planting’ of
the Tree of Liberty during the French Revolution in 1792. (The height of
the South Tower of the Twin Towers was 1,362 and refers to male human
blood). And AD1392 is 666 + 666 years after the Cross, another Tree of
Liberty, set up outside the walls of Jerusalem in AD30. Not forgetting that
the Statue of Liberty, the goddess Columbia, standing on the dome that is
287 feet above the Law-Makers in the Capitol building, Washigton, D.C.
weighs 14,985 pounds or 666 x 15 x 1.5 lots.

It was Thomas Jefferson, who wrote, that the Tree of Liberty needs to be
refreshed with both the blood of the enemy and that of the patriots. The
Tree of Liberty, the Poplar tree from Lombardy, was cut down and led the
Procession of the Black Breeches, and carried into Paris by the Jacobins, to
plant on June 20, 1792 as the very symbol of Liberty. The King of France
watched as the popular tree was raised up, the King was given a red Cap
of Liberty so to wear, which he did there and then. But he knew such a
cap was the very symbol of Madame Guillotine, the shadow of the Statue
of Liberty, and so he knew that his bloody end was to come, and so his
own blood would refresh this Tree of Liberty, the emblem of the French

The word ‘elohim’ is a Hebrew word that means ‘mighty ones’. Most Bible
versions have put the word ‘God’ for Elohim; this is inaccurate, and does
not convey the proper concept. Because “In the beginning the Elohim (the
Mighty Ones) created the heaven and the earth.” Genesis 1:1. And the
reference number for the elohim, the mighty angel gods, is 323. Now the
Dollar Bills at 6.14 x 2.61 inches x 3/10 and squared and square root
thrice x 150 is the elohim at 323. Thus American Dollar is classified as
money representing the fallen elohim, and the, ‘love of money is the root
of all evil.’ The Trilateral Insignia, the ‘Alien Flag’, has the reference 323.

There is the Niche cut into the wall of the Queen’s Chamber of the Great
Pyramid where once stood a statue of an elohim. There is also a narrow 8
x 8 inch shaft in a wall of the Queen’s Chamber that is 193.8 feet in
length and stops at a stone door. And 193.8 feet is 12 times the height of
the Niche the Queen’s Chamber at 16.15 feet where I say the statue of an
elohim stood, whose reference is 161.5 x 2 at 323, and 323 + 323 at 646
is the value in Hebrew for an elohim, a mighty angel god. I now take the
elohim reference at 323 x 64 lots and /100 and squared twice is
1,826,122,827 and I pause here.

Now to number the Kensington Runestone. Translation: “8 Geats (South
Swedes) and 22 Norwegians on acquisition venture from Vinland far to
the west We had traps by 2 shelters one day's travel to the north from this
stone We were fishing one day. After we came home found 10 men red
with blood and dead AVM (Ave Maria) Deliver from evils!” Translation: “I
have 10 men at the inland sea/lake to look after our ship 14 days travel
from this wealth/property Year of our Lord 1362.”

So we have 8 Swedes x 22 Norwegians x 2 shelters x 24 hours (one day’s
travel) x 24 hours (fishing one day) x 10 redmen x 10 men x 14 days
travel x 202 pounds weight of the stone x 24.3.00080 pounds for the
Poplar tree wood and I multiply x the elohim’s 1,826,122,287 and /20
and square root twice x 10,000 is equivalent to 1,368 x 1,362 x 570
(three reference numbers of the World Trade Center, New York City).

Because the World Trade Centre complex included three high buildings,
the North Tower at 1,368 feet and the South Tower at 1,362 feet and
Building 7 at 570 feet.

The North Tower represents the Stars and Stripes at 684 + 684 and the
South Tower, the ‘Tower of Blood’ at 340.5 pounds per A.E. cubic cubit x
4 is 1,362 feet and 570 feet the ‘Tower of Death’ at thrice 190 feet. (And
190,000 days is the period from when Christopher Columbus stepped
ashore on October 12, 1492 to December 25, 2012 and three days after
‘Chaos’ and the end of the Maya’s ‘Age of the Jaguar’.
The North Tower at 1,368 feet at 684 + 684 is 19 x 36 and is made up of
Osiris, the Judge of the Dead and King of the Underworld at 361 (19 x 19)
+ 323 the elohim the Archangel out of the Queen’s Chamber of the Great
Pyramid who has the reference for the ‘Alien Flag’ theTrilateral Insignia.

Thus it sure is peculiar to contrive the meaningful measurements the
World Trade Center’s complex out of the data form the Kensington

So I await the book, ‘The Kensington Rune Stone: Compelling New
Evidence’ and it is said to be both a forensic inquisition and engaging

John D. Miller


The period from when Abraham first entered into 1871BC Egypt (aged 75
years) is given in Exodus 12:40,41. "Now the sojourning of the children
of Israel who dwelt in Egypt was 430 years. And it came to pass at the
end of the 430 years, even to the very day, that the hosts of the Lord
went out from Egypt." This was 1441BC. So the number 430 refers to part
of the reference for ‘Freedom’ the Exodus from Egypt.

In the Book of Daniel 12:11 it reads "And from the time that the daily
sacrifice shall be taken away, and the abomination that maketh desolate
set up, there shall bea thousand two hundred and ninety days (1,290
days) which is thrice 430. And when I take the metaphysical reference for
‘Fire’ at 109 and increase to 1.09000e+ x 16 lots and cube root thrice x
100 and divided by 12 months is 430.00016 years.

Now Moses, soon after the Exodus in 1441BC, had the Levite priests kill
3,000 Israelite men who had worshipped the Golden Calf while he was on
Mount Sinai with God. Curiously, the added height of the Twin Tower +
their 70 feet foundations totals 2,870 feet, the reference for the Golden
Calf, for the ox calf has a gestation period of 287 days. And the
relationship between the Twin Towers, the Golden Calf and the Tree of
Liberty, is because 2,870 feet x 10/2 and cube root is 24.3002 pounds
the weight of Poplar tree wood. And the Statue of Freedom stands upon
the dome of the Capitol building at 287 feet, so ‘American Freedom
‘rides’ the Golden Calf (or once upon a time the ‘Twin Towers’ or was
seated on the Tree of Liberty as it was carried in Paris on June 20, 1792, a
high point of the French Revolution.

The reference numbers 323 and 430 are found in all American Dollar
bills. The measurements of the US Dollar Bills are 6.14 x 2.61 inches (and
before 1929, the US Dollar Bills were 7.4218 x 3.125 inches). On July
10th 1929 the United States replaced its larger size currency, and
signified a new era in United States money symbolism. It was President
Delano Roosevelt in 1933, a 32nd Degree Mason, who ordered the design
of the 'All-Seeing Eye,' a Masonic symbol for ‘The Great Architect of the
Universe’ as engraved on the Seal of the United States of America to be
printed on the One Dollar Bill. Also President Roosevelt insisted that the
phrase 'of the United States' would be under the obverse side of the Seal
design on the One Dollar Bill. And it is said that the President himself was
responsible for the word 'Great' in the phrase 'The Great Seal’. On July 4,
1776 the Continental Congress set a committee to work to design a
national seal. The task was a monumental one since the feeling was that
it reflected the Founding Fathers' beliefs, values and sovereignty of the
new Nation. Original designs varied widely. Benjamin Franklin and
Thomas Jefferson proposed a design representing Moses crossing the Red
Sea, with Pharaoh in pursuit. It included the motto: 'Rebellion to tyrants is
obedience to God'. The task was not complete until the current design
was approved by Congress on June 20, 1782. That is 10 years before the
Tree of Liberty of Robespierre was set up in Paris on June 20, 1792 and
420 years after the Kensington Runestone year of AD1362. And the
Greenbacks at 6.14 x 2.61 inches x 3/10 and squared x 20 and square
root thrice x 150 is 323, the elohim. Now the Dollar Bills at 6.14 x 2.61
inches x 3 and squared x 20 and square root x 2 is 430.00660.

So President Dwight D. Eisenhower’s 50 state official flag of the United
States of America has a ratio of 10/19. And the Stars and Stripes at a
10/19 ratio, can have a depth of its field at 60 units and a field length, a
fly, at 114 units, thus an area of 6,480 square units. The perimeter of the
this flag is 348 units that is ‘Four Crowns’ each at 87 units. And the flag
at 60 x 114 units has a canton of 50 stars in the top left corner at
32.3076 units deep x 45.6 units long, (60/13 strips x 7 stripes and
114/2.5), so an area of 1,473.23076 square units containing the 50 stars
representing the 50 states of America.

Yes, it is curious in that December 22nd 2012 is the end of the Maya’s
‘Age of the Jaguar’ yet the official flag of the United States of America,
called the ‘Stars and Stripes’ has the jaguar, the most ferocious land
beast on Earth written into its very make. Because the reference number
hidden into the ‘Stars and Stripes’ is that of the jaguar, and the jaguar is a
symbol for the Biblical Whore of Babylon, the so called ‘Mystery’ that is
the great Ancient Egyptian goddess Isis at 7 times 58 and /2 is 203, the
days of gestation for the jaguar. So the complete ‘Stars and Stripes’ flag
at 6,840 less the canton of 1,473.230769 is a field of red and white
horizontal lines at 5,366.78923. And the field at 5,366.769 x 4 cubed x
6,840 x 3 is the jaguar at 2.030000e+17, the Biblical Whore of Babylon.
The date of the New World Order is seemingly December 25, 2012 and 3
days after December 22, 2012.
"Ignorance is no refuge"
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