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Thursday, March 11, 2010


Quran Awareness Project  

Since this project was started in 2001 there has been a steady increase in the demand.

With rising cost of postage and material, this project needs your support to fulfill the request from people, out side the Islamic faith, who regularly ask for Quran and other literature at IslamiCity. Hundreds of Quran packages are mailed out every month.

Click here to take a look at the request form. We encourage you to share this URL with your non-Muslim friends and relatives.

Each request involves the following and costs approx US$10 per package:

  1. Quran - Paperback - $2.00
  2. Other relevant literature - $4.00
  3. Mailing cost / package - $4.00

Please sponsor as many Dawa packages as possible.

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The Eternal and Living Reality  
The Qur'an is the word of the Ever-living God; it has been sent down to guide man for all times to come. No book can be like it. As you come to the Qur'an, God speaks to you. To read the Qur'an is to hear Him, even to converse with Him, and to walk in His ways. It is the encounter of life with the Life-giver. 'God - there is no god but He, the Ever-living, the Self-subsisting (by whom all subsist). He has sent down upon you the Book with the Truth ... as a guidance unto mankind ...' (Quran 3: 2-3).

Yet eyes remain dry, hearts remain unmoved, minds remain untouched, lives remain unchanged.

For those who heard it for the first time from the lips of the Prophet, blessings and peace be on him, the Qur'an was a living reality. They had absolutely no doubt that, through him, God was speaking to them. Their hearts and minds were therefore seized by it. Their eyes overflowed with tears and their bodies shivered. They found each word of it deeply relevant to their concerns and experiences, and integrated it fully into their lives. They were completely transformed by it both as individuals and as a corporate body - into a totally new, alive and life-giving entity. Those who grazed sheep, herded camels and traded petty merchandise became the leaders of mankind.
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Remembering an eloquent voice for Islam   
In retrospect, it was a little bit peculiar to call his house after his passing. I was hoping to give my condolences to his family - instead, I got a chance to hear his voice one last time. On his answering machine, he still came through as the distinguished gentleman I had always known him to be. With the passing of Charles Le Gai Eaton, also known as Hassan Abdul-Hakeem, the last of a particular generation of remarkable western Muslims left this world - and certainly, he was one of the more influential of them, as attested by the numerous condolence messages from across the spectrum of British society and Anglophones everywhere.

Raised as an agnostic, Eaton received his education at Charterhouse (a renowned school in England), before going to study at Cambridge University. After working for some time as a teacher and journalist in Jamaica and Egypt, he joined the British diplomatic service in 1949. In 1951, he became Muslim, which irrevocably changed his world view, enabling him to become one of the pre-eminent writers on Islam for a British audience in the contemporary age. He was deeply engaged with the challenges facing Britain's Muslims, and later served them at the Islamic Cultural Centre at Regent's Park in London with distinction for many years.
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US Intelligence Agencies  
US Intelligence Agencies working to combat terrorism.




Once a government is committed to the principle of silencing the voice of opposition, it has only one way to go, and that is down the path of increasingly repressive measures, until it becomes a source of terror to all its citizens and creates a country where everyone lives in fear. 

Harry S Truman (1884 - 1972). 33rd President of the United States (19451953)



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