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Thursday, February 25, 2010


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A journey of exploration, leading to Islam  
I became a Muslim when it seemed I had already accepted Islam in my bones, as if beyond choice, and I only had to make a leap to embrace it formally. Outwardly I was content; inwardly I was coasting. My three year old theatre company was disbanded after a hilariously chaotic production for a Tim Leary Benefit at the Family Dog in San Francisco, circa '68 naturally, the orange juice everyone had passed around was spiked, so that the chorus members were doing the final scene in the first ten minutes and for six months I had been typing out poetry manuscripts in my attic in Berkeley preparatory to a big publishing push.

I considered myself a Zen Buddhist, but I was other things as well. My normal routine was to get up, sit zazen, smoke a joint, do half an hour of yoga, then read the Mathnawi of Rumi, the long mystical poem of that great Persian Sufi of the thirteenth century.

Then I met the man who was to be my guide to our teacher in Morocco, Shaykh Muhammad ibn al-Habib, may Allah be pleased with him. At first, the meeting was simply remarkable, and my guide a simply a remarkable man. But soon our encounter was to become extraordinary, leading to a revolution in my life from which I have never recovered, and never hope to.
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A Prophet for Our Time   
The history of a religious tradition is a continuous dialogue between a transcendent reality and current events in the mundane sphere. The faithful scrutinize the sacred past, looking for lessons that speak directly to the conditions of their lives. Most religions have a figurehead, an individual who expresses the ideals of the faith in human form. In contemplating the serenity of the Buddha, Buddhists see the supreme reality of Nirvana to which each of them aspires; in Jesus, Christians glimpse the divine presence as a force for goodness and compassion in the world. These paradigmatic personalities shed light on the often dark conditions in which. most of us seek salvation in our flawed world. They tell us what a human being can be. 

Muslims have always understood this. Their scripture, Qur'an, gave them a mission: to create a just and decent society, in which all members were treated with respect. The political well being of the Muslim community was, and is, a matter of supreme importance. Like any religious ideal, it is almost insuperably difficult to fulfill, but after each failure, Muslims have tried to get up and begin again. Many Islamic rituals, philosophies, doctrines, sacred texts, and shrines are the result of frequently anguished and self-critical contemplation of the political events of Islamic society. 
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Sahih Al Bukhari in Arabic & English.

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Student Internships  
Center for Global Understanding is providing internship opportunities for Muslim college students.
  • A unique program in which interns receive academic credit.
  • An extensive internship tailored to the interests of the intern.
  • A wide selection of academic courses, lectures by national and international leaders, meetings with members of Congress, site visits, embassy visits, workshops and other activities.
  • Financial assistance program to minimize the financial burden on the students

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Rabia was asked, "Do you love God?"
She answered, "Yes"
The questioner continued, "Do you hate the devil?"
Rabia replied, "No my love of God leaves me no time to hate the devil."

Rabia Basri is a well-known female Islamic mystic born in seventh-century Iraq.



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