Hope, Patience, and Action
At various times in history, Muslims have faced persecution. In the face of such adversity, there are three Islamic principles that provide guidance.

Using the Bible to Justify Genocide
In many of Prime Minister Netanyahu's speeches and public statements, he frequently alludes to religious texts, particularly from Jewish scriptures. On numerous occasions, he has employed these references to stir up the Israeli population and instill specific ideologies within the military.

America’s Bloodthirsty Journalism on Gaza
American journalists like Jake Tapper mince no words in justifying the Israeli annihilation of the Palestinian people.

Does polygamy lead to wifeless men?
In Islam, we allow multiple wives for men. With the sex ratio almost 1:1 and if 1 man gets 2 women it means another man has zero, so for every man with 2 wives , 1 remains wifeless. what do think happens to these set of gentlemen?

U.S. Media Exposed in Gaza War
Freedom of expression is under the gun in the Land of the Free. Aljazeera looks at what media in the United States is missing in Israel’s war on Gaza - and why it matters.

Secret Agenda Behind Post-9/11 US Military Actions
Although this is an old interview conducted several years ago, its insights and perspectives remain highly relevant to the current wars, offering a valuable historical perspective that sheds light on the ongoing geopolitical dynamics.

Curfew chronicles and cucumber soup from Palestine
This soup is delicate and refreshing, kind of like a gentle spring breeze. It is also a great way to use up extra cucumbers that you forgot about in the fridge.

Ihram and Money Belt
Get ready to perform umrah, don't forget ihram and money belt.

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