Preparing for the Month of Mercy
A lot of us yearn to prepare for Ramadan, but we have no idea how to start. Below are a few tips to insha'Allah (Allah willing) help prepare our minds and hearts for this upcoming Month of Mercy.

The Significance of Parents in Islam: A Sacred Bond in Today's Society
As society becomes increasingly individualistic, the importance of parents is often overlooked. However, in Islam, parents hold a sacred place of respect and honor. In this article, we will explore the significance of parents in Islam and why it is crucial to understand this in today's world.

Ready, Set, Ramadan!
Since Ramadan is just around the corner, I thought I'd prepare a list of simple and practical advice for us to share before Ramadan, in preparation for this blessed month.

Health Benefit of Fasting (Part 1)
We fast the month of Ramadan for spiritual purification and out of obedience to the orders of Allah SWT.  However, verse 2:184 ends with the statement that “for to fast is to do good unto yourselves - if you but knew it.”

Connecting with The Quran
Sh. Furhan Zubairi talks about Connecting with The Quran during the Friday Sermon, on March 3, 2023 at the Islamic Society of Orange County (ISOC), Garden Grove, California.

Ramadan Gift for Her
Beautiful pendants for your love one.

Ramadan and Eid Cards for your friends and families
In digital era, physical card still needed to give more meaningful relationship.

Sakoon - Halal Nutrition to Boost Your Health During Ramadan
To be able to perform Ramadan activities, your body and mind should be in fit condition. Sakoon nutrition help you to achieve that.

Parfumes for Ramadan
Why you don't give your friends and relatives perfumes as Ramadan gift. Perhaps you are the only one to do this, so will give him/her unique experience.