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Saturday, November 13, 2010


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The Essence of the Muslim Way of Life   
Hajj is on the horizon. And our thoughts turn to Ibrahim, patriarch of prophets, and the family of his chosen House.

We Muslims in countless ways are the answer to his prayers. This sounds conceited. I mean nothing of the sort. Ibrahim's was a solicitous and clement heart. And Allah is an all- merciful, all-giving Lord. We Muslims are nothing more than under serving beneficiaries of the exchange between them, and the miraculous advent of the du 'a of Ibrahim; namely, his most comparable and spiritually direct prophetic descendent, the Prophet Muhammad, sallallahu alayhe wa sallam.

Remember Ibrahim's prayer?

"Our Lord! And send forth among our descendants a messenger from their own midst who shall recite to them Your verses, and teach them the revealed Book and the way of prophetic wisdom, and purify them. Indeed, it isYou,You alone who are the Overpowering One, the All-Wise" [2:129

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Id like to be like Abraham  
A few days after the last Friday of Ramadan I walk hurriedly through the drizzly streets of the Muslim Quarter in the heart of Jerusalem's Old City. The air is gray and the mood even grayer. I duck underneath a Mamluk bridge and step through a rarely used tunnel before arriving at a small stone staircase just steps from the Iron Gate to the Haram al-Sharif. Two Israeli guards are manning the entrance. They eye me suspiciously. Westerners don't make this walk. A woman steps out of the doorway with her laundry, catches sight of me, and quickly retreats and slams the door.

At the top of a narrow staircase I enter a small, white- washed office, with a green-screen computer, a floor heater, a coffeemaker, and a copy of the multivolume Encyclopedia of Islam. The office belongs to Dr. Yusef Nadsheh, the head of the Department of Islamic Archaeology for the Palestinian Authority and curator of the Dome of the Rock. We chat for a few minutes and share a cup of tea. He shows me a chart of all the crescent shapes atop minarets across Jerusalem.

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Copy of engraving printed in 1860. Considered to be the fourth holiest site in Islam, Al-Haram Al-Ibrahimi (Sanctuary of Abraham) or Tomb of the Patriarchs dominates the city of Hebron, Palestine. This 1000-year old mosque enshrines the tombs of prophets Abraham "Ibrahim", Isaac "Is'haq", Jacob and their wives. It is believed that prophet Mohammad (saws) visited it on his night journey from Makkah to Jerusalem.
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The History of the Quranic Text from Revelation to Compilation:




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Inside Mecca by  National Geographic   

One out of every five people on Earth, or some 1.3 billion, practice Islam. Over 80 percent of these Muslims live outside the Middle East.

While followers of Islam are scattered around the globe, they share a single spiritual center-Mecca, in Saudi Arabia.

National Geographic News takes an inside look at Inside Mecca. 



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Arabic Proverb

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