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The Negative Image of Muslims
Never before the Muslim Ummah, who once were at the forefront of science, technology, and innovation, had a lower esteem than the present time. The commonly held perspective contends that 9/11 destroyed the Muslim image. While that tragic incident was a major contributing factor to painting all Muslims with a broad brush as terrorists, there were forces in action to...

The Armageddon Election
During the weeks of uncertainty that followed the 2000 presidential election, as the tension grew amongst supporters of George W. Bush and Al Gore, my brother John Zogby conducted a poll to see how Democrats and Republicans were viewing the contested vote. Responses to one question, in particular, caught our attention...

Why Shooting Stars?
Prophet Muhammad (peace and blessings be upon him) was sent to enlighten and guide. The Qur’an sums up the task as bringing people out from darkness into the light. In other words, the Prophet came to teach people what life in its totality is and how to live it.

Valourizing Academic Professionals
A university is an institution entrusted to transmit knowledge to the society so as to develop, change, and improve their quality of life. Members of a university community are expected to be involved in activities that generate, reproduce and make knowledge relevant, so that it is useful to various types and level of community. These are the tasks, duties...

Afterlife: The Justice of Judgment
“You never get a second chance to make a good first impression” - old proverb. True belief has a reward in the hereafter. Disbelief does too, buuuut … you don’t want it. Such has been the message of all the prophets - each and every one of them.

Suffocating Canopy of Scorching Smoke
The Quran gives examples of some heart-wrenching retributions such as being under a canopy of sizzling smoke. Its shadow is highly suffocating and painful: (77:30-33) – Go on towards the threefold shadow that will offer no [cooling] shade and will be of no avail against the flame which – behold! - will throw up sparks like [burning] logs, like giant fiery ropes!

Five Surprising Places To Find Islamic History In The United States
In the current climate of political rhetoric against Islam and Muslims, it can be hard to remember that the United States has always been a country that has respected and acknowledged the contributions of people, places and ideas from outside its borders. While we often think of its inheritance from Greece or Rome, here is a quick tour of five surprising places where Islamic history, verses, or symbols have been represented and recognized by U.S. institutions.

U.S. Elections and Muslims
In the first of our U.S. Election themed shows host Mohammed Shafiq will be joined by the President of MPAC USA, Salam Al Marayati, Director of Centre for Media Monitoring Rizwana Hamid and Chairman to the Malcolm X Memorial Education Centre Zead Ramadan

Financial Literacy & Charity
Friday Sermon (09-18-2020) - Dany Doueri Topic: Financial Literacy & Charity During the Covid-19 pandemic, we host weekly online Friday Khutbahs by various speakers.  Please tune in at at 1:30 PM PST (4:30 PM EST; 8:30 PM GMT)

Finnish Salmon Soup (Lohikeitto)

Allah. Traditional Arabic Calligraphy. Overall Frame size about 7 x 7 inches.
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Sabr Bracelet
Sabr Bracelet Sabr (Arabic: صَبْرٌ‎, romanized: ṣabr) (literally 'endurance' or more accurately 'perseverance' and 'persistence') is one of the two parts of faith (the other being shukr). United States: FREE SHIPPING Canada: $9.99 USD United Kingdom: $14.99 USD Choose your color Arabic Pendant Hypoallergenic - safe for sensitive skin Quality...