In the name of God, The Beneficent The Merciful

"You fancy this world is permanent of itself and endures because of its own nature - But really it is a ray of light from the Truth and within it the Truth is concealed."

Sad al-Din Mahmud Shabistari (c 1250 - 1320)

5 Ahadith about Good Character
“God has sent me as an apostle so that I may demonstrate perfection of character, refinement of manners and superiority in behavior."
The Kindness of Prophet Muhammad (s)
The Prophet Muhammad taught love, kindness and compassion to his people, and was seen to be the most loving, kind, and compassionate of all of them. The Quran mentions his kind and gentle behavior in these words ..
Attempted to Disprove Islam, But Well-Mannered Muslims Stopped Me
It was the summer of 2002. I sat, wearing a t-shirt and jeans in a living room full of Muslim women. There were soldiers outside the building, and soldiers in the apartments above us, but the atmosphere in the room was calm.
Protests rage over Al-Aqsa
Israeli police have fired live ammunition, tear gas and rubber-coated bullets at Palestinians following Friday prayers, as protests erupted against the new security measures at al-Aqsa Mosque compound.
Why is al-Aqsa mosque compound a recurrent flash point?
In August 2016 hundreds of Jewish settlers and far-right groups entered al-Aqsa mosque compound on Sunday. Aljazeera Inside Story engages different stakeholders in a debate about the the continuing conflict around al-Aqsa
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Mentioned in the Hadith AJWA DATES were the Prophets (pbuh) favorite dates.

Pendant: Kalima (Large Size)
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33 Bead Genuine AGATE STONE Tasbih in a White Box
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