In the name of God, The Beneficent The Merciful

Dear Brothers, Sisters, Respected Elders and our Dynamic Youth,

On behalf of all our team members at IslamiCity we wish you an awesome and blessed RAMADAN!!

We pray that may God enlighten our spirit with the message of the Quran and may He help us instill the love of Prophet Muhammad (s) in our hearts so that we can follow his example to be an example of mercy for all of humanity.

With appreciation,

Amr Saemaldahr, Mustafa Haluk Karamate, Adji Sudamadji, Azhar Moeen, Dr. Rami Doueiri, Nabeeha Aleem, Jawahar Khwaja, Mubeen Abdul Mohyi, Raisa Shafiyyullah, Nazrul Islam, Mahbuba Hammad, Samia Bano, Mohammed Abdul Aleem, Dr. Dany Doueiri, Munir Shaikh and Muneeb Abdul Malik. -IslamiCity Team

Start of Ramadan 2017: Ready to feed the spirit and fast the body
In North America and Europe Ramadan would be observed from May 27 and Eid al-Fitr will be celebrated on June 25, 2017, Insha’Allah. Other Muslim-majority countries will begin the fast of Ramadan either on May 27 or on May 28 ..
Record Your Ramadan Message
Share with people around the globe what Ramadan means to you ... LET THE WORLD SEE & HEAR ABOUT THIS GLORIOUS MONTH!
Oh Allah, Help Me Reach Ramadan
Oh Allah, extend my life so much, that I enter the month approaching me, - So that I can have my share of the blessings therein showered by Thee - For it is only Your will that does to a life bring an end - Or grant it time to live, to regret, to repent and ..
Dietary fat, blood cholesterol and uric acid levels during Ramadan fasting
Ramadan fasting can serve as an excellent research model for the study of human metabolism and behavior. One of the earliest published research findings on Ramadan fasting is from ..
Preparing for Ramadan
Friday Sermon "Preparing for Ramadan" by Wisam Sharieff at the Islamic Society of Boston Cultural Center. Ustadh Wisam Sharieff is the founder of Advocating Qur’anic Literacy (AQL), an institute focused on educating communities on how to read, memorize, and understand the Qur’an.
Ramadan Ramadan Ramadan
Ramadan Ramadan Ramadan - We've been waiting all the year - Ramadan Ramadan Ramadan - is finally here ..
All bazar products help support IslamiCity's outreach efforts.

Heart Shaped Pendant: ALLAH. About 1.25 inches long.
Hand crafted from pure silver and than plated with real gold for that special look. About 1.25 inches long. LONG LASTING resists tarnishing.

Bismillah. Overall frame size 6 x 8 inches.
This beautiful frame has a folding easel stand on the back.So it is ready to display on your table, mantle or hang from the wall without any additional expense..

Reproduction Of A Miniature Depicting Mecca & Medina.
We at IslamiCity feel that the best way to engage and build bridges with "the other" is through art, sports, culture and food! To this end we have published a range of Greeting Cards that illustrate the universal values shared equally by Islam and other traditions worldwide.



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