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Friday, May 14, 2010


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Are you passive or pro-active?  
Are you a passive person? When you see something wrong, do you try to fix it or do you move on justifying to yourself that for sure someone else will address it? When you're walking down the street and you see something on the sidewalk and you know that someone might slip on it, do you pick it up, or do you look the other way as if you didn't see it? When you see someone smoking in a non-smoking area, do you kindly bring the persons attention to what he's doing wrong, or do you just cover your nose, or leave the place? When was the last time you participated in a public poll or in elections? Remember the last time you saw someone double parking and you knew that he's going to cause a traffic jam, did you go and ask him politely to park somewhere else so that the traffic flow wouldn't be disturbed? Or did you just say to yourself, "Isn't there an officer around here to see this?" and then you just walked away. Why are we so passive? Why do we always believe that "someone else will do it"? Why don't WE take an action? I'll tell you why, because if it doesn't directly affect us, then why should we care? Or, "we won't change the world, so why should we care?" Right? Isn't that the reason? That should not be how a Muslim (One who submits to God) should think, that is not how a Muslim should act.

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Reinventing America's Relations With the Muslim World  
BOOK REVIEW: Relations between the 'Muslim world' and the 'West' have rapidly deteriorated in recent years, and, despite repeated calls for dialogue, they only seem to be further worsening. That this bodes ill for everyone-not just Muslims and Westerners-is too obvious to need any explanation. This book is a passionate appeal for putting an immediate halt to this rapid downslide, and to work towards promoting meaningful dialogue between Muslims and the 'West', specifically America.

Nakhleh brings together years of experience, first as a scholar in residence at America's Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), and then as director of the CIA's Political Islam Strategic Analysis Programme, as well as insights gained from visits to over 30 Muslim-majority countries to argue the case for a radical revision of America's attitude towards the 'Muslim world'. Put briefly, he argues that America must rethink several of its current foreign policies vis-a-vis Islam and Muslims, and that this must go hand-in-hand with a creative, meaningful, sustained and multi-pronged public diplomacy initiative directed towards Muslim publics.

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A Happy Life  
Jummah Khutbah at Islamic Center of Southern California (ICSC) by Dr. Saleh Kholaki about "The ways to a happy life"


 Praise be to God!

An elderly lady was well-known for her expressive devotion to God. She would stand in front porch and say Alhamdulilah "God be praised" to all those who passed by.

Next door to her lived an atheist who would get angry at her proclamations and would shout back, "There is no God lady!"

Some hard times came upon the elderly lady, and she prayed to God for assistance. She would pray out loud in her night prayer" Oh God!  hard times have come upon me, I often have to go with out food. Please Lord, PLEASE LORD, through your mercy provide me sustenance!!"

The atheist happened to hear her as she was praying, and decided to play a trick on her. The next morning the lady went out on her porch and saw a bag of groceries. With joy she shouted, "Alhamdulilah, God be praised!."

The neighbor jumped from behind a bush and said, "Aha Haa! I told you there was no God. I got those groceries, God didn't."

On hearing this the old lady was more elated and said, "ALHAMDULILAH WA SHUKRILLAH”. He not only sent me groceries, but he made the you pay for them!"



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