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Monday, May 4, 2010


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Rethinking Islam  
Serious rethinking within Islam is long overdue. Muslims have been comfortably relying, or rather falling back, on age-old interpretations for much too long. This is why we feel so painful in the contemporary world, so uncomfortable with modernity. Scholars and thinkers have been suggesting for well over a century that we need to make a serious attempt at ijtihad, at reasoned struggle and rethinking, to reform Islam. At the beginning of the last century, Jamaluddin Afghani and Mohammad Abduh led the call for a new ijtihad; and along the way many notable intellectuals, academics and sages have added to this plea - not least Mohammad Iqbal, Malik bin Nabbi and Abdul Qadir Audah. Yet, ijtihad is one thing Muslim societies have singularly failed to undertake. Why? 

... But to blame the West, or a notion of instrumental modernity that is all but alien to us, would be a lazy option. True, the West, and particularly America, has a great deal to answer for. And Muslims are quick to point a finger at the injustices committed by American and European foreign policies and hegemonic tendencies. However, that is only a part, and in my opinion not an insurmountable part, of the malaise. Hegemony is not always imposed; sometimes, it is invited. The internal situation within Islam is an open invitation. 

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The Key Aspects Of Supplication  
Allah says in the Qur'an to ask Him and He shall answer our prayers. It is within the power of Allah to alter our fate. It is through our dua that we ask Allah for His Mercy and Benevolence.

There is a hadith that mentions believers must have faith that Allah will answer their dua. Allah may answer our dua during our life in this temporal world or He may defer our request till we are in the Hereafter. Allah responds to our dua in many ways. He may answer by pardoning or obviating our sins, or by sparing us of an undesirable fate. Allah may choose to respond to our dua in any manner He so chooses.

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War and peace in Quran and Bible   
Riz Khan of Al Jazeera TV examines what role the Bible and the Quran played in inciting violence through the ages.



Sufyan Bin Abdullah related,
"I said to the Messenger of God,
'Tell me a statement on Islam
such that I need ask no one else
but you about it.'
He told me, 'Say, "I believe in God," and be upright.' "

The Wisdom of the Prophet, Selections from the Hadith.
Translated by Thomas Cleary



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