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What does the Quran say about fake news?
Before the age of social media when truth become collateral damage, Islamic tradition promoted a strong ethic of seeking the truth at all cost. The Quran which Muslims believe to be the word of God states in chapter 33 verse 70 "O you who believe! Keep your duty to God and fear Him, and speak (always) the truth.”
Should we blame Islam for terrorism?
Many people seem to have been getting stuck on the following question, as they do after most acts of jihadi violence: “Is there something special about Islam? Something that lends itself to terrorism?”
The Life of Jesus as Revealed to Mary
The angels called: "Dearest Mary, listen. Allah Most High sends you joyous news of the Divine Word, emanating directly from the Source of Love, whose name is Messiah and who will be known as the noble Jesus. He will be profoundly
Fazlur Rahman Khan and today's skyscrapers
In 1931, New York's Empire State Building became the tallest building in the world and a symbol of America's place on the world stage after World War II. Few expected, however, that at 381 metres (1,250 feet) high, it would remain the world's tallest for more than four decades
Science in Quran: E02 - Pharaoh and the Sorcerers
In this lecture, we emphasize the importance of knowledge to faith – in our case, scientific knowledge.  This is done through the story of Pharaoh, Moses (PBUH), and the sorcerers.  It is shown that without the necessary background knowledge, we may miss many of the miracles of the Quran.
Seeing Muhammad
Lesley Hazleton's work focuses on the intersection of politics and religion, history and current affairs. She describes her blog The Accidental Theologist as "an agnostic eye on politics, religion, and existence." She author of The First Muslim: The Story of Muhammad.
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Let’s Explore Arabic Numbers
A unique and fun way to teach Arabic Numbers for Apple iOS devices. Innovative teaching methods based on the latest findings of neuroscience, together with digital technology can make language learning more intuitive, easy, and enjoyable.

Reproduction of HILYA hanging next to the throne of the Ottoman Sultans
Hilya in a place of honor in your home! Islam discourages drawing pictures of God or the Prophets as it may lead to idolatrous worship. For this reason, aside from a few insignificant miniature paintings, largely meant for private viewing, there have been no pictures of the Prophet as public religious art..

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