Be just: this is closest to being God-conscious. And remain conscious of God: verily, God is aware of all that you do.
Qur'an, Al-Ma'idah (The Table Spread), 5:8

Quran Talks to Nations and Societies: Are We Listening?
The Quran has raised the status of مومنین (Momineen) so much that they will have whatever they wish – an exclusively divine attribute. مومنین (Momineen) do not go against the divine law. They synchronize their will with the Will of Allah

The Human in the Qur’an
Today, we can find answers for the fundamental question of what it means to be human that claim to cast doubt on the essential reality of our humanity itself. The Qur’an, however, affirms our humanness and describes four aspects of the human—our physical creation, our spirit, our natural disposition, and our light...

99 Names of Allah (Asma’ Al-Husna) - Series
The 99 Names of Allah (Asma’ Al-Husna) - Series by Dr Gasser Hathout This lecture series introduces the viewer to the Divine Names, or al-Asma’ Al-Husna, of Allah SWT, as a springboard for further study.  It has two components: an “intellectual” component, and a “spiritual” component. The intellectual component tackles the foundational questions of how

Journey to Islam: Malcolm X
On May 19, 1925 in Omaha, Nebraska, Malcolm Little was born to Reverend Earl and Louise Little. Rev. Little, who believed in self-determination and worked for the unity of black people.

Black History Month and Contributions of Islam
Celebrating Black History month in February is an excellent opportunity to learn about the struggle and achievement of African Americans, and their creativity and  contribution to human civilization, and also to reaffirm the struggle and determination to fight prejudice and racism.

Malcolm X: “The Martyr”
Imam Zaid Shakir eloquently speaks about the legacy of Malcolm X (El-Hajj Malik El-Shabazz). On February 21, 1965, while preparing to give a speech at a New York hotel, he was shot.  He was three months short of forty, the age of maturity according to the Qur'an

Islamic Prophets Family Tree: The Bible and Quran Compared
This poster shows the family tree of all 25 Islamic prophets mentioned by name in the Quran with newly commissioned calligraphy and lots of bonus information like where each prophet was sent, how many times they are mentioned in the Quran, and a list of other individuals mentioned.

Discussion: 'The Mauritanian'
MPAC President Salam Al-Marayati had the privilege to speak to Mohamedou Ould Salahi, who wrote Guantánamo Diary after his experiences of solitary confinement and torture in Guantánamo Bay detention camp.

Cheddar and chive scones

Islamic Dua. Large Faux Canvas Frame. Reproduction of antique artwork from Ottoman Turkey. Overall Frame Size 20 x 24 inches.
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Sabr Droplet Pendant
Sabr Droplet Pendant Sabr (Arabic: صَبْرٌ‎, romanized: ṣabr) (literally 'endurance' or more accurately 'perseverance' and 'persistence') is one of the two parts of faith (the other being shukr). United States: FREE SHIPPING Canada: $9.99 USD United Kingdom: $14.99 USD Choose your color Arabic Pendant Hypoallergenic

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