In the name of God, The Beneficent The Merciful

"Knowledge without action is wastefulness and action without knowledge is foolishness."

Abu Hamid al-Ghazali (1058-1111 CE)

Who are Non-Denominational Muslims?
A growing number of Muslims, especially in the US and Canada, now identify with an Islam that is non denominational. They can simply be called Muslims, however, if anyone wants to distinguish them as a separate category, they may be described Non Denominational Muslims or NDM.
Medina Charter of Prophet Muhammad and Pluralism
The clash of civilizations, cultures, tribes, and religions seems to be prevalent throughout all of history. At the same time, history reveals simultaneous conflict and efforts to resolve tensions and division feeding animosity through mediation, diplomacy, and dialogue.
Islamic Society must reflect Islamic Character
The question: Is there a relationship between human character and human society? .. The Qur’an (more than 1400 years ago) mentioned that if a new society is to be created then the foremost prerequisite for this to happen is ...
Changing The Face Of Fashion
Mariah Idrissi talks about when fashion changes a global conversation. TEDxTeen
Language describing Islam & Muslims
Tony McEnery argues that language by the British press, highlights an unsettling trend in the media -- using language that characterizes Muslims as violent and unusual -- a trend that, as he shows, has a long history and he ..
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99 Names of Allah Frame. Faux Canvas Frame. Overall Frame Size 24 x 20 inches
The "99 Names of Allah" written in classical Arabic calligraphy. Bless and Decorate your home at the same time!

The Kaba.
This image depicts the Holy Mosque in Mecca (Kabaah) at sunset. The affordable gift idea! Blesses and beautifies the home. .

Maasha Allah. Replica of a centuries old ceramic tile.
Faux Canvas Frame. This vividly colored artwork is a replica of a centuries old ceramic tile. The Arabic phrase "ma sha'Allah" ...... meaning; "as God wills" or "as God wishes" has become a part of the daily discourse of pious Muslims. It occurs repeatedly in the Noble Quran, for example see verse 87:7



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