History of Muslims in Ukraine, Belarus and Russia
More than a millennium ago, as fleets of Viking raiders were striking fear into the hearts of coast- and river-dwellers throughout western Europe, other Norsemen of more mercantile inclination were making their way east.

Making Muslim Babies
Do you have children?" The question always seemed to sting. There is never a need to ask because a woman who has children will inevitably offer that information, and those who don't, won't. In the Islamic tradition, the place of a mother is an honored one.

Ten Common Exercise Myths Debunked
When looking for health and fitness advice, be sure you know the information originated from a trusted source before accepting it as the standard. Find an expert in the field and ask your questions.

One of the wealthiest people who ever lived
Jessica Smith of Ted-Ed tells the story of the 14th century African king of the Mali Empire, who amassed a fortune that possibly made him one of the wealthiest people who ever lived ..

Isra & Mi'raj: Night Journey
Isra & Mi'raj: Night Journey lecture by Mufti Menk

Premium California Mejool Dates
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