War, like children's fights, are meaningless, pitiless, and contemptible.
Jalal ad-Din Muhammad Rumi (1207 - 1273 CE)

Black History Month and Contributions of Islam
Celebrating Black History month in February is an excellent opportunity to learn about the struggle and achievement of African Americans, and their creativity and  contribution to human civilization, and also to reaffirm the struggle and determination to fight prejudice and racism.

The first Muslim country to prohibit slavery
This is the first Muslim country to prohibit slavery in 1846. Islam encouraged the manumission of Muslim slaves as a way of expiating sins.

Do you Know How Many Mosques are in Ukraine?
There are more than 160 mosques and Muslim places of worship in Ukraine. There are also 90 Muslim Sunday schools and 7 theological universities. About ten mosques are architectural monuments.

Watch: Discussion and Entertainment with Black Muslim Americans
In honor of Black History Month Emgage hosted a Town Hall discussion about the history, legacy, and contributions of Black Muslims to America.

A Tribute to Malcolm X | Imam Zaid Shakir
On this day, 57 years ago, Malcolm X was assassinated. He was undisputedly one of the most influential muslim activists in the history of Islam and a brave African-American man.