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English translations of Yusuf Ali, Marmaduke Pickthall & Muhammad Asad.
(Muhammad Asad translation provided courtesy of The Book Foundation)

Arabic Phonetic Search:
Find verses in the Quran by queries such as "Inna atayna !.."

Topic Search:
Find verses by topic e.g. if you search "Jesus" it will find all verses with the word "Jesus" and verses that refer to Jesus, like "Son of Maryam"

Topic Index:
Can't find what you want? Be sure to check out the Topic Index, which has an extensive selection of topics

Chapter Index - Hadith Search

Aya/Verse Reference
If you would like to reference ayas for your media please use the format below as and example:

Single aya: http://www.islamicity.org/quransearch/?ref=3:17
Aya sequence: http://www.islamicity.org/quransearch/?ref=3:17-3:25
Random ayas: http://www.islamicity.org/quransearch/?ref=3:17+4:5+16:2+46:10

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