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I`dal ()
When two or more links are omitted in the isnad. (Source:Taha Publication)

I`jaz ()
Inimitability of the qur' an. there have been three ways of stating it. the argument of sarfa: Allah turns people away from imitating the qur'an, associated with the mu'tazilite an-nazzam (d. c. 241/835); the contents of the qur'an make it inimitable, stated by al jahiz (d. 271/864); and the third is based on the inimitability of the language itself, which no one can imitate even if they try to do so. (Source:Taha Publication)

I`lam al-muwaqqi`in ()
By ibn al-qayyim al-jawziyya (d. 751/1350), a major work on usul al-fiqh. (Source:Taha Publication)

I`rab ()
Grammatical inflection; the rules for the vowel endings. (Source:Taha Publication)

I`sar ()
Insolvency. (Source:Taha Publication)

I`tibar ()
"Consideration," seeking ways of strengthening support for a hadith from a single source. (Source:Taha Publication)

I`tigad ()
Belief, being convinced about the truth of something. (Source:Taha Publication)

I`tikaf ()
Seclusion, while fasting, in a mosque, particularly in the last ten days of ramadan. (Source:Taha Publication)

I`tizal ()
Lit. "withdrawal", the theology of that group which withdrew from the circle of hasan al-basri and came to be known as the mu `tazilites. (Source:Taha Publication)

Ibadah (ee-baa-dah)
Literally, "worship," this term refers to any and all acts which demonstrate obedience and commitment to God. Thus in Islam, visiting the sick, giving charity, hugging one's spouse, or any other good act is considered an act of ibadah. (Source:CIE)