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These are spiritual beings that inhabit the world and are required to follow the orders of Allah and are accountable for their deeds. They can be good or bad, just like people. The word Jinn in Arabic means hidden, which indicates that they are invisible creatures. They were created by Allah from fire.

Jinn ()
A class of creation in some ways similar to human beings. Though they are non-physical beings, they possess, like humans, a free will. Thus, they may choose to obey or disobey God's commandments, and will ultimately be held accountable for their actions. Occasionally they involve themselves in the lives of human beings, causing confusion and fright, though not all jinns are believed to be malevolent. (Source:CIE)

Jinn ()
A class of being created from smokeless fire who are generally invisible to human beings. there are many types of them, like the `ifrit and the ghul, which lures travellers to their death in the wilderness. (Source:Taha Publication)

Jinn ()
Inhabitants of the heavens and the earth made of smokeless fire who are usually invisible. (Source:Taha Publication)