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Hijab (hee-jaab)
Commonly, the term hijab is used to denote the scarf or other type of head-covering worn by Muslim women throughout the world. However, the broader definition of the term refers to a state of modesty and covering that encompasses a woman's entire body, excluding hands and face. (Source:CIE)

Hijab ()
"Veiling", in sufism, meaning the impression produced on the heart by phenomena which prevent it from seeing the truth. this is inevitable in this world. (see qur'an 42:51). (Source:Taha Publication)

Hijab ()
A partition which separates two things; a curtain; in modern times used to describe a form of women's dress. (Source:Taha Publication)

Hijab al-ma'rifa ()
The veil of gnosis, mentioned by an-niffari which in itself is a barrier between man and Allah. "knowledge is the greatest veil." (Source:Taha Publication)

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