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Fard 56

something which is obligatory on a Muslim. It is sometimes used in reference to the obligatory part of salaah.

Fard (furd) 247
A term designating that which is an obligatory (required) belief or practice in Islam. For example, under normal circumstances, performing wudu (ritual washing) before offering formal worship is fard for Muslims. (Source:CIE)

Fard 429
Obligatory. An act which is obligatory on Muslims. (Source:IslamIQ)

Fard 1470
(Plural fara'id) obligatory, an obligatory act of worship or practice of the dan as defined by the shari'a. (Source:Taha Publication)

Fard 2091
"Single", similar to gharib. it is of three kinds: a single person is found reporting it (like gharib), the people of only one locality relate the hadith; or the narrators of one locality report the hadith from narrators of another locality (like the people of makka from the people of madina). (Source:Taha Publication)

Fard 2713
(Singular of afrad), a solitary individual. fardiya: singularity. (Source:Taha Publication)

Fard 'Ain 430
An action which is obligatory on every Muslim. (Source:IslamIQ)

Fard al-`ayn 608
An individual obligation. (Source:Taha Publication)

Fard al-kifaya 609
Also fard kafa'i, a collective obligation, something which is obligatory for the community as a whole and is satisfied if one adult performs it. (Source:Taha Publication)

Fard al-Kifayah 431
Collective duty. A duty on the whole community. However, if the duty has been fulfilled by a part of that community then the rest are not obliged to fulfill it. (Source:IslamIQ)