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Itikaf (Ittekaf itekaf ittikaf)
Itikaf is one of the many observances that are related exclusively to Ramadan. The basic aim of Itikaf is that a person retreats to the Mosque cut off from the daily routine of worldly life and spends time praying and worshiping The Creator. The practice of Itikaf takes place in the last ten days of Ramadan which encompasses "The Night of Power" when a Muslim’s devotion is brought to its climax. Linguistically “I'tikaf” means to commit oneself to doing something to the exclusion of everything else. In a religious context, it means to stay in a Mosque for worship. Reference to it is made in the Quran in Verse 187 of Surah 2. All scholars agree that it is a Sunnah, following the practice of the Prophet. Abdullah ibn Umar, a learned companion of the Prophet, reports that “Allah’s messenger (pbuh) used to stay in the Mosque during the last ten days of Ramadan.” (Related by Al Bukhari). (Source:IslamiCity)