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Dhikr (ZIKR) -

remembrance for the sake of Allah.

Dhikr (dhik-er)
Remembrance of Allah [God] through verbal or mental repetition of His divine attributes or various religious formulas, such as "Soob-han Allah," meaning "Glory be to God." Dhikr is a common practice among all Muslims, but is especially emphasized by Sufis. (Source:CIE)

Dhikr ()
Lit. remembrance, mention. commonly used, it means invocation of Allah by repetition of his names or particular formulae. forms include: dhikr al-lisan, dhikr with the tongue; dhikr an-nafs, recollection of theself which is inward and not audible; dhikr al-qalb, the contemplation of the heart; dhikr ar-ruh, dhikr with the spirit; dhikr as-sirr, dhikr of the inner secret; dhikr al-khafi, secret recollection; dhikr akhfa al-khafi, the most secret remembrance of the secret. (Source:Taha Publication)

Dhikru'llah ()
"Remembrance or invocation of Allah". (Source:Taha Publication)

Dhikru'llah ()
"Remembrance of Allah". (Source:Taha Publication)