Tantura Massacre | 1948 Palestinian Village (Documentary)

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In the war of 1948 hundreds of Palestinian villages were depopulated. Israelis call it 'The War of Independence. Palestinians call it "Nakba"'. The film examines one village - Tantura and why "Nakba" is taboo in Israeli society.

Director: Alon Schwarz

Writers: Halil Efrat, Alon Schwarz, Shaul Schwarz

Star: Teddy Katz

( Source: Ibraheem Aoun )

The Tantura massacre took place on the night of 22–23 May 1948 during the 1948 Arab–Israeli War, when around 40-200 Palestinian Arab villagers from Tantura were massacred by the Israeli Defense Force's Alexandroni Brigade. The massacre occurred following Tantura's surrender, a village of roughly 1,500 people in 1945 located near Haifa. The victims were buried in a mass grave, which today serves as a car park for the nearby Tel Dor beach.

Oral testimonies by surviving Palestinians were met by skepticism. A corroborative 1998 thesis by an Israeli Haifa University graduate Theodore Katz, who interviewed survivors, was also met with denial. In 2022 an Israeli documentary film called Tantura, several Israeli veterans interviewed said they had witnessed a massacre at Tantura after the village had surrendered. In 2023 Forensic Architecture published its commissioned investigation of the area and concluded that there were three potential gravesites in the area of the Tel Dor beach that were connected to a massacre.


Tantura was a Palestinian village within the territory assigned to a Jewish state in the 1947 United Nations Partition Plan for Palestine. As part of Plan Dalet, formulated in March 1948, ahead of the 14 May 1948 Israeli Declaration of Independence, the Haganah assigned the Alexandroni Brigade for the "occupation of al-Tantura and al-Furaydis". Of the brigade's four battalions, the 33rd was assigned to Tantura.

( Source: Wikipedia )

  Category: Featured, Life & Society, Middle East, Videos
  Topics: Nakba, Palestine, Palestinian Refugees  Channel: Documentaries
Views: 1534

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