The Free Trade of the Modern World

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"Thus did We restore him to his mother, that her eye might be comforted, that she might not grieve, and that she might know that the promise of Allah is true: but most of them do not understand.." The Quran [28:13]

A leading European fashion designer showing his latest creations in London marched out with his modern bride. Understandably, she was wearing his latest wedding dress with the ultimate accessory, a five-month-old baby (on the day of wedding) with a matching diaper.

An American mother who sold her twins to a British couple over the Internet owned all news headlines for couple of days. Sometime back, another young lady during her rendezvous with her new boyfriend in a gambling resort in the Sin City (also known as Las Vegas) delivered her child in a bathroom. Right thereafter she cleaned herself and resumed her dance with her new boyfriend!

Mothers and often fathers abandon or kill, and often give for adoption their products of illicit liaisons. Those who give up adoption are no less heinous than the killers and abandoners. The proponents of abortion, and in due course when 'mercy' killings become legalized, the proponents of 'mercy' killing of children, advocate a life free of complications, where the perpetrators has no responsibility. They seem to assume that legalizing the abominable would eliminate guilt and any emotional hang-ups. Such an assumption seems to be pegged on the notion that human beings are material whose inner selves can be programmed by providing them 'tangible' support mechanism such as laws. However, the proponents of such initiatives need only to look into the lives of the very people they purport to help.

The churches have 'broadened' their minds and are overlooking everything in the hope that as many as possible will at least attend the church on Sunday. This is perhaps guided by the numbers game, or by the urge to keep potential donors tied by even the weakest of apron strings. They feel that perchance those admitted to the good graces of the church may reward them believing that they are 'saved' simply by belonging. However, such pacification by virtually removing all sin from the book has only led to more problems - the people are not reminded about what is wrong and what is right, especially when all sins are legal any way.

The often-deliberate erosion of values, especially of the station of motherhood, has and is depriving entire generations of the very basis of their humanity. Islam teaches us that the Heaven lie at the feet of the mother. However, this is qualified by another admonition that men marry women who are qualified to become mothers of their children. 

The mother that Islam desires is the mother (Hagar) who did not give up her child just because she was alone with her infant (Ishmael) in the middle of a desert. May Allah (swt) be pleased with both of them.

This lesson is repeated by the millions who walk the path that this noble mother had tread during Hajj and Umra. This is a reminder to Muslims and humanity that the mother-child relationship is sacred and cannot be undone even in the severest of circumstances. Mother Hagar was presented a challenge and she braved it and thus epitomizes the noble position of motherhood.

The self-proclaimed modern society today is marching on a dangerous path by purposely disdaining the laws of nature. Muslims must recognize their duty to not only recognize such dangers but find ways to stop the perpetuation of ills and vices and promote the virtues and righteousness, InshaAllah.

  Category: Life & Society
  Topics: Abortion, Modernity, Mothers
Views: 1799

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Older Comments:
I love the reference to the baby being worn as a fashion accessory. That is an accurate depiction of the way babies are thought of in the U.S.

However, this article erroneously says that an American mother "sold her twins to a British couple." The mother did not sell her twins, but was herself being used by the $1.4 billion adoption industry to make a profit for others off her baby and her loss.

Again, the article condemns parents "who give up" there children to adoption as "no less heinous than the killers and abandoners." This is based on a misunderstanding of the adoption situation. Parents in western societies are encouraged to think that they are bad for their children and that adoption is the best they can do for their own children. This is done to meet the demand by mostly childless couples for infants to call their own, for whom they will pay a great deal of money. Parents do not get that money, nor want it. Lawyers, adoption workers, etc. make the money that adopters pay for children. Parents are left with nothing but their grief.

Although the bible is nearly as clear on adoption as the Quran, I don't think Christians really read the bible. Our society, since the end of WWII when infant adoption became popular, has not held the mother-child relationship as sacred. I wish our society realized that the mother-child relationship cannot be undone even by adoption.

I lost my own daughter to the promotion of adoption in 1968. I still suffer greatly from that loss.

Adoption only benefits those who adopt and those who receive the money paid for children by those who adopt them. Parents are victims of adoption and suffer too much to be also condemned socially for their loss.

Thank you Kay Russell, USA