Yet another hate campaigne against Arabs?

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At last the Arab League has woken up. In a statement issued in Cairo, the League dismissed U.S. claims that Libya was building a chemical weapons' plant and said the world should instead focus on getting rid of Israel's nuclear arsenal.

The League criticized the United States for threatening to use force against Tripoli to prevent Libya from developing the program.

Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak also sent a firm message when he demanded information to prove the building of a chemical plant. French President Chirac also seems to be unconvinced.

We, the Arabs, await the British reaction. It was from British bases a few years ago that U.S. warplanes bombed several targets in Libya killing some innocent civilians. We don't know whether there will be a "wimpish acquiescence" by No.10 Downing Street. The reason I am saying this is that the Zionist-controlled U.S. media (even poor Marlon Brando was forced to admit that) is slowly building up the chemical plant drama.

The followers of U.S. print and television media will not fail to notice the buildup of a hate campaign. Nothing seems to deter the Americans from going on a "hunt and destroy" mission.

President Mubarak is trying to defuse the U.S.-built tension by asking for information and photos to prove American and Israeli claims. He has even asked for a visit by a joint European-Egyptian Commission to probe the matter. But many Arabs believe that the United States will brush aside these suggestions. 

In their paranoia of anything that smacks of Arab military program, they go on a witch-hunt oblivious to all pleadings from allies (both equal and subservient), they will not stop until their mission is complete. And that is to make the Arabs ineffectual.

Tahseen Basheer, the well-known Egyptian columnist writing in the "Saudi Gazette" a few months ago reported how the United States connived to have Egypt roll back its nuclear program. And this was a peaceful program to general power so that Egypt could forge ahead industrially.

Again, the United States went on a witch-hunt against Pakistan. All kinds of amendments were enacted to prevent the peaceful use of nuclear energy. It created a stir about North Korea's nuclear program. The media hyped the whole thing up. Not a long time ago, it targeted India accusing it of building rocket and what not. 

It seems that the object of Pax Americana is to have economic and military hegemony.

But the days of gun boat diplomacy are long gone. No right minded Arab would like to be dictated to or given a dressing down by a foreign power. 

Especially if that power has lost all credibility (in the minds of those who think at least) and has openly exposed its one-sidedness. While American bounty hunters are getting ready the saner elements in the Western world are pondering methods to prevent a John Wayne- style attack on Arab installations. 

What the ordinary Arab fails to understand is why the United States who wants a nuclear-free Middle zone wants to exclude Israel out.

Israel, as is well-known to all freedom-loving people, is terrorizing and oppressing the Palestinian people. While sixty-two Israelis died in the bomb blast, over 450 Palestinian women and children were killed by Israeli soldiers using freely supplied weapons.

The Zionist state with American help has over 200 nuclear bombs. It has a wide array of deadly arsenal ready to be used any moment.

The extremists in the Zionist state will gloat when the bombs are dropped on Arab cities. Nay the whole of Israel and their friends and allies across the Atlantic will celebrate.

The Arabs are all for a nuclear-free zone. To be clear, we are against all weapons of mass destruction, be they nuclear, chemical or conventional. We want our children to live in security - without fear of a holocaust. (I have to be excused for using this word without permission!)

However, what we will not stand for are two-faced policies by paranoid policy makers creating unnecessary tension by the cunning use of the media.

The Arabs should take whatever means of ensuring that stand a fighting chance, if the guys in the Yarmulkes even decide to have a go at them.

That, I think, abides by the Queensberry rules.

  Category: Life & Society
  Topics: Arabs
Views: 1854

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