Words from Quran engraved on head of a pin

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An Islamic-inspired artwork by one of the UK's foremost master craftsmen has been sold to a collector for over 50,000. 

Micro-engraver Graham Short, world-famous for his tiny engravings including 'Nothing Is Impossible' Engraved on the Sharp Edge of a Razor Blade, painstakingly engraved The Word of God - a chapter from the Qur'an on the head of a pin - involving hundreds of hours of work in his studio. 

"I've always been drawn to the beauty of Islam as a living faith," says Graham, who himself is non-Muslim.

"Equally, the Arabic characters have their own intrinsic appeal, and I felt that micro-engraving the chapter on such a small scale was not only in keeping with, but also an homage to, the intricate artwork that has been a feature of mosques and of the Islamic aesthetic generally down the centuries." 

Prior to commencing work on the piece, Birmingham-based Graham visited religious leaders at the city's Central Mosque to ensure that the work would not cause offence. There, he was told that the piece would be a very welcome addition to art inspired by Islam. 

Graham works at night because the incredible detail of his work requires a minimum of vibrations from passing traffic.

For his miniature work, Graham has tried and tested all sorts of tools, but his tools of choice are very fine late 19th century needles which he bought in a batch from an antique dealer in the 1980s. With eyes made from pure gold, the antique needles enable the highest levels of craftsmanship.

The physical extremes he goes to for his art include long-distance swimming to help maintain a low pulse, securing his engraving hand with vintage leather luggage straps, and even resorting to Botox injections around the eye area to help reduce blinking. 

His work is sought after all over the world, with collector interest constantly coming in from the US, Germany and Russia amongst others. 

Although The Word of God was not exhibited publicly after completion, a collector visiting a solo exhibition of Graham's works in Cambridge heard about the Qur'an engraving and asked to see it. Having now purchased the piece, the collector wishes to remain anonymous. 

"The sale of The Word of God is evidence of a very healthy and dynamic collectors' scene around Islamic-inspired art in the UK," says Rod Lacey, managing director of fine art brokers White Space, which represents Graham's work. 

"Graham's work sits at the crossroads of master craftsmanship and fine art - an area which boasts a very long tradition in Islamic culture - so for me, Graham working on Islamic-inspired pieces like this is his way of paying a wonderful compliment to centuries of tradition from craftspeople in the Islamic world." 

Graham's works, including his new collection Hall of Fame, can be viewed online at www.thehandsofgenius.com

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  Category: Europe, Faith & Spirituality, Featured, Life & Society
  Topics: Quran
Views: 7906

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This is the most amazing thing I have ever seen. The world should know about this man.
How he suffers for his art is frightening. Full credit to him. I am truly humbled.

What kind of glasses one is going to need to read on the top of the head of a pin? Just trying to focus on it might making a person go almost blind.

Masha Allah May Allah give Graham Hidayah.Wealth is nothing but hidayah is everything.The moment he gets hidayah he can distinguish between right and wrong.This reminds me of the Poet Hassan at the time of the Prophet who made poetry saying that all bounties would one day come to an end immediately a Companion of the Prophet contradicted him saying except the enjoyment of Jannah (Paradise) which is forever.Muslims can give 50,000 or even more to get such valuable engraved name of Allah but this does not mean that they are stupid they don't know what to do with money.As I said wealth is nothing but Imaan is everything from the example of Rasulullah when a person came and saw valley full of goats and he was so curious and wondered at the amount of possessions.Something even more wonderful happened when Rasululah told him he can have them i.e he has given him everything (all the goats).So he quickly went to his people asking them to embrace Islam pointing out that Rasulullah doesnt fear poverty.He had complete trust in Allah and His treasure.If He were to give everybody whatever he/she desires nothing decreases a person dips a needle in an ocean and takes it out and see how much water is left. At this time of economic crunch the Non Muslims are struggling to overcome poverty while the Muslims are struggling to gain freedom like the West although they are rich.Now who is right? Taking interest would not make a person richer and freedom would not make a person better Muslim.So we need Imaan coupled with wealth and a bit of freedom that would help us worship our Creator thus becoming Independent.So I hope Graham would learn more about this Deen.