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O Allah guide us to righteousness and help us follow it, and show us the wrong and help us avoid it.

We found this week to be full of activities with far reaching ramifications. Every week we have been focusing on an issue. This week we thought to give its due to Bazar Akhbar and make it a real news bulletin. 2 interesting and important brief news for reflection. 

*** War Crimes of Israel (video) by BBC
*** US Elections
*** Israel Accused Of War Crimes - BBC exclusive at 1850 GMT on Sat. 4th Nov.
There does exist today, Jews in Israel accused of war crimes. Is it surprising ?!  For since over fifteen years Israel continually detained thousands of Palestinians in Khiam prison. Innocent and defenseless Palestinian men, women and children are held by the Israeli regime without due process resulting in brutal torture and death.

Israel could not deny the recent (May 2000) success of Palestinian and Lebanese Freedom Seekers who forced open the gates of Khiam prison. BBC Producer, Farah Durrani shall reveal the inside story of Khiam with testimonies from those who miraculously survived the brutal torture of Israelis. The Amnesty believes this to be war crimes of Israel. Let us see if the world would impose 'sanctions' on Israel!
*** US Elections 
The Presidential elections in United States shall be held on November 7. The world is being made to watch and wait. While the contestants are waging war against each other in the battle of winning and loosing, all groups (including Muslims) are seemingly in the race of endorsing one candidate over the other. Although this may be an essential evil but certainly not an obligatory responsibility.

The politics is much more than voting. To win is even more than politics. So long as the endorsing groups realize this paradigm, there is no harm in the business of endorsements. The danger is when one begins to believe that 'a' vote is going to secure peace, liberty and justice. Such ideals have to be strived for at the expense of sacrifices, in some cases loosing life.  We do live around such examples of courage, perseverance and sacrifice, one has to only look in the right places!

  Category: World Affairs
  Topics: Lebanon, Occupation
Views: 1149

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