Suicidal Laws

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O mankind! revere your guardian Lord, who created you from a single person, created, of like nature, his mate. ( 4:1)

Some women claim to have realize their self worth, after all. It is also known as Women's Liberation Movement. Over the past decades, this self realization in women has caught the attention of their opposite gender, the men, the self proclaimed liberators of women. Both groups have not only developed an effective self support system but were also successful in garnering support from institutions, like United Nations.

The social engineering of UN to control births, destroy family life and undermining morality is now a law in the "Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination Against Women". The lesser known "Optional Protocol" empowers UN to receive and investigate complaints from individuals, and prohibits the signing countries from expressing any reservations regarding this Convention.

In this new law of the world, rejection of promiscuity has become an act of discrimination and intolerance. And, condemning fornication is deemed to be denying the reproductive rights of a woman. The problem worsens when we know that many Muslim nations have already ascribed to such resolutions which negates the Divine Law of Shariah.

It is time to reject the current valueless system and redefine the pre-packaged agendas. The scholars, leaders and people of conscience have an un-discharged responsibility in questioning such immoral laws. An occasional show of concern would be inadequate. It requires a concerted and clear response from all people of conscience to articulate its position without any ambiguity. The pervasive pop culture and its laws of immorality, indecency and injustice must cease.

  Category: World Affairs
Views: 900
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