Israel starts a new regional war

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Fires raging at Beirut International Airport after Israeli attack

Israel has launched indiscriminate attacks against civilians and civilian infrastructure in Lebanon.

Some 50 Lebanese civilians have reportedly been killed in Israeli air strikes and artillery shelling against villages in South Lebanon since July 12th, 2006 cross-border attack by Hizbullah's armed wing, in which two Israeli soldiers were captured and eight others killed. 

Among the Lebanese victims were a family of ten, including eight children, who were killed in Dweir village, near Nabatiyeh, and a family of seven, including a seven-month-old baby, who were killed in Baflay village near Tyre. More than 60 other civilians were injured in these or other attacks.

Israeli forces have also launched deliberate attacks against civilian objects throughout Lebanon, including Beirut international airport, 10 bridges and an electricity power station, as well as against Hizbullah targets, notably the offices of its al-Manar television station in Beirut and its relay station in Baalbek.

At the same time, Hizbullah has also been launching Katyusha rockets into Northern Israel. An Israeli woman was killed and dozens of other civilians were injured when a Katyusha rocket hit a house in the town of Nahariya earlier today.

US vetoed a UN resolution last night that demanded Israel halt its military offensive in Gaza.

As the violence escalated the US and EU have taken markedly different stances.

The EU has criticized Israel for its sea and air blockade of Lebanon and deplored the "disproportionate" use of force and the loss of civilian life.

But the US president, George Bush, said Israel had the right to defend itself but cautioned against bringing down the Lebanese administration. "The concern here is that any activities by Israel to protect herself will weaken that government ... topple that government, and we have made that clear in our discussions," Mr. Bush said during a visit to Germany. "Having said all that, people need to protect themselves." 

He also took this opportunity to attack Syria saying that it needed to be held accountable for supporting Hizbullah and Hamas. 

The US also vetoed a UN resolution last night that demanded Israel halt its military offensive in Gaza - the first UN Security Council veto in almost two years. Ten of the 15 countries voted in favor; while Britain, Denmark, Slovakia and Peru abstained. 

The UN secretary general, Kofi Annan, said he would dispatch a three-person team to the region to try to defuse the crisis. The Israel-Lebanon crisis, coupled with anxiety over the mounting confrontation over Iran's nuclear ambitions, drove the price of crude oil to a record $76 yesterday. 

Hizbullah is demanding the release of Arab security prisoners in Israeli jails in return for the two captured soldiers and a third soldier held in the Gaza Strip after he was snatched by Palestinian militias last month. 

Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas warned that Israel's Lebanon offensive "is raising our fears of a new regional war" and urged world powers to intervene.


  Category: Middle East, World Affairs
  Topics: Conflicts And War, Lebanon, Occupation
Views: 2628

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Older Comments:
Some 50 Lebanese civilians have reportedly been killed

2000 lebanese civiians not 50

...and yet Iran is the one under heat. These jewish terrorists will not rest until the world itself is a memory. Israelis wouldnt dare do this if not for the green light from Uncle Sam.

As usual arab leaders are silent paying lip service to their white house masters. Even saudi is saying those who abducted the soldiers should realise the consequences of their actions. What a load of rubbish. These useless arabs should just step aside and let the shias do the fighting for them.

For years i was very sympathetic to the arabs .. Allah will start again with more obedient followers.

Bush's ratings are low. Muslims upset over marines in Iraq. Elections are coming up. Mumbai bombings around London bombings anniversary. Israel flexes muscle against Lebanon. Hmmm, I don't get it!

Israeli was looking to start a war with Lebanon or Syria. Back in 1980's Israeli got .. kick in by Syria.
US Bush/Olmert said we want no stinking peace in the Middle East.

This is a true Holocast of Muslims...They do not want to call this holocast because it is used only for JEWS... similarly,they do not call terrorist anybody except muslims.

It is a pity that muslim countries cannot defend
or launch offensive when they are attacked or invaded friendly or involuntary.(It is because of sanctions, conspiracies, policies, restrictions,invasions and destructions(once they try to progress or try to become independent....)

G8,UN and some other organisations and there is no member or permanent member from muslim countries like saudi, kuwait ,Iran and Iraq. They should be considered as one of great countries because of their resources(oil-gas).

Basically they are crusades /wars on -Islam muslims. (but they call it is war on terror?). Anything muslims say or do-they are called terrorists-terror. Good things do not come in news...

Allah bless the world...

well also consider Isreali situation as well. They need security as well. Isreal needs to defend itself for its citizens and its citizens fear human bombings by Palestinian militant groups, and missile attacks, and taking of Isreali hostages is nto a good way to negotiate with Isreal.

I dont always agree with Isreali military action, but it has a right to defend itself.

Some say the response from Israel was to strong in response to the attacks by Lebanon (Hizbullah). There is no doubt however that it is the Hizbullah that STARTED it.

Who is to blame? We all have our opinions, and I'm not trying to change anybodies opinion. Just to state plainly who is responsable STARTING IT!

Ladies and gentlemen,
This is the true form of terrorism!