What Lessons have we learnt from 911?

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In the history of any nation there are historical decisive moments that form a crossroads for them. In these moments the nations will be resuscitated if they comprehend them and perceive their fateful aspect. That will be like resurrection of a phoenix in the myth or they become mere dead ashes. All this depends on the reaction of these nations on what these moments impose of challenges and questions about their destiny and their existence.

When the world was in the process of change around Athens the city was submerged in its illusions and was asleep on its glories and its distinctiveness of the remaining of the world. It even suffocated those voices shouting in the wilderness, warning Athens from a bad fate in case that it would not comprehend its situation. It killed Socrates, belittle Plato and almost killed Aristotle had he not escaped from its madness. Athens did not grasp the variables and the historical moments around it. It consequently faded into the darkness of forgetfulness. Nothing remained memorable of its past except its concept of democracy and the names of those who were the subject of its repression. Nevertheless, time has immortalized Athens by immortalizing them but engulfed it as well.

This is applicable too on other fading civilizations from Persians, Romans and Muslims to Russians, Chinese and others. All these civilizations received signs and events warning and alerting them but they did not understand these signs or they did not pay attention to them. They thought they were immortal, and there would be nothing better than what it was. Then there was their dissolution between the jaws of the cruel time. This might be the dilemma of mankind and it might be something hidden and difficult to understand its wisdom. It might be this and other reasons, but we are not looking today for the justifications as much as the flaws and causes.

The living is worth thinking of than the dead. Egyptian proverb

Baghdad fell in the hands of the tartars. That was a sign that the Muslims' civilization started to crumble under the mattocks of time or under the effect of the decay that virtually reached its roots, as a result of its immobility. It was like stagnant waters where mosses grew fast. But no one took notice of that sign or may be of any preceding ones. Yes, Muslims finally defeated the legions of Mongols. But that was a victory more similar to a defeat. It was an anesthetic victory that made eyes incapable of seeing what the Muslims' civilization suffered from its diseases. That was the collapse in spite of the apparent victory. The crusaders were defeated in our land, but they would win after their defeat. Their military defeat was in the end of the day a victory, when Europe woke up of its slumber. It was the renaissance and the end of dark ages. Each nation considers themselves the best at certain time. That might be true at certain moments of the time. But it is impossible to keep that for ever, and if one did not admit that one would be misled. Lucifer was driven away from heaven because he had not accepted this wisdom. He refused and considered himself great and became arrogant. Consequently he became the cursed Satan. 

Contrary to that we find other nations and countries which managed to read those alarming signs correctly. That helped them to go back to life although they were very close to distinction. For instance; Germany and Japan after the Second World War, and those societies and nations that completely abandoned their past, and looked forward to the future as an Egyptian proverb says (the living is worth thinking of than the dead). It is not wise that the dead stay the rulers of the living in every case. They would not themselves accept that for themselves if they were capable of talking. A lot of nations and countries were exterminated because they did not know how to read properly; or they read according to impulse. Then they thought they possessed the world without knowing that there would be no mountain to turn to against the floods and waves of their time. The Arab nation is one of those nations that have lost their integrity because they did not read well or did not want to read well the signs and the warnings in their critical moments. Since the first fall of Baghdad, through all those critical moments of the Arabs, and until the last fall of Baghdad, they have not understand what happened and why. Or they might not want to understand, except for a brief time before it was lost in the middle of the lose of consciousness. Napoleon came as an invader; the Fertile Crescent was divided by Sykes- Picot Treaty; 

Balfour's Promise was announced; the partition decision of Palestine which was followed by the Catastrophe when the exodus of Palestinian people took place from their country in 1948; then the Arabs were defeated by Israel in 1967 War, then the invasion of Beirut, the first Arab capital invaded by Israel, then the11 September tragedy and what came after that of events in Afghanistan and Iraq. All these moments carried within them a lot of meanings, signs and warnings. But no one wanted to read them. There was a certain defect preventing Arabs from reading certain moments similar those moments that other nations and peoples went through. Some of them managed to read them, but Arabs seem to be unable to read, and 11 September event were one of many other evidence.

The moment of 11 September 2001 was crucial in the American history which incited the people there to ask questions like: what happened? How did it happen? Why did it happen? And what will follow these questions of answers might have a great effect on the future of the American country and people and on the American mentality. In contrast with this reaction the same moment has not incited any crucial questions among the Arabs or the Muslims in general in spite of its importance of their fate. The answer to an important question like: why did what happened happen? was mostly a mixture of justifications and excuses that did not approach the essence of this question: Palestine; the partiality of the American foreign policy; the Israeli conspiracy and other conspiracies; the humiliation of Islam and Muslims and other justifications that try as usual for the Arabs to blame the others and to exonerate themselves of any shortcoming. As if we are the only people in this wide world who suffer, or as if we reduce the world to become inhabited by us only. Many peoples suffered from all what we suffered: Imperialism, exploitation, humiliation, oppression and partiality . But they did not stay still moaning in front of the misery or they tried to destroy others' civilization when they failed to build their own, or they would interpret their psychological and non-psychological crises into a devastative venom to everything. 

As an alive nation or a nation desiring to be alive we should have made a comprehensive revision to our soul after 11 September. While it was a catastrophe in the American history, it was an earthquake in the Arabic history. But where is the awareness of that? What happened in September was not a consequence of all these trivial justifications that we use as drugs for distancing ourselves from knowing the reality. Otherwise the whole world would become hell if each people were guided by their specific justifications and sought for revenge. What happened was a consequence of a chronic disease in the Arab psyche. I can call this disease the culture of illusion. That culture depicts an image of something that does not exist and promises us preposterous promises. It is an illusion when we think that all the world is against us, and it is an illusion when we think that there will not be any existence for us without the perishing of the others. It is illusion when we have either to get the best for ourselves or we have to die. According to this logic either we posses all the rain or let the rain to be stopped if we were thirsty. It is also an illusion if we think that the past is the rout to the future and it is illusion if we think that the world without us will not be able to survive; for this reason they compete against each other to exploit us like hyenas struggling for their prey. The greater illusion is that we are God's angels on His land and all the rest of the world are devils. It is illusion when we think that God is for us only not for other people. It is illusion when we think we are still the best nation appeared to the other people. With this kind of convictions we have become like some of the Jews who believe they are still the chosen people of God, forgetting the conditions on which such a choice will be held.

As some nations learnt from their critical moments and tried to rid themselves from their illusions and tried to return to some self-awareness, the Arab nation insisted on holding to its illusions in each of these moments. It is like a masochist enjoying torture. What happened in September was a moment of explosion of a mind that kept refusing reason. That was a consequence of the accumulation of previous critical moments that had not invoked suitable questions and consequently there were no answers. The incoming moment would be graver if a miracle did not occur. This would be the only way for the Arab mind to wake up from its illusions and regain consciousness. According to that everything would be rearranged from scratch before everything reaches its doom.

Source: Arab News

  Category: Middle East, Nature & Science
  Topics: Athens, Greece
Views: 5079

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Older Comments:
Salamu alaikum Peter,

I don't like that war criminal Einstein because he worked with oppenheimer(the other war criminal) & Von Braun (the rocket scientist)in the Manhattan Project that led to the successful test of the Atomic bomb. This horrible bomb was created & eventually used to kill hundreds of thousands of civilians in Hiroshima & Nakazaki.

Wa salaam

Zinedine: I am curious, why do you dislike Albert Einstein so much? Just wondering.
Akbar: A social greeting, how are you my friend? I hope all is well.

salamu alaikum,

THUR, if that really is your name?

You must be kidding me, do you really think that I don't know that Chile is a Christian country; a predominantly Catholic one?

MAD may be a deterant to some countries depending on the enemy's race. In fact, Caucasian nations would not destroy one another but would surely destroy others .ie. Hiroshima & Nakasaki Japan etc...

Peace can only be achieved as long as Muslims like yourself are willing to be subserviant to the West. Alhamdu lillah Hudd, Akbar, Ibrahim, Um Muhammad & million others I are too proud to be subserviant to the INFIDELS. We put dignity & justice ahead of "peace" & we know our nations can eventually achieve greatness from within & without altering our Arabic &/or our Islamic identity.

Btw: It was the war criminal zionist scientist Albert Einstein (may the curse of all the Palestinians & Allah be upon him) who stated: " I don't know what weapons will be used in WW III but I know that spears would be the weapon of choice in world war-4!!"

Thur, if only that were reality, where George W. Bush and his John Ashcroft's and Paul Wolfowitz's don't take commands from their religious leaders - Israeli connection through Wolfowitz, and methodist and evangelical wacko's out there who are in massive numbers voting for Bush b/c of his connection to these groups, and his support for them....don't say that it's not about religion when it comes to decision-making, when in fact the reality says much different from what you might try to suggest. Let me ask you a simple question, where have you seen any religious leader talk about Christian-Islamic or Judeo-Islamic Relations.......? About all I ever hear is Judeo-Christian! Just like the sorry commercials that come on at night where hte Christians apologize for not helping the Jews of Israel, something that their "forefathers should have done"..."sorry we let you down.." yehh...

I think reality needs ot be put in perspective, no matter how much it might hurt. In the same way us Muslims are bombarded with demands to be apologetic for the actions of some loony tunes of Jamaat-i-Islami or something, while we're American and Canadian citizens, I ask you to reflect upon that when speaking to your Christian or Jewish friends. Hudd and I both know very well what mr. "Nicholas" is all about, i'll explain further if u'd like.

Salaam Rahmatullah.

THUR. .. I will answer your direct response to me, and if the publishers do not censure it as usual, you can have it.
First:"Hudd, would it be possible for you to check your sources for quotations? it was Pope BONIFACE VIII." ... I admit my quotation was not acurate since I tried to remember something in German what Hitler said, it was something like,"Ein Got,Ein Reich?" Maybe, I don't recall exactly. Bottom line, I don't care of Hitler too, he was Catholic by the way. I tried to make a point, and that point was that even a monster like Hitler claimed to do the will or work of God like Mr Bush. If you didn't get it, I'm sorry for you, help is available in certain institutions for cases like yourself.
Second:"It is our expectation that civilized people does not engage in verbal exchanges, we can disagree while being civil other wise the discussion is giong into the gutter. I am refering to your response to Nicolas." What ..are you talking about? What's this .. you're trying to feed to me? If you were worth your bid you would have rebuked your pal, Nicholas, since he insulted the Muslims by saying what he said about the Quran and Allah. .. Didn't you follow the dialogue? About going down the gutter you are right. Everything the wisemen of the Muslim lands have said to the Westerners is mostly in the gutter. This is one of the reasons that we have a considerable problem today. You people listen only to yourselves and to your kind.

Hudd, I just checked the list of 9/11 dead & yes it does have Muslims listed at least from some of the names. I don't know where there was any mention of the religion affiliation of any of the victims other than the 19 alleged hijakers. The Jewish victims of WWII were highlighted because it was done in mass & selectively & the same happened to hundreds of Polish officers at the hands of the American allies the Russian & guess what it just went under the rugs till a couple of years back, these officers were Christians & it just got lost on purpose so as not to embarrass an allie. The point I am trying to make is let's not take any action as being against Muslims & Islam. To drive a point home, America invaded & occupied almost most of south America, the Philipines; Cuba was invaded twice at least, are we going to say it was Protestants against Catholics? I suppose not. A criminal mind & act have no religious inclination. may you tread in peace.


Hudd, would it be possible for you to check your sources for quotations? it was Pope BONIFACE VIII
who said " one God one faith" when talking about the Catholic church, you may read about it in this link http://www.catholic-forum.com/saints/pope0193a.htm
It is our expectation that civilized people does not engage in verbal exchanges, we can disagree while being civil other wise the discussion is giong into the gutter. I am refering to your response to Nicolas.
May God bless you all

Zinedine , Chile is a Christian country & not a Muslim country however that proves that American criminal behavior doesn't discriminate!
As far as nuclear wepons we hope for its eradication from the world. The cold war kept & maintained peace by the doctorine of "Assured Mutual Distruction" that is to say that no super power is assured a complete distruction of its foes in the first strike & a retaliatory strike would cripple the enemy & that there would be no winners in a nuclear confrontation & as some one said " I don't know what weapons will be used in WWIII but I know that spears would be the weapon of choice in world war-4!!" So lets work toward a world with no war , with peace & jusice for all, after all we descended from one single pair. Are we listening??


I agree with Akbar. Nicholas, I am glad to see that you are coming around. As good Christians it is important for us to assist those who need it; and clearly, we must address the West's realtionship with Islam in this light.
I think that the parable of the Good Samaritan has much to say about the situation of Christianity and Islam. I have known many Muslims, all good, hard-working, well-educated, devout people who contribute much to society. In contrast, I have known many Christians who betray their faith every day by showing the worst traits of hypocricy, judgementalness and pretension.
It is unfortunate that these two religions often view each other with hostility, when we clearly hold to many of the same values and beliefs. Truly, I tell you, our faiths are like brothers to each other and there is no reason for us to contend with one anotehr.
As good Christians we must take our religion back from the lunatic excesses of the fundamentalists; these people need to be stopped, they preach division and fear (and hate, the follower of fear) and not Jesus' true message of love and brotherhood (when he said 'love thy neighbor', what he meant was that everyone is your neighbor).
My friends,I tell you, most people in the America simply do not know or understand your religion, culture or position. I think that if we strove to educate them, many would would change their views and their actions in regards to Islam. I know that it has been very positive for me to come here, and I thank God and all of you for this wonerful place where we can engage in discussion.
Regard America, if you will, as the early Muslims regarded the lands and peoples that they converted to their religion; for that is what it is, a land that is-in many ways-new to Islam. These people need you. I thnk that is the reason (or part of His unknowable reason, if you will) that God has brought us together. even if it seems destructive now, I do not doubt that in the future, God willing, we will

Salaamu alaikum brs & srs,

Just to add to what Hudd & Akbar have already stated:

Akbar is right when he stated that Western system of jurisprudence are inspired by Islamic jurisprudence. In fact French Napoleonic laws are heavily influenced by Imam Malik Muatta' & if you are in doubts please read "Matn Dardeer fi sharh Imam Khalil" to see the evidence of this claim.

Hudd mentioned lots atrocities done to Muslims & Hudd spoke the Truth again & I would like to include the intentionally forgotten 9/11/1973 in Chile. A worse crime against the Chilean people perpetrated by the Terrorist entity called the CIA.


Nicholas, it's good to hear that you no longer look upon Islam negatively any longer, Alhumdulillah. But at the same time, I do not think that it is the West versus Islam, not understanding each other...rather, it has become a battle of ideas between minority sects within the world, on opposite ends of the sprectrum, trying to claim that one is holier than the other. Maybe that's just a better way to put it...since I am a Westerner, born and raised in Canada, been here all my life, so I really don't see any difference between "The West" and the Islamic faith...in fact when I compare the basic tenets of Western constitutions and codes, laws, etc., I find more similarities in them to Islam, than there are differences. Just take a look at the Napoleonic Code, it was created with a great deal of influence from Islamic laws, and look at the respect it is held in up to this day, as one of hte foundations for today's laws in UK, France, Germany, Canada, US...whatever else u wanna call Western.

But you know what at the same time, I can't help but wonder, imagine all those millions of Americans, because of their unwillingness to go and pick up a book about Islam, that they still think the way you did after the 9/11 attacks occured? Imagine how many of them are pleased at the murder of a HUMAN BEING...a Muslim...?

Just wanted to let you know that it's pretty scary for Muslims to think about that, all the while we're bombarded on the News showing those "scary Muslims with cloths wrapped around their faces and heads"....

I think that once the elitist groups in the United States such as ultra-extremist Christian groups such as the Bible Code junkies, the evangelical and methodist Christians who support President Bush, and the neo-conservative Republicans and Democrats (such as Joe Lieberman), and any other idiotic radical who believes that Islam is the religion of the devil, need to be kicked out, alongside the

Nicholas, there is a term in Islam to characterize what you are doing, it's called, "charity with harm". You try to make an approach with the Arabs mby insulting what is most dear to them: Allah,swt. You said:". I will admit on 9-11 I wanted nothing more than to defile the quran and bash Allah's head in." This is erudition and emantipation to you? In the face of dispair you become a brute? What is then the difference between you, the modern dude and the terrorists, the dudes from the dark ages? I see no difference, do you? Be known to you that ALLAH is the Arabic/Aramaic and Hebrew term for the English God. When these people were worshipping God(the Arabs were of Judaic, Christian and Polytheistic faiths before becoming Muslims), the Anglo-Saxons were trying new methods of extracting the booger from their noses for the purpose of delightful cullinary tidbits. Now, you come and present on a Muslim website, Allah as a alien entity? Please, be respectful and do not present yourself as a crass ignorant with claimes of having studied Sufism and Islam in general. Allah is the creator of the Universe and cannot be likened to anything known or visioned. Thus, He doesn't have a head since he is not human and he doesn't need one. How? You will never know, because everything is known to God but we know as much as we are revealed, savvy? Of course Allah has nothing to do with it, are stupid or what? My younger son cajoled a toy from his kid brother claiming it was my decission! It is in the human nature to claim the divine in our most hineous acts. Remember Columbus, in the name of Jesus killed and inslaved thousands of Native Americans. Hitler said "one God one Faith". Now how does fit the name of God on Hitler's lips, think about Nicholas. You must grow up and not believe whatever people say without backing it up with evidence. One day somebody might slash the tyres of your car in front of your house claiming that Jesus told him to do that to white people. Believe it!

Ridiculous. Why would 9/11 be more monstruous than the Tutsi genocide that tolled to hundreds of times more casualties in human life? Because it happened to Americans? We have a master breed which is indispensible and then millions to billions that are just cannon fodder? Why would the supposed 6 million Jews death be more devastating than the tens of times the toll of human life the WWII took? Because the Jews are the chosen people? Millions of Muslims died at the games of America and Russia. Who cared or even mentioned them? They were mostly innocent people that payed the fare. It's true, the people that died at 9/11, Muslim workers included, but we don't mention them because we create a "Us" & "Them" syndrome in order to feel quite justified to kill Iraqi civilians and quite gratified sodomizing the detainees. Pathetic, and somebody said the Muslims were in the Dark Ages? Having technology and the knowledge to build it doesn't stand for wisdom. The American government is as stupid as the Taliban government with different trims and agendas. The US government, especially Bush, did not act in wisdom at all. They leveled Afghanistan but didn't capture OBL. Then they invaded Iraq causing themselves a new set of problems like they didn't have enough. It is not even stupid, it's something else, retarded, maybe? I'm sickened of this double standard, chiefly when it comes from a nation supposed to promote justice and freedom to all. -- I could have been in one of the towers myself and die like a rat for no meaningful end, or I could have been a shopkeeper in Baghdad and die in the US bombing, again for no meaningful end. The man was created by Allah,swt, to be his own master. You cannot enslave people, no matter what you call it, colony, protectorate, mandate, democracy, ally, etc. US didn't see yet anything, if the following governments do not wisen up and try to really trouble-shoot the mess they have created in the world, numerous OBL's will be born and bred.

Salaamu alaikum,

There is ignorance on both sides East & West & remember that ignorance is a bliss. Knowlegde is sweet but painful because it requires hard work.

I just wish terrorists on all sides Jews, Christians, Muslims, Hindus, Siks & Budhists etc hit military, economic & political targets & leave us (civilians)alone. They are the real criminals. Why innocents civilians always have to pay the price for the monsters our evil systems & leaders have created?

La hawla wa la quwata illa billah,

Wa salaamu alaikum

I learnt that "drive-by shootings" tend to achieve little in pursuit of national security. In many cases such methods appear to result in reprisals against the homelands of those who use them. Normally the justification offered is that such methods save lives (on the side of those who use them) when actually nothing could be further from the truth.

The "official targets" have quite often appeared to remain generally intact - and seemingly inclined to respond in a similar manner. Following Clinton's attempt to kill Osama bin Laden in August of 1998, using cruise missiles launched against Afghanistan, the pay-back was arguably catastrophic.

I think that Islam and the West first of all haev no understanding of each other thus they fear each other and then decide to turn to violence. From 9-11 I have learned that a cancer ignored is still a cancer. I will gladly respect your religious beleifs but if anyone dares to force them upon me they shall feel my hand against them, I shall return in kind each and every strike, not because I want to but because I as a human being must preserve my life and the life of my people. I have studied Sufism and Islamic history to a small extent and do agree that Islam has just as much value as many other Ideaologies that currently exist in the world. I read The Conference of the Birds and am thinking of doing my thesis on it. Islam is trully in a dark age much like europe was in a 1,000 years ago. It is not Allah who tells the Muslim to murder people, it is the selfish human ego reacting from fear and ignorance. Far too often people project their own worst qualities onto Allah and then claim Allah is telling them something when in fact it is their own twisted psyches acting out their enfeebled delusions. I want to understand the Muslim, I will respect the Muslim as long as they put forth effort to understand and respect me. I will admit on 9-11 I wanted nothing more than to defile the quran and bash Allah's head in. But now I understand a bit more and realize that it was not Allah who blew up those buildings it was children of Iblis acting in Allah's name. may they be roasted on spits for eternity for daring to defame the name of Allah.

A weak article having no prelude or conclusion full of spelling & grammatical errors. From the very beginning the word incite is used in conjunction with roit!
Cut & paste to Microsoft word reveled the followings, words in the articles are shown first & corrections are shown between brackets.
belittle =(Belittles)
themselves = (they)
The lose = (order of the words, consider revising)
partiality . =(Partiality.)
a devastative= (Devastative)
an alive = (A live)
the =(The)
illusion = (Illusion).
all the = (the entire)

I thought that this site would check spelling at least & may be able to separate the wheat from the chaff.
It is apparent that the writer is an Egyptian which we have no problem with; however there are quite few good Egyptian papers one of them is EL-AHRAM that publishes good articles in their English publication or their center for political studies. It appears that this article was written in Arabic then translated into English. Poor choice


Muslims worldwide generally sympathize with struggles of our brothers and sisters in Middle-East.Every individual have different opinions and by following ALLAH(SWT) Quran as well as sunnah and ahadith we strive to become pious.This is the real world and dark forces exist, so what can one do? Definitely not pretend and white-wash but face facts and harsh realities of life and do our best.I remember when events struck on 11th September 2001 and remember how certain brothers in my town gave up so much more time to visit the Mosques more frequently to pray. Just as when USA invaded Afghanistan then next Iraq. There is nothing wrong with our Ummah viewing ourselves as spiritual. World events are heading in a direction that ALLAH(SWT) WILLS. So wake up and smell the roses and we should not complain but pray and act for change. Stigmas we face because of religion or looks or our speech etc., is prevelant everywhere. We who are the minority who are muslims living in non-muslim countries know the pain in a different sense and feel the kick-back of world events in our lives indirectly. Yet I have to be for my GOD ALLAH(SWT) and not let events do dictate that which is my Iman(faith). PEACE BE WITH YOU.

I fully agree wit the article walthough i am not an arab but i think its time for the whole muslim to asses itself and make positive changes.

I learned how to lie and start a war.