Putting Putin on the Spot

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Vladimir Putin

Having promised stability for Russia, if not full democracy, since becoming president five years ago, Vladimir Putin has lately come up short on both.

His problems have already spilled across Russia's borders, mainly in boosting world oil prices. Now he needs help from established democracies.

Europe and the US so far have largely made empty complaints as Mr. Putin has, among other things, silenced most independent media, and legally assaulted oil giant Yukos for challenging him (creating hikes in oil markets).

Most of all, his foreign friends have done little about his attempt to "normalize" the breakaway province of Chechnya with rigged elections and continuing Russian military operations. Putin's actions in Chechnya have failed - if failure is defined as an inability to prevent the kind of terrorism inflicted on Russia's civilians in the past two weeks by what appear to be Chechen separatists.

Those attacks have included downing two airliners, blasting a subway, and now taking hostage some 300 adults and children at a school. Putin is asking the UN Security Council to endorse his claim that Al Qaeda is involved with the nationalist cause of Chechnya terrorists. Evidence is slim to support that claim.

Any UN nod toward Putin's notion that he's up against "international terrorism" would give him license to pursue even rougher tactics against Chechnya than Russia has used since the conflict began there soon after the fall of the Soviet Union. (Chechens have suffered terribly through two phases of the war.) UN approval might also give license for Russian forces to oust Chechyna militants supposedly hiding in neighboring Georgia.

It's urgent that Europe and the United States push Putin to try new peaceful methods to resolve the Chechnya crisis before such terrorist attacks escalate further. Already attacks have been made on international oil pipelines in the region. Perhaps an international peace conference should be proposed.

Putin's increasingly despotic ways in both ruling Russia and ignoring Chechnya's interests do not deserve foreign support. But he can be more vigorously urged to change his ways.


Source: The Christian Science Monitor

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  1. THUR from Wadi Halfa

    Some time not long ago this site published an article about the spread of information via the net & its benefit in spreading truth & knowledge; however I was skeptical since in many cases I came to see the spread of rumors, half truth & out right fallacies told as pure truth.

    In this issue Jack from Canada claims that Al-Assad of Syria is not a Muslim, I took me few seconds getting the correct information from the web, sorry Jack you are wrong & here is the link http://i-cias.com/e.o/assad_hafiz.htm. Kindly try to verify facts.

    As far as Mr. Adam from Nigeria, East Timor wasn't part of Indonesia, it was occupied by Indonesia in 1976, once more would you kindly verify facts before you throw it at us, since we had enough of your porn when discussing the Higab issue few months back & here is the link to East Timor http://www.cia.gov/cia/publications/factbook/geos/tt.html

  2. Peter from USA


    Now that you put it that way I can. You're right about Chechnya being conquered and its right to soverignty. Lenin himself called the Russian Empire a 'prison of nations'. I remember when the Soviet Socialist Republics rebelled and began to break away from the USSR in the early 90s and President Bush Sr. was against it because he and the government were afraid that it would lead to instability. Obviously, they were wrong. I was very sympathetic to their cause (my wife is Lithuanian). Also, you may not know this, but the Russians actively suppressed Roman Catholicism (the religion of the Lithuanians and the Ukrainians) as well as Islam.

    All people deserve the right to democracy and self determination. I said as much in the early 90s when the Chechens wanted independence and was amazed that many fellow Americans disagreed with me. They also thought it would lead to instability in the region, etc. Well, that may be, but the Chechens have the right to choose their future and not have it imposed upon them.

    As I said, my wife is Lithuanian, and I remember a time when we were afraid that Lithuanian culture would eventually disappear in the wake of Russian colonialism. I am very sympathetic to how the Chechens feel; I pray to God that we can find a way to a peaceful and satisfactory resolution of this matter.

    Peace be upon you, my friends.

  3. Adam Ibrahim Muhammad from Nigeria

    Peter, so was Chechenya not only annexed as part of the former Russian Empire, but the CheChens were prevented from practising their religion openly for most of the last cetury(over 75 years) by the Bolshevics' Communism. So can you see the basis for comparison?

    Virginia Chapman, has put the issue well in a more eloquent english fashion, and I must say the picture is made clear, welldone Virginia.

    Nobody is condoning what happened in Beslan, but the truth that led to that incident, nomatter how bitter, must be told. The issue is for Putin to have a rethink(ie if he is willin to be a leader not a ruler) and negotiate a peaceful deal with the majority of the people of CheChen. Until and unless this is done, I'm afraid as the late American Cowboy said and I quote "You aint seen nothing yet!"

  4. Yahya Bergum from USA

    Here is a little something from "Nationalisms in the Caucasus" by Antoine Parmentier. Antoine Parmentier lists the author of the following rules, themselves, as unknown.

    The Seven Rules of Nationalism:

    1) If an area was ours for 500 years and yours for 50 years, it should belong to us--you are merely occupiers.

    2) If an area was yours for 500 years and ours for 50 years, it should belong to us--borders must not be changed.

    3) If an area belonged to us 500 years ago but never since then, it should belong to us--it is the Cradle of our Nation.

    4) If a majority of our people live there, it must belong to us--they must enjoy the right of self-determination.

    5) If a minority of our people live there, it must belong to us--they must be protected against your oppression.

    6) All of the above rules apply to us but not to you.

    7) Our dream of greatness is Historical Necessity, yours is Fascism.

    Source: pirate.shu.edu/~parmenan/Cultural%20and%20ethnic%20diversity.htm

  5. Yahya Bergum from USA

    I haven't noticed anyone denying that people of Chechnya have been brutalized in the interests of (nominal) Russian unity. However, the Chechen separatists' brutal treatment of many innocent people in Beslan seems unlikely to benefit any innocent people in Chechnya. As a result of the tragedy in Beslan, I was guided to learn that whenever Chechnya is made to suffer for the actions of Chechen separatists, the majority of the Chechen people seek refuge in the neighboring Muslim autonomous Russian republic of Ingushia.

    I apologize if this information is not entirely accurate. Until recently, I have had little more than a passing interest in learning about (meaningful) alternatives to Chechen rebellion. I am also growing uncomfortable with the thought that I might be voicing support for yet another group of "neo-fedayeen" -- who refuse to strive for anything likely to prevent them from dominating their countrymen.

    Wassalam (and peace). Wa inna ilaihi raji'un (and, verily, to God we return).

  6. Sam from US

    Regarding this article, Vladimir Putin is doing what is necessary to protect Russia in the face terrorists who can not be reasoned with, be it Chechen extremist terrorists or some other type of terrorists. Its ironic how the Bush Admin,

    when invading Iraq which had no connection to 9/11/2001 called it an operation as part of the War on Terror, shedding crocodile tears for the tragic terrorist attack against Russian school children have been hiring journalists and rogue oligrachs as to sabotage Russia's War on Terror which even moderate Chechens support. The civil war between the Russian Federation and the Chechens will eventually need dialogue to eventually make peace. For Muslims to blame the worst terrorist attack since 911 on the Kremlin, simply because its popular in the West,

    especially with neoconservatives in the US and UK - the same neoconservative nuts who hate the Muslim World and Muslims in general along with other minorities a heck of a lot more than the Russian Federation or France- are no better than the terrorist sympathizers of what happened on 9/11/01. These neoconservatives torture Muslims,

    terrorist or not, in Abu Ghraib and Palestine,

    yet the Kremlin has yet to attack and humiliate even Muslim extremists if they are non-militant

    and peaceful - including many Chechens - who in return are blown up by militant terrorists ready to smear a great religion over an unresolved territorial conflict! No matter what happens on the battlefield between two opposing groups, terrorists can only be dealt with brute force, no matter what religion they belong to, and what they are claiming to represent. Terrorism has no religion. The neoconservatives in Washington could not care less of people dying at the hands of terrorists when they are opposed to US government policy, the reason the extremists neoconservatives in Washington and European leaders supporting the further breakaway of Russia not just to Chechnya but other states,

    the goal of World Hegem

  7. Virginia Chapman from UK

    There are very few American journals that make an attempt to honestly analyse situations involving Muslims and Islam and report the facts without bias. Overwhelmingly US media, such as Fox News and the many loopy Evangelist cable news networks such as those run by hate mongers such as Pat Robertson do nothing more than spew venom, deceit and hate and simply can't wait for yet another World War, which in their dopey belief would compel the coming of Christ, as if somehow we Christians controlled God's comings and goings. All in all, as tragic as the events were in Beslan, and not condoning violence or revenge, the painful yet contentious question simply begs to be asked- what about the hundreds and thousands of Chechnyan children blown to bits, burnt alive, starved to death, tortured and raped by Russians - and we are not even talking about Chechnyan women who are yet another statistic? Why did not the Russian media, indeed the "free western press" report those events and mourn for the murdered and massacred Chechnyan children and women too? This is yet another glaring example of our hypocrisy. Our message to the Muslim world is clear- murdered Chechnyan children and women are meaningless eventualities of war. But God forbid the war we created finally ends up on our doorsteps and down our throats and our children have to die - good heavens! We can't have that now, can we? Also silly is American complacency in the belief that once the Iraq misadventure is over - everything will be back to normal. They will go back to warm and convivial relations with the Muslim countries of the world. Really? I truly don't see how after you have bombed, maimed and murdered innocent thousands in Afghanistan and Iraq, played both sides of the coin in Chechnya and Bosnia leading to large scale massacres, humiliated and enslaved Pakistan and Turkey and keep denouncing Arabs as international villains, will you keep away those for whom vengeance would be so sweet.

  8. abu from can

    disgrace for Muslims worldwide not condemning this disgusting act. children? the money spent in terror could be spent in pr and advertising campaigns that would seek to gain support if that was the case. that never happens only terror. Islam has become the offical religion of criminal, murderers and baby killers. because no high profile muslims have come out to condemn this we can not assume anything else. the more muslims that come to switzerland the more i will worry as none can be trusted. their behavior has created this not nothing else. if there is a bias they have created that bias. one can only assume that where there is islam there is evil and violence...

  9. Abdur Razzaq from usa

    As salaamu alaikum:

    The Prophet said (saws): When people engage in aina transactions (riba), take hold of the tails of oxen (become only involved in the dunya), and leave off jihad (real jihad - not terrorism), Allah will heap disgrace and humiliation upon them and will not remove it until they return to their religion.

    When will the Muslims return to their religion? I have watched with sympathy the various oppressive situations of the Muslims around the world. But I have to say, many of the people in these areas have left off the usool and the teachings of Islam and are now being punished by Allah. Why were the Sahaabah and the Tabi'uun and the earliest generations successful in spreading the Nur of Islam? Because they had strong eeman and knowledge. Unfortunately we are lacking in both of these areas now.

    Ridiculous actions without (1) ikhlas and sincerity to please Allah, and without (2) sanctioning from the Qur'an and/or Sunnah, such as suicide bombings, kidnappings, and hostage taking, is fruitless and futile. How can they attain success without the Help of Allah. Like the story of Hajjaaj and Hasan al Basri (ra). When the people wanted to revolt against Hajaaj, Hasan told them to be patient because it is either a test or a punishment from Allah - and neither can be removed without the Help of Allah. They did not listen and they got slaughtered and Hasan said, Never did they bring about any good not even for a day!

    May Allah strengthen us in EEMAN, love for one another, and strength. Ameen.

  10. jennifer from US

    There is just no excuse for what was done. There is no justification at all. The acts were cowardice and souless. You cannot sit down and compromise with someone willing to shoot at a fleeing child. How can bloodshed justify bloodshed? An eye for an eye makes the whole world blind. The chechnyan cause is not going to gain sympathy in light of these acts, these are not acts that gain sympathy and respect. They sow fear and hatred and total disgust, isnt this obvious?

  11. Peter from USA

    Those of you who think that the murder of innocent children is in some way understandable or acceptable because of the tragedy endured by the Chechens have given the wrong response. No amount of rationalization makes the events in Beslan in any way permissible; God does not will that we murder children (or anyone for that matter). These events merely give license to the Russians to greater excess of violence in Chechnya (and yes, I spoke out against it as early as 1991, thank you). No good will come of this.

    What is more, I don't think any of you truly believe killing children in the name of any cause is acceptable. Let us openly declare that this is wrong and pray to God that He will show us the way to make things right again.

    Again I say, pray for those children and their families.

  12. FedUp from USA

    To all those love to disagree and close eyes on their pure selfs. Just remember a quote "our deads are far more important than your deads". This is the bottom line. So called muslim Terrorist (first of all a real muslim can't be terrorist, so I can name them terrorist using muslim as tile) kills it is the worst crime in the whole world but if some terrorist state kills for the name of freedom and someother crap it is for the good of all human beings. Can't forget 5 million and counting babies killed in Iraq, killing of man woman and child in bosnia and chechnya and many other places.

    There was a good lesson we learn as child "what you sow is what you reap". So deal with this for both of these parties terrorist and their lords.

  13. bob pandoli from usa

    I would like to know why Muslim nations have not spoken out about the slaughter of children in the recent terrorist attack in Russia??

    I am amazed............--..

    You people who support terrorism are the "cancer of humanity"........

    Hardly a mention of it...

    It is truely amazing..........Even if the Russians are guilty of civil rights infractions..

    NOTHING can justify what happen to those children and babies.............NOTHING>.

    This One incident, even more than 911 has gotten the attention of the civilized world...

    That is the only good thing here...

    Terrorism and all that support terrorism has to be eradicated...............And it seems to me that the entire muslim world is guilty....

    ---........YOU people will pay..

    How can you sleep at night.....

    How can you justify holding children as hostages, without food and water for three days............AND THEN SHOOTING THEM IN THE BACKS AS THEY ARE RUNNING TO THEIR PARENTS..






  14. Safiulla from India

    This article shows there are some people who dare to speak the truth. This is in no way trying to justify the loss of life in the Beslan tragedy or in support of whoever did it. I wonder how many people treat the media with an unbiased mind and think why such incidents such as the school hostage taking occur? Instead of just accepting and repeating what the media gives us(point in question: there is no evidence or proof yet that the chechan seperatist were behind the tragedy except claims but some of the comments here have blamed factions and even their beliefs - isn't this silly given that we are humans and can reason?), its reasonable to ask ourselves who in a sane frame of mind would do such a thing. This would brings us nearer to understanding the source of the problem. Voilence only generates counter voilence. If Putin is trying to oppress people demanding independence and dignity by voilent and barbaric means - its logical, this will only be met by voilence. How can one expect a band of pain struck people to behave normally after inflicting tragedies on them and making their life a misery? When despotic leaders like Putin elected via democracy legitimise their acts of terrorism and barbarism by giving it different names. What are the actual suffering people to do? I am not sure if people can understand what an oppressed people under despots like Putin go through. To all those who are in Putin' favour I request you to live under the same conditions the chechans are under Russian/Putin' rule and then give honest opinions

  15. marianne from uk

    Allah [swt] tells us in the Koran that the successful are those who persevere and are patient.

    If we want to help our brothers and sisters in Islam in Chechnya, I personally think that giving food, shelter, education [children], doing human rights work [documenting abuses, comforting and supporting victims, etc.] are far more effective means [and Halal/encouraged in Islam] than killing innocent men, women and children, which is haram/prohibited in islam and only serves to justify putin's hardline approach to Chechnya.

    May Allah [swt] strengthen the perseverance and patience of all the believers, insh'Allah.



  16. marianne from uk

    [6:151] Say, "Come let me tell you what your Lord has really prohibited for you: You shall not set up idols besides Him. You shall honor your parents. You shall not kill your children from fear of poverty - we provide for you and for them. You shall not commit gross sins, obvious or hidden. You SHALL NOT KILL - GOD has made life sacred - except in the course of justice. These are His commandments to you, that you may understand."

    Ibn 'Umar (radiallaahu 'anhuma) said:

    "A woman was found killed in one of the battles of the Prophet (salallaahu 'alayhee wa sallam), so the Prophet banned the killing of women and children."

    How can we so blatantly disregard the will of Allah and the sayings of prophet Muhammad[pbuh]? There is not justification for what happened in Beslan.

    Yes, the war in Chechnya is a bloody, horrible war. A war, testing our brothers and sisters in Islam. Allah [swt] , however states in the Quran, that He will test the believers in this world. He will also test us by other people [i.e. other people speaking bad about islam or committing atrocities against muslims].These tests will not be easy. We suffer much. But our test in this world is to keep on believing in and worshipping Allah [swt] and to FOLLOW ALLAH'S [SWT] commandments. The prohibition to kill innocent men, women and children being one commandment.

  17. marianne from uk

    Asalamu alikum,

    We, as muslims, should not justify what happened in Beslan. The killing of innocent civilians..men, women, children and babies is prohibited in Islam. Again, Islam prohibits the killing of innocent people.

    [2:90]"Fight against those who fight against you in the way of Allah, but DO NOT TRANSGRESS, for Allah does not love transgressors."

    "IF ANY ONE SLAYS A PERSON, unless it be for murder or for spreading mischief in the land, it would be as if he slays the WHOLE PEOPLE. And if anyone saved a life, it would be as if he saved the life of the whole people" (Holy Quran 5:32).

    Prophet Muhammad [pbuh] said:

    "One of the EVIL deeds with bad consequence from which there is no escape for the one who is involved in it is to KILL SOMEONE UNLAWFULLY."

    "A faithful believer remains at liberty regarding his religion unless he kills somebody unlawfully."

    "The GREATEST SINS in Islam are (1) to join others as partners in worship with Allah, (2) TO MURDER A HUMAN BEING (3) to be undutiful to one's parents (4) and to make a false statement," or said, "to give a false witness."

    Also,the first caliph of Islam, Abu Bakr As-Siddique (R) is reported to have commanded Usama ibne Zaid (R):

    "I command you to do ten things: you must not kill a woman or a child, or an elderly person; do not cut down trees, or vandalize homes, or wound a sheep or camel except if you must eat it; do not drown a palm tree, or burn it, do not be treacherous; do not be cowardly; and you will pass by people who have devoted themselves to monastery life: leave them alone with their devotions." (Tarikh At-Tabari, V.3, p.210)

  18. Paul from UK

    Atif Suhail Siddiqui, Zafir, Sheeds , Jamshed Jokhio, Adam Ibrahim Muhammad, Mu'adh

    You may be tangoing / stepping into the abyss,

    where you will be 'brothers in mind' and as sick in then head, as the baby butcher 'brothers' and 'sisters' of Belsin.

    You show no sympathy or empathy for the slaughtered innocent . (Rest In Peace)

    You forget we are one humanity.

    You are but one of the facets of the Umma.

    Peace to all.

  19. Romesh Chander from USA

    I am a REALIST. Am I shocked by this carnage? Of course, not!. Am I horrified by this carnage, of course not!. This is Nationalism. And that is how nationalists behave. This is separatism, and that is how separatists behave (I remember Indian Panjab and Kashmir). This is religious passion and religious hatred; and that is how religiously passionate behave(Remeber Indian Panjab and Kashmir). So, nothing came as a surprise to me. This is war. Remember Dresden. US bombed it to the ground for no particular war advatages; Germany was almost already on the brink of defeat, and all people killed there were civilians; they were all christians and were bombed by a christian nation.

    Some people think that Grozny is destroyed. Well, If Joe Stalin was around, he probably would have elimnated Grozny entirely, eliminated 25% of Chechen population and razed plenty of Chechen villages to the ground. No wonder Putin cannot control Chechen separatists. If Joe Stalin were around, USSR will still be USSR, not a disintegrated country.

  20. Abdullah from USA

    The main thing to remember here is that just because someone wants an independent state, be they from any interest group, does not mean they have the right. Chechnya has followed in the long line of stupid states that have tried to win independence instead of simply working for a better world within their current situation. I have no simpathy for them. We always here the terrorists would not act this way if others were not behaving badly. Well, Russia would not act this way if the terrorists were not behaving badly. This type of terrorism is a direct result of the Geneva conventions in which attacks on civilians were outlawed. If they were still used as a tactic terrorists would not exist (they would all be dead)

  21. Shams-al-Din from USA

    From God we came, and to God we return.

    I pray there will once again arise among the Chechens a genuine leader who fear his Lord, and lead his people out of oppression. One who will embark on a jihad in the way of our beloved Prophet. The prophetic way is marked by chivalry, magnanimity, and honor. As God is our Witness, and our Protector; our ways and means must be as sacrosant as our end. Thus will justice reigns.

    It is time for Muslims to embark sincerely on the way of the Prophets. Let us begin with the prayer of the Abraham, upon him be peace: "Our Lord! We have put our trust in You, and we turn in repentance to You. You are our final destination. Our Lord! Do not make us a target for the disbelievers, and forgive us. Our Lord! You are the Almighty, the All-Wise."

    May God perfect His favor on the oppressed. May He pours on them patience and steadfastness.

  22. Surya Dharma from USA

    To Mr. Ramesh: "the trick" has certainly work! What do you account for the latest terror incident? Those brought up under successive Soviet/Russian regimes has now come to age. They've learnt from the brutality of villages being carpet-bombed...Oh, what lessons are being meted out to the people of Chechnya all these years! The terror coming out now is but a reflection on how effective the oppressors are as "teachers". Is it not time the good Christian people of Russia re-read what is taught in the Bible: "With what measure ye mete, it shall be measured to you again" [Matthew, VII, 2].

    To those who believe "there is no real oppression", I suggest they really do a lot of reading/learning--world history; or better still, go visit and live with the local people at these places for some months. Why not take the time to walk in these folks' shoes to find out what is real or unreal.

    The Chechens surely understood Stalinist methods and tactics. Thanks to God, the people of Chechnya have withstood and outlived the tyrant who now lay buried under the ground. (The same fate visited Hafez al-Assad. Has anyone heard a pip out of him lately?). The Chechens who committed this atrocity certainly did not live under Stalin; but they certainly grew up and come of age under the tutelage of the Soviet/Russian system. It is a pity that having been raised under regimes that suppressed the practice of Islam, and deny their identity as an independent people, some Chechens now take to expressing themselves in the most violent and extreme manner.

    To fight and die for the sake of Allah is an awesome task. The sanctity of life cannot be trivialized as "collateral damage", nor can any means be adopted to justify an end. Our victory against oppression is by the grace of God. We cannot earn it through criminal acts, or by following the methods and tactics of the oppressors. The oppressors cannot be our teachers. Theirs is an illusory victory, a way of life that triumphs only temporaril

  23. Mu'adh from India

    Many people around the world have spoken against the crimes that were committed in Beslan, North Ossetia. But how many of them spoke against the terror spread by Putin and the Russians in Chechnya. Does anyone know that 250,000 Chechens have been killed, rather murdered, by the Russians. Among them approximately 42,000 children of school-going age. So, here is the criteria for speaking out against the brutality in Beslan: Speak out against the crimes committed by Chechens if you have spoke out when innocent Chechens were being slaughtered. If you were silent in 1999, 2000, 2001, 2002, and 2003, DO NOT speak out now.

  24. Sheeds from Eternia

    Comment to Aisha and to people who think like her. The reason why the Muslim world has not made an outcry to these actions is that the world has made no outcry while Russia is running a campaign of genocide against the Chechens.

    First of all, Grozny, the capital of Chechnya has been reduced to rubble by the Russian military in order to fight separatists.

    You also may be wondering why women mostly carry out these attacks as opposed to men. Currently, in Chechnya the population consists mostly of women because men of fighting age are commonly imprisoned, tortured and killed. A report by the BBC in a medical school in Chechnya found that out of 160 students, one was a man. The man feared for his life and had to hide from the Russian military. His crime: being a Chechen man of fighting age.

    Why the heck should the Muslim world protest against the actions of separatists who have lost brothers, fathers, husbands and sons, while the Russians have killed hundreds of thousands of people? Where was the media when Grozny was getting pounded by indiscriminate fire from artillery shells? Get your facts straight before you criticize these people who have their backs against the wall and who have been ignored by the world.

  25. Jack from canada

    Mr Romesh chander .. has no IDEA what the HELL he is talking about.

    Syrian president, Asad is not a MUSLIM, andif goes and take some time to read on Chechnya, he will get the facts on the ground.

  26. Adam Ibrahim Muhammad from Nigeria.

    The fact of the matter is:

    How many children died when the so called "Checheyn Rebels" declared independence, under the principle of self government(cherished by the "free" nations=US of the world), as the Russian military entered CheChen with all their military might? The death toll then was approximated to 150,000.

    East Timor, fomerly an Indonesian territory broke away and this as a result of pressures from the UN=US, even though the Indonesian government cries foul in this regard. But then Indonesia is a Muslim "ridden" nation so anypart of it can be slash and made independent so as to reduce "eminent threat from muslims"! So in the case of Chechen, a muslim territory must be part of Russia in order to maintain the grip the non-muslims have on Islam.

    And there is the case for the BLACK WIDOWS. Who cares if their husbands and children were wiped out, as long as they are muslims? This is the reality folks, put yourselves in the position of the BLACK WIDOWS who after the massacre of their hubbies, and having nothing to fall back on, not even their children! what remains for them to do? To sit and admire the thick forest that they are push to live in or to commit suicide or what?

    These widows are taking the only way(as they see fit) for them vis REVENGE KILLING! as absurd as this may seems to be there is no running away from it. We are living in this world where justice and fairplay is no longer an issue. The issue most of us(both muslims and non-muslims who have no say in their governments) are made to understand is the notion that "Might is Right" and while many have believe this adage(due to constant repetition by the media) there are still some tormented hearts who are ready to stand up against this mundane principle even at the cost of their prestige, that is if they think they have any left.

  27. Raghunath Dahal from Bhutan

    It is so soothing to know that there are muslims in some corners who are in good senses to discern good from evil and able to choose good. May you always have peace and protection from Eloha the Almighty God of Abraham in the midst of thorn bushes in the desertlands. You are welcome as believers in the household of faith.

    Putin should use all means against the murderrers to secure the innocent people in future.

  28. jamshed jokhio from pakistan

    Absloutely putin is against the international terrorism but if we look at his own country he believes in the inter state terrorism and thats why his government don`t want to solve the problem of chechan muslims.the recent carnage of beslan is a spherical commponent of chechan problem.now putin and his governmental colleagues should gave greater emphasis on chechneya ,wether they would face another lot of carnages like beslan.the children like flowers are now already plunked by the bad political and anti - putin components.putin should now realize the ``importance`` of the issue of chechneya.but there is also another question that why alwayz the government of russia keep the path of sileince after the catastraphical issues like that, especially two years ago the issue of `` moscow theater`` and some three years ago the `` russian sub marine`` issue ,which was sunk in the berents sea near the Minsk.why alwayz mr.putin remain calm on that type of serious issues?after all these are the isuues of human security.what are the specific motives behind the quick and suden commondo action in beslan inspite putin already said that ``we will not take action``...

    two days before the action.now there is lot of anger is emerged among the lot of mothers and fathers brothers sisters family members around the globe against the president putin.the russian election is also up ward s now but whith which kind of credibilty and stability the president will re sub mitt his form for the lection? he lost credibilty and favourism since two years ago.if he wants to gain some thing than he must gace clear empasis on russians geographical problems and solve them.georgia is a core issue since more than two decades and it must resolve now because both sides had already lost lot of flowers .it is enough now.it is the game for jihad and terrorism ,then why the common children are suffering the burden of blasts.putin now should leave r reliafe the issue and he must be sicere withcount

  29. Peter from USA

    I must say this: I am shocked, horrified, I have shed tears for innocent children that have been murdered. This is horrible, unspeakable; a vile act of cruelty and inhumanity. Truly, this is a dark day for us all, no matter your religion, no matter your nation, no matter your race.

    Please, I ask any of you who read my post to take a moment and pray to God for the victims and the families of the victims.

  30. Yahya Bergum from USA

    My sympathy for Chechen seperatists has been diminished by their attack on the innocents of Belsan. This article does nothing to restore it.


  31. umar from USA

    It is a shocking, disturbing and deplorable act by these Chechens.. The means employed by these people show that they have no regard for Islam or Islamic values.. THERE IS NO PROVISION TO KILL INNOCENTS OR TO PUT THEIR LIVES AT RISK in Islam.. I fully support oppressed Muslims in the world but I am against these inhumane tactics.. How they think Allah s w t will reward them with an independent country as a result of this cruel act is amusing to me to say the least.

  32. Zafar from England

    Some people who haven't kept up with current affairs (or even remotely recent) mentioning the idea that Putin should destroy complete chechen towns in order to set an example. Well have a look at Grozny, looks fairly destroyed to mois !

    Putin is in deep doo da, his worst nightmare of the regions around Chechnya going up in flames is coming true! His little facade of Russian power is nothing more than the emperors new clothes. An eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth. over 30,000 Chechen children have been killed by Russian liberators, its only fair that those that supported the Chechen adventures should see first hand what it is like to loose loved ones in a horrible way.

    They now talk about revenge but why are they complaining ? They've only been on the receiving end of revenge in the first place. Russia is at its weakest for centuries. A pact should be made with the North Koreans to annex all their eastern mineral rich territories and then take all those drunk russians into slavery...sorry rehab !


    Hasta La Victoria Siempre

  33. m.a,saleem from USA

    I have some general comments about the situation in Chechnyah and other so called troubled muslim spots.

    It is time for all of us thinking Muslims to denounce the bloody terror in its all forms and scales. But is " thinking muslim" an oxymoron in present age? readers can judge that. There is no real oppression going on in the these so called trouble spots and if there is then there are many other civilized ways to resolve it. The worlds greatest muslim country gained independence fifty seven yrs ago from so called "oppressor" British through a peaceful political process. The reason is that the Indian Muslims at that point had the great and real Muslim leaders like Iqbal and Jinnah. Now that the Mullahs and their bloody followers have hijacked the great riligioan of Islam, they are busy spreading bloodshed on the face of earth. Let us all unite against this insanity and save the humanity from this ugly cancer. Let us demonstrate for peace on the streets from Rabat to Cairo to Riyadh to Karachi to Dhaka to Jakarta and all the other places in between. Let us teach Muslims that peaceful coexistence is and should be a goal of all of us living in multiethnic countries. Let us learn from another fact that most of the real Ulemas in India were against the so called freedom of Pakistan as they believed in the mutual coexistence. I personally think that creation of Pakistan was inevitable but in other places like Chechnya, Kashmir, Mindanao etc,, there should be no more bloodshed as it is totally contrary to the teachings of Islam. As long as these Muslim majority areas are self governed, and they can freely practice Islam and their lives and properties are safe, they should live a happy purposeful lives.

    May God give us Muslims some real leaders and replace the misleaders among us. Ameen.

  34. Aisha Shahid from USA

    I am disgusted by the blatant disregard for life that was lost and the way the we as an ummah are addressing the situation that happened in Russia. I am disgusted that we can not unite to cry out against people who use our religion- perform acts that clearly violate Islamic law- as an end to their political means. Where is our public outcry for this tremendously tragic event?

    One day we must all stand before Allah- and we must say we tried to live our lives according to His word in the Quran and in the lived life of our Propeht (PBUH). The laws of war are clear in Quran and in hadiths- innocent children- the innocent in general- are not to be killed at random with no regards to their humanity.

    Time and time again I see my ummah cry against Muslim acts of inhumanity.And I speak out in their defense, not just as a Muslim but as a memeber of the human race as well. It is time to also speak against the evil we see happening in amongst our own.

    Today I am speaking against other Mulsims who commit these heinous crimes. I'm cammnaded to stand against evil, and your actions, no matter how you seem to justify them, violate Islam.

    Yes, Russia and other foreign policies have hurt us. No doubt. But are we any better? I realize today that as a collective society we are not. And I am disgusted.

  35. Romesh Chander from USA

    Yes, Putin has been short on providing stability. Probably, the reason is that he is not as ruthless as Syria is. Remember, in 1982, Syrian President (a muslim), expecting troubles from Islamis, ordered the destruction of Hama, a city located in Syria with practically all residents being muslim; he used tanks, grenades, bullets and he even dropped bombs from air; he did not pay any attention to who or what he hit (including mosques). Since that time, islamists have been quiet in Syria. May be Putin should take a hint from Syria and adopt the same policy with some Chechen towns; probably that will bring peace and stability in troubled part of Russia, and bring it quickly and permanently. Sounds terribly hearless, but the trick may work. May be the Chechens will understand Stalinist methods and tactics.