Is The United States "A Terrorist Magnet"?

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Is it possible that a single metaphor, one that has dropped from the lips of a serving American general, can offer some forbidden insights into the dynamics of America's relations with the Islamic world?

On July 28, 2003, Lieutenant General Ricardo Sanchez, commander of US ground forces in Iraq, while talking to CNN, blamed the "multi-faceted conflict" Americans face in Iraq on "terrorists," "former regime leadership," "criminals" and "hired assassins." Then he volunteered an explanation that I think, perhaps unintentionally, was daring in its clarity. "[There] is what I would call a terrorist magnet where America, being present here in Iraq, creates a target of opportunity if you will."

Is it really necessary to pick bones with the General's description of the Iraqi resistance as "terrorist activity"? The Iraqis have not attacked any American civilians, inside Iraq or elsewhere; they have only targeted American troops. Nor are they not attacking just any American troops. They are attacking only those who have invaded and occupied their country. Why then does the General call the Iraqi guerrillas terrorists, criminals and hired assassins? Perhaps, this is another semantic ploy we have borrowed from the Israelis. The Palestinians are terrorists even when they attack Israeli tanks and armor, even when their only weapons are stones.

It is all the more stunning, after this dissimulation, when General Sanchez offers his theory of "a terrorist magnet." It claims that the presence of American troops inside Iraq has become a "magnet" for "terrorist activity." It is the presence of American troops in Iraq that is the source, the cause of this "terrorist activity." Moreover, this is natural. What else would you expect if you placed a "magnet" among iron filings? The iron filings would all be drawn towards and stick to the magnet.

This theory of "a terrorist magnet" is disconcertingly heretical. Although no one seems to have noticed, it undermines two key arguments the Bush administration has used, both ex ante and ex post, to sell the war on terrorism. First, the war on terrorism has been based on the premise that the terrorist attacks by Arab extremists are an ontological phenomenon. It is in the nature of the attackers, a nature instilled by their societies and in particular by their religion, to attack America. They fear America's virtues: its freedom, prosperity, and the rights it grants to women. The terrorist attacks are motivated by the ontological rage of an inferior and flawed civilization-Islam-against the superior, dynamic, Christian civilization of the West. It is a thesis that has been advanced assiduously by Jewish and Christian Zionists. And it is this thesis that President Bush embraced when he declared war against the attackers of 9-11.

The theory General Sanchez offers contradicts this. It substitutes a Newtonian explanation for the ontological postulate favored by the Bush administration and much of the American media. The Iraqi resistance is not rooted in Iraqi nature, or in Sunni Iraqi nature, or Baa'thi Sunni Iraqi nature. The Iraqis have not sneaked into the United States to attack American troops. As the Iraqis see it, the American troops are being attacked because they are in the wrong place (Iraq), doing the wrong thing (illegally occupying Iraq), for the wrong reasons (capturing Iraqi oil and deepening Israeli hegemony over the Arabs).

The theory of a terrorist magnet would seem to run afoul of a second rationale for the US war against Iraq. In the first weeks after the official end of the war, when it appeared that no WMDs were to be found-and there was a risk that the earlier claims about WMDs would be seen as weapons of mass deception-we invented a new buzz word: Liberation. The WMDs were not the only reason for invading Iraq. We went in to liberate the Iraqis from Saddam's tyranny. Conveniently forgotten was our support for this tyranny before the First Gulf War, our betrayal of the Kurdish resistance and Iraqi uprising, and the deaths and suffering we had inflicted on the Iraqis over thirteen years of bombings and sanctions.

Why then have the liberators become "a terrorist magnet"? Admittedly, the armed resistance is not national yet; it is confined mostly to Iraq's Sunni Arab population. But if the Iraqis leading the armed resistance are "former regime leadership," "criminals" and "hired assassins," they could not hide among an Iraqi population well-disposed to their American liberators. However, to this date, no Iraqi has yet betrayed members of the Iraqi resistance.

If the toll of American dead and wounded continues to mount, this will raise more troubling questions. Why had we not seen this going in? Why had we not foreseen that 150,000 Americans deposited amidst a hostile population-a population that we had bombed and besieged for thirteen years-would become a magnet for "terrorists"? It is true that Muslims have a poor record of resisting local tyrannies, even when they are proxies for foreign powers; but we should have known that they have unexceptionably resisted foreign occupations. We should have known that Mujahideen ("terrorists" for their enemies) from all corners of the world would soon be entering Iraq to fight the foreign occupation, as they had done in Afghanistan, Bosnia, Kosovo, Chechnya, Kashmir, and Palestine.

So, if ordinary young Americans are dying today in Iraq-and many more recover from war wounds-that is not because the administration, the neo conservative ideologues, and the media could not have foreseen this. They did, but chose to ignore these concerns. In their calculus, the lives of a few ordinary Americans were expendable, compared to the great prizes before them. Arab oil had to be secured; and the Arab world had to be made safe for Israeli hegemony.

The thesis of a terrorist magnet raises a broader question, one that is at the heart of America's relations with the Islamic world. General Sanchez's remark-about Americana troops in Iraq serving as "terrorist magnets"-has drawn few comments from the media. The Newtonian connection he drew between an American action (insertion of troops into Iraq) and the reaction (Iraqi resistance) was perhaps too obvious to deny. And who would dare impugn the patriotism of the General commanding our forces in Iraq? Perhaps, that is why his remarks were quickly laid to rest.

However, no one in America's mainstream media, much less a general or a politician, will dare to make a similar connection between America's foreign policies towards the Islamic world and the anti-American forces that now proliferate in that region. The American political establishment promotes the ideology that the United States can do no wrong in its dealings with foreign countries. The United States is not only the most powerful country that has ever existed; it is also the most benevolent.

As a result, it is heretical to suggest that 9-11 may have been a blowback from our policies towards the Middle East. To suggest such a connection is not to justify 9-11. Yet most Americans are unwilling to separate the morality and causality of 9-11. Until we learn to do so there can be no rational discourse on the etiology of the growing conflicts between the United States and the Islamic world. And if that does not happen soon, the civilizational war which the Zionists-Christian and Jewish-and some Islamic extremists so avidly project may become a frightening reality.

M. Shahid Alam is professor of economics at Northeastern University. His last book, Poverty from the Wealth of Nations, was published by Palgrave in 2000. He may be reached at [email protected]. Visit his webpage at M. Shahid Alam

  Category: Americas, World Affairs
  Topics: Conflicts And War, Iraq
Views: 6696

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fbi/cia world inhumane domination: murder, torture, imprisonment of Innocents.
What are YOU and I doing to stop it !
see: and related sites ask this question: where is the uNITED sTATES taking the world, Humanity, and do we want to go there. I respond by shouting in the faces .. fbi/cia and related .. groups worldwide: get real !

I feel that us muslims should persue the idea of ummah (brotherhood)for example when Pakistan a muslim country offered base for Americans to attack their muslim brothers, if we can not defend each other and convey signs of attacking each other then obviously we will be the group that will be attacked. Bearing in mind that it is the muslim nations that are gradually being swiped out Chechnia, Afganistan, Iraq etc this a sign of the day of judgement

Why only USA with only 260 million population is attracting so much of envy and anguish on the face of the earth which is inhabited by over six billion population. Thanks to the CIA and its operatives.One Pharoe one Alexander and one Ceasar and now one Bush and another, Blair.And who else. It seems that USA is undoing the good it has so far done to mankind.

what you say is 100% correct! i am american but i figured all this out for myself within 3 days after 911 through research available on the internet. one need only to read the Ladenese Epistle in order to understand exactly what the problem is and who is causing it.

John Norman: is everything well with you? May you be enjoy the favor of Elohim - ameen.

You're amusing jester, john norman. Your tirade against Mel shows you for the infantile jew that you are. You should take your own advice and get out of Palestine. We know zionists like you only care for America as far as next loan guarentee to that parasite state of yours goes.
What a lazy hypocrite.

Assalamu alaikum. To visit the author's site just follow the link at the bottom of the article. The site's "About" contains a link for contacting the site's designer, M. Junaid Alam - in case one might have an interest in web design.

Masha'Allah. Inna lillahi wa [inna!] alaihi raji'un.

Alhamdulillah-ee rabbi-al a'alameen.


Mel Blevins: it would be good for yr soul, if you could look at White Australia's faults, in particular, the continuing genocide of the aboriginal peoples, rather than blathering on about the US's faults. It's about time that you white Aussies started -packing yr bags and handiong the country back to it's original owners. But guess you haven't got the courage of yr own convictions.

first of all i do not think that sept 9th was a doing of any muslims but i firmly belive it to be the doings of the CIA for getting American people to agree for war on Afganistan and Iraq it was all a pre planned scheme of the CIA & PENTAGON to get American Forces into the gulf totally, and regarding Terrorism there can be no greater show of Terrorism then what Amercian has show by bombarding day and night a country unable to defend or save itself for a change Why does america not pick on Korea is it afraid it will get bombs in its own backyard

The discourse the bush admin. and military leaders are trying to create and impose is clearly flawed. this is not difficult to see for anyone who has some knowledge of islam, the arab world, the bush administration itself and human nature in general. i find it deeply disturbing and disappointing that the american leaders are at all engaging in this very biased excercise which totally covers up the real reason for attacks such as 9/11, the current iraqi RESISTANCE, etc. I only hope and pray, maybe in vain, that the american public would for once open their eyes to this reality (i.e. what causes "terrorism"/ discourse based on (deliberately)false ideas created by bush admin. and military leaders., also distinguish betw. terrorism and resistance) and start thinking and researching for itself. Alexis de Tocqueville probably observed quite rightly that it's sometimes easier for people to accept a simple lie rather than a complex truth...

The discourse the bush admin. and military leaders are trying to create and impose is clearly flawed. this is not difficult to see for anyone who has some knowledge of islam, the arab world, the bush administration itself and human nature in general. i find it deeply disturbing and disappointing that the american leaders are at all engaging in this very biased excercise which totally covers up the real reason for attacks such as 9/11, the current iraqi RESISTANCE, etc. I only hope and pray, maybe in vain, that the american public would for once open their eyes to this reality (i.e. what causes "terrorism"/ discourse based on (deliberately)false ideas created by bush admin. and military leaders., also distinguish betw. terrorism and resistance) and start thinking and researching for itself. Alexis de Tocqueville probably observed quite rightly that it's sometimes easier for people to accept a simple lie rather than a complex truth...


Masha'Allah!!! a very nice article. May Allah(swt) reward our brother M.Shahid Alam for writing the truth (Haq) and Allah protect him and all of us.


the muslims and the christians believe that whatever happens,happens by the will of the Creator. today or tomarrow the americans will leave iraq and as soon as that happens complete chaos will prevail in the arabian peninsula and northafrica. theirs lord and their protectar will be gone and the tyrant leaders will be left to the mercy of people .much agony and destruction will be seen in the short term but from the ruins will rise the real power which will bring peace and tranquality. the re emergence of islam.

Good article that highlights the deception and conspiracy against muslims by the zionists and west in general. Tens of thousands of muslims have been slaughted by USA criminals via B-52's @ 30,000ft, abrams tanks in Afganistan/Iraq, Zionist criminals in Palestine, Russian drunkard criminals in chechnya and isn't it interesting that the people the criminal Kuffar are killing are all labelled "terrorists"?

As salamu alaikoum,
I agree with what is said in this article but the heart of the issue goes deeper. Why is it that the middle east hates the U.S.? You can forget the U.S. foreign policy towards the middle east because that is just a symptom. You have to look at the real issue which is: ideology. The west embraces secularism. In order to protect the idea of secularism, democracy and capatilism were born. Democracy is the idea that people are the ones that should decide how to live their lives - they make the laws in which majority always wins. But now there's a problem: by what standard does this "majority" decide what is right and wrong? Well, this is where capatilism comes in. Capatilism has the idea that where you came from before you came into existance and where you're going after you die is completely unimportant - you can believe whatever you want because it shouldn't affect your life. Now when it comes to the issue of "what is my purpose in this life", capitalism says that there is no purpose. So the issue of right and wrong becomes: whatever is more beneficial is right and whatever is not is wrong (pleasure-pain principle).
These are the ideas that the U.S. stands for. The muslims have a conflict with this because they believe that the human being is not able to legislate(make laws), that only the devine creator can. So they want to live by the word of God. This is where the conflict is: the muslims answer the 3 fundamental questions differently than the west does. When it comes to what came before them and what happens after they die: they know, because it was revealed to them in the Koran(their holy book). And when it comes to what is the purpose of this life they know that they must live according to the will of God. So these thoughts produce the conflict between the two peoples.
Its sad when I see Bush say that the "terrorists" are the "enemys' of freedom and democracy" because it makes the U.S. ideology seem so noble when its no

Anybody tentatively threats or presumed to be a threat by Israel and Zionist, that nation will be called a terrorist nation.

Anybody criticizes Israel will be called anti-semetic

Palestanian refugees cannot come home, while Israelie beggars are receiving billions from Germany as a ransom of WWII.

For a tiny Israel, Zionists are determined to destroy the world.

Gay and Lisbian movements are also started and patronised by Zionists to destroy the morals of the world.

IMF is created to protect Israel and to destroy the financial capabilites of those nations who are presumed to be a resistance to Israeli expansion

UNO is created to protect Israel politically;

Bible is changed several times to further the agenda of Israel. This was done as late as in 1967 war.

Once the agenda is achieved, Zionists will dump United States and will destroy its economy;

The current recession is perpetuated by Allen Greenspan, a Zionist;

Israel is the biggest failure state in the history of mankind; They have created the greatest charity takers;

Israel is artificial and manufactured on the foundations of falls and deception by thieves, thugs and terrorists;

The world will be in turmoil as long as Israel exists in the heart of the Arab world.


May I congratulate the author on his assesment of the American occupation of Iraq. Like many Australians I as totally opposed to the partcipation of Australian defence force personnel in the attack on Iraq. I note that the Americans are now trying to extricate themselves from their self imposed problem. I hope the UN does not get involved and the American Military are left in Iraq to stew in their own juice.

The sooner America stops supporting Israeli agressing in Palestine the sooner we will have peace in the Middle East.

On another note I believe that the Legal Fraternity of Greece intend to indict oy Prime Minister as a War Criminal. I look forward to this as it will place the Australian community in a moral delemma.

Best wishes,

Mel Blevins