Prayer for America

On November 3rd, 2020, sunlight touches the Eastern Seaboards... soft golden rays break through the marine layers of the Atlantic coast.

Another day begins. Yet, this won't be just another day!

Riding on the back of tumultuous four years... of which the last one year saw political rhetoric of divisiveness, fear-mongering, and marginalizing others... this day finally arrives as a day of reckoning, a day of turning the course of this nation's journey... One way or the other.

Will it bring along the winds of restoring dignity, justice, equality, and fairness for all its citizens? Or will it choose to go further down the path of inciting more hatred, violence, and 'divide and conquer' policy?

If it is the latter, then I'm afraid this powerful nation will expedite its downfall, its demise from within... by shattering the fragile social fabric that seems to be on ventilation for some time now!!

But that is not the America I have known and grew up with for the last 30 years...

Even with all her flaws, she still was the last refuge for many from around the world, the last bastion for practicing one's faith and cultural identity freely, the last piece of land for equal opportunity and growth... and many other aspirations!

If you lived here for a substantial amount of time, mingled and lived among its day to day ordinary folks, you would begin to understand that America's greatness was never in its military or economic might on in the global stage, not so much in its innovation and technological advances either... it was always the greatness of heart of its common people... it's honest, hard-working citizens who are increasingly becoming a dying breed in the toxic social, political air of the last few years.

The outcome of the next few day's election results matter... It matters like it has not mattered in a long time, if not never before. Beyond the drumbeats of the threat of violence, chaos, and confusion, a lot of soul searching is needed for us as a nation. What better time than now when the pandemics of a lethal virus and hatred seem to be rampant?

Let's pray for the USA... Let's pray for all of humanity !!

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