Muhammad-ur-Rasool Allah - The beloved slave of Allah!

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A  Poem by
Firdaus Fathima (Umm Hashir)

Muhammad-ur-Rasool Allah - The beloved slave of Allah!


In the pagan society of Arabia, a child was born to a pious widow

To the misguided people of that land this birth opened a window

To let the rays of knowledge light up their lives of ignorance

To help them understand the essence of truth, love and kindness


This child lost his father before birth and his mother left him soon

To prepare him for the upcoming life, this was the state truly opportune!

He was always under the Divine guidance and protection

He was steadily given by His Creator the right direction


Yes, we believe that from the breasts which had no milk he drank to his full!

We believe that his foster parents could satiate themselves from a milk-less camel!

We believe that his heart was washed with zamzam - his Creator made it clean

We believe in similar truths because a part of our faith is "to believe in the unseen"!


This child grew up to be a man who was called "The Trustworthy" by his enemies

This man merely suffered the oppression before he was commanded to lead the armies

This man befriended the worst of his enemies through his Message of Truth

This man was gentle towards the arrogant ones who despised his speech of truth


He was an unlettered man, had no access to education

He was chosen by the Almighty to bestow his final revelation

Verse by verse, he was made to memorise the entire Quran

His birth, his upbringing - his life was Allah's perfect plan!


He was the man whose enemies loved to trouble him and enjoy

He was the man who guided them, although he was aware of each ploy

He believed in his duty for which he was sent by his Creator

He placed it first and his honor and comfort followed it later


The enemies of his message put trash on his doorstep, on his way

He treated them well, through his conduct guided many from going astray

A nomad outraged people by urinating in masjid where they prayed

This man instructed them to pour water over it and later counselled the nomad


Through his honesty, his charismatic personality when he won countless hearts

When his Message was spread far and wide, when the valleys echoed beautiful verses

When this orphan child, this unlettered man became the leader of his people

They called him a liar, a magician! They couldn't believe this miracle!


A liar could make surplus of wealth to enjoy luxuries

A magician would have all royalties and treasuries

He would not have to tie stones over his belly to suppress his hunger!

Why would he to convey a simple message of truth struggle and suffer?


At a young age he married Khadeejah who was a divorcee, 15 years older

He held her in high regard - she was his friend, a comforter, a counsellor

Years after her death when he remembered her, his eyes were filled with tears

His love for this wife was so deep that it made his present wives jealous


He was a true man who respected women and valued them too

He was strict to discipline them, but dearly loved them too

When his companions asked him who in this world was most beloved to him

He wasn't shy to name "Ayesha" - his wife who was the dearest to him


He taught those uncivilized people the way of life, its purpose and more

He limited the number of wives they could have from countless to four

He elevated the status of women, he married widows and divorcees

He commanded integrity, love, mercy and harmony in families


He taught them to rejoice at a girl's birth, to love their daughters

He taught them that Paradise awaits good fathers of girls - they are it's inheritors!

He would rise from his seat, kiss Fatima, his beloved daughter, and make her sit

He called her a part of himself - gave her much love and respect!


He taught people to be kind and merciful towards speechless animals

He said that a good done to an animal, to that done to a human equals

While an act of cruelty towards an animal would weigh in the same way

As done towards a human being, before the Creator on the Last Day!


He was the one who wept for us hundreds of years ago

He cared for the people whose existence he did not know

He called us his brothers and sisters, who would love him without seeing him

He prayed for our forgiveness, for a place in Jannah for meeting him


He taught us to believe in all Prophets who came before him

He loved Jesus and his mother Mary, for us to believe in him, commanded to love them

He taught us to be patient with those who do not believe in our faith

He taught us not to disrespect those who are not on the right path


He taught us not to satiate ourselves while the neighbour is hungry

He taught us that one is not a believer who gives his neighbours worry

He taught us to appreciate even a worthless gift from a neighbour

He taught us to pay wages before the sweat dries off a labour


He taught us to love the orphans and warned us from being unjust to them

He taught us to respect the women and warned us from being unkind to them

He taught us to take care of our parents and not to say them a hurtful word

He taught us to use pen and paper before we approach the shield and sword


He taught us to fast to purify our bodies, to pray to purify the soul

He taught us to give charity, to have over our desires control

He taught us to enjoin good and to forbid all forms of evil

He taught us the way of life to save ourselves from the whispers of devil


The man who reformed the society, who revolutionised the history

He fought for the oppressed, for their freedom and liberty

He was sent for us and for you, for everything ever created!

The Book revealed to him would till eternity not be fabricated!


He is the best of all teachers, the guidance to all mankind

He taught us not a religion, but a life of righteousness he defined!

Than our lives, wealth and families this man is dearer to us

His honor is our honor, his insult is poisonous to us


The name of this man is the heartbeat of his ummah

The real Islam is what is depicted by him through his sunnah!

This man is Muhammad, the Last and the Final Prophet of Allah!

Peace be upon him - the most beloved slave of Allah!


Firdaus Fathima (Umm Hashir) has MA in English and MBA from Osmania University, Hyderabad. She writes Islamic articles and poems. She lives in Hyderabad, India. For more of her works see her blog

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  Topics: Prophet Muhammad (S)  Values: Love, Spirituality  Channel: Poetry
Views: 15525

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Sal allahu alyhi wasalam


May Allah bless you sister. Simply awesome description on my beloved nabi

Cant control my emotions. Felt for a moment I am living in that blessed period!

Nice. Thank you for writing this. Nothing better to explain #whoismuhammad :)

What a wonderful description of Prophet of Islam! I commend everybody to read this!
Truly amazing poem.

Mashallah! So well written. I couldn't control my tears after reading this

Thank you islamicity!