Between Two Extremes

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"One day Prophet Muhammad PBUH), drew a line in the sand for them and said, "This is Allah's path." He then drew several lines to the right and to the left and said, "These are the paths [of misguidance] on each of which is a devil inviting people to follow it." He then recited the verse: 'Verily, this is my path, leading straight, so follow it. And do not follow the [other] paths for they will scatter you about from Allah's path. That is His command to you in order that you may be conscious of Allah' (Hadith by Ahmed).

The line the Prophet drew in the middle was straight and the lines on the sides were curved. At a time when multimedia projector, precision technology and laser guided equipments were surely not invented yet for ensuring accuracy in measurements, our beloved Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) drew these lines on dry desert sands under the scorching sun. The lesson that he taught his companions through these lines might surprise some; some others might see it as silly; geniuses and super-achieving philosophers might mock at this childish action of the Arabian prophet. However, one can witness for himself how the whole universe and what on it testify to the truth of this simple drawing.

Look at how life on the surface of the earth has been fine tuned for living beings. If the earth's distance from the sun is any greater the planet would grow very cold, the water cycle in the atmosphere would be affected. If the earth was any closer to the sun, plants would burn up, the water cycle in the earth's atmosphere would be irreparably damaged, and life would become impossible. If the speed at which the earth revolves any slower, the temperature difference between day and night would grow enormously. If it were any faster, then atmospheric winds would reach enormous speeds, and cyclones and storms would make life impossible.

This is just a tip of the iceberg of examples in the creation of Allah SWT. He out of His great wisdom ordained balance and equilibrium without any flaws. "You will see no incongruity in the Merciful One's creation. Turn your vision again, can you see any flaw?' (Quran 67:3)

The planets and stars are commanded to obey the smooth order set by Allah SWT. None of them can disobey Allah SWT, their Creator and Administrator, for the simple reason that they have not been imbued with the aptitude of disobeying their Lord. Neither can they imagine of running in disorder, for that will end up in greatest catastrophes. Their duty is to submit to the will of their Lord incontestably. "He said to the heaven and the earth: "Come, willingly or unwillingly." They said: "Here we come in willing obedience' (Quran 41:11)

Quite contrary to the animal kingdom, in the creation of mankind, specific bounties and miracles of Allah Almighty are found. Man has been endowed with the ability to differentiate right from wrong, 'And did We not show him the two highways (Of good and evil)' (Quran 90:10) ; equally he has been created as haste in his nature, as the Qur'an puts it as, 'Man is hasty by nature' (Quran 21:37) . This Qur'anic verse provides significant insight into human nature. The subtle acumen in man's creation is that while being haste in nature he is required to adopt a moderate path. With his ability to differentiate between right and wrong man is easily tempted towards evil and those that give instant and immediate pleasure; he is impotent and weak in resolve beyond this imperfect world, as we see everywhere. The root cause of world's problems lies in not understanding this fundamental truth. The lines that Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) drew were directly linked to this aspect of human nature. Had he wished, the Prophet (PBUH) could have drawn two parallel lines-one straight and the other curved- and differentiated them. But instead of doing that, he drew several curved lines on the sides and one straight line in the middle. By this simple lesson the Prophet (PBUH) succinctly portrayed the underlying power of the middle path.

Look at the sun, its energy reaches full capacity when it's right in the middle at 12 noon, giving us maximum heat. When you take pills for an ailment, you must take the right amount, neither less nor more, for, if it's less you will not be cured, if it's more you will be adversely affected. A man is very strong only in his youth, neither in the childhood nor old age. Islam teaches us moderation and balance in behavior. Bravery is a laudable trait between cowardice and arrogance; the Islamic moderation is a healthy trait between crude rationalism and fuming sensationalism; between evasive pessimism and pestering extremism; between immediate needs and unachievable desires; between promiscuous sexual practices and celibacy; between lethargy and haste; between intense love and intense hate; between asceticism and materialism.

Allah SWT Addresses the Muslim nation in the following words:

...And it is thus we appointed you to be the community of the middle path so that you might be a witness to all mankind and the Messenger might be a witness to you...(Quran 2:143)

By this statement, Allah SWT entrusted the Muslim Ummah with an onerous responsibility of social reform; This Ummah has been chosen to be role models to all mankind by charting a middle path. This is in total agreement with the reality, that if you put the whole mankind in one circle, those who assume its leadership or position of role models must stand in its centre. Thus the middle position of a circle is its centre. From a geographical perspective, Makkah is the centre of the globe, that is the reason for Allah SWT to choose this blessed city for His final universal message.

So, Middle Path is important.

Middle path is a principle one should adopt in all aspects of his life. In fact it's a way of life for success. Human nature is inclined towards violence, wickedness and temptations. ...for surely one's self prompts one to evil, except him to whom my Lord may show mercy...(Quran 12:56) . This Qur'anic Truth has been proved in our practical life beyond any shadow of doubt; it's the word of the Creator that every Muslim must place his trust in. When this Truth of moderation and balance is neglected, the system collapses and disorder erupts; when this divine guidance is neglected, Shaitanic guidance emerges to rein supreme, as there is no third system of guidance beyond these two.

The call for establishing rights and empowerment of women outside their nature has lost sight of this balance; the theory that man was evolved from apes and monkeys has lost sight of this balance; thus both of them are extremist notions. The former for its unnatural demand and the latter for its refusal to accept the Truth of creation. How ridiculous is to argue that no a single being was created by an Almighty Creator or the whole universe came into being without a All-Powerful Craftsman, when even a nail cannot come into being on its own? This rejectionizm is quite irrational. Socialism and Karl Marx's philosophy is a kind of extremism for its undue emphasis on the rights of certain class of people in exclusion of others; the struggle for animal rights at the cost of human rights is extremism; emphasis on the protection of the environment rejecting the Truth that this world will one day come to an end is a lopsided notion and thus extremism; Capital punishment for hardcore criminals is ordained by The Creator of human beings and its nature, rejecting it out of flawed human wisdom is extremism.

These are a few examples among thousands on the outcome of unbalanced human efforts that reached extremes and spread mayhem and disorder on earth. These narrow human efforts reject the existence of a Supreme Creator. We can see the tragic gulf mankind plunged into as a result of rejecting Divine guidance and moderation in life.

There are three choices in front of our endeavors of private and social lives. First, lethargic and spiritless; second is enriched with dynamism and moderation; third is coated with extremism and rigidity. We have been endowed with the ability to differentiate right from wrong and the rational faculties to make sound and right choices. As a result, the responsibility for our success and failure solely falls on our shoulders. It's a clearly ordained Divine principle that Allah SWT never deals unjustly with man.


M. Asim Alavi is a social activist and Editor, The Trend, published from Sri Lanka.

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Older Comments:
With all due respect, if Muslim men everywhere would adhere to Quran and Sunnah in respect of the rights and responsibilities conferred on Muslim women, there would not be a need for "empowerment" movements. The problem is not with Islam, but with those who would impose their narrow vision on others. Rasool Allah remains our teacher and guide and his was the most insighful of all himan vision.

MashaAllah, a very good article full or reminders and words of reflections.

The Most Gracious (Allah)! He has taught the Quran (by His Mercy).He created man and taught him eloquent speech. The Sun and the Moon run on their fixed courses (exactly) calculated with measured out stages for each. And the herbs (stars) and the trees both prostrate themselves to (Allah). And the heaven He has raised high, and He has set up the Balance.In order that you may not transgress (due) balance.And observe the weight with equity and do not make the balance deficient. And the earth He has laid for the creatures.Therein are fruits,date palms producing sheathed fruit stalks and also corn with its leaves and stalk for fodder,and sweet-
scented plants.Then which of the Blessings of your Lord will you
deny. He is the Lord of the two east (where sunrises in summer and
winter) and the Lord of the two west (setting both summer &
winter).He has let loose the two seas (salt and fresh water) meeting
together,between them is a barrier which none of them can
transgress.Then which of the Blessings of your Lord will you deny
(both you Human and Jinn).It is the same Allah who in the same Surah
said He created man (Adam)from sounding clay of pottery and the Jinn
He created from smokeless flame of fire.Allahu Akbar Which of the
(favors) Blessings will you deny.Read in Surah Rahman The Merciful
you will see all the favors that Allah has given none of which we
can deny.Allah (S.W.T) challenged both human and jinns in this
manner: "O assembly of jinn and men! If you have power to pass
beyond the zones of the heavens and earth,then pass.But you will
never be able to pass except with authority (from Allah)! Then which
of the Blessings of your Lord will you both deny.This is a real
challenge.May Allah guide all of us.


In my gratitude it's my pleasure to read on this article as a student of sociology as well as a member of poor country which had it's own complexity for the last three decades. As a student I want to initiate my own research center in my native area but still I am not good enough to do it and still I am rooting all necessary information which can make me to develop as a professional in excellent way.
Anyway, that is why I am here and once again it's my privilege to readsuch kind of this articles, specially this one and I hope Isha Allah if you don't mind you can help me to contact you as a student seeking knowledge. Finally, may Allah bless you for your life here and hereafter.
thank you.

TOM FROM U.S.A. said:
I like the " middle road " thinking and believe it is the only way to live our lives. The only issue i had with the article was the author saying that one day the earth will end so trying to protect the planet was folly . That is a mind set that is i think not what Allah has in mind. I think that the creator wants us to be a good steward of what he has given us . I like what Martin Luther said " If the world was going to end tomarrow i would plant a tree ". I can only add Amen.