The macabre games Israelis play

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The Israelis are at it again in Lebanon. Their heavy artillery has been pounding Lebanese villages causing death and destruction. The Lebanese resistance retaliated and attacked Israeli positions killing two soldiers. Residents throughout villages in South Lebanon are now bracing themselves for more rockets and bombs.

It seems that the Israelis have a knack of using freely supplied cluster bombs and napalm. After all they have been doing it for years at the expense of the American taxpayer.

The question arises as to why the Israelis are escalating the situation at the same time that US Secretary of State Warren Christopher is holding talks with Israeli Prime Minister Rabin. 

Another dimension to the scene is the ongoing Syrian-Israeli negotiations which Christopher described as serious.

On the other hand Israel has created a wedge between the PLO and Jordan by stating that it respects Jordan's role in the overseeing of the holy Islamic shrines in occupied Jerusalem.

The Palestinians on their part expressed dismay at this joint statement. They believe this deal was done while they were kept in the dark. The Palestinian leadership has asked for an immediate Arab League meeting to discuss the future of the Holy city of Jerusalem.

Palestinian reaction has been cautious so as not to antagonize others. They believe that the Israelis are doing all this to create tension between Arab parties especially at a time when negotiations are going to be tough and thorny.

Arab observers have noted that this Israeli approach and recent actions are a violation of UN resolution 242 and are contrary to the spirit of the Oslo agreement. They also are slowly becoming aware that the Israelis want to embroil the Arabs in a conflict with themselves.

However, Israel, which can pull the eyes over the United States and Europe and is now portraying itself as a flexible side in this issue by its "generosity", should realize that it has no right in the talks over Jerusalem because it is an occupying power.

It has no legal, political or moral right, as an occupier. However, morals are not the issue in this case.

UN resolution 242 requires Israeli withdrawal from all occupied Arab lands. It has been there since 1967, gathering dust. The United States and other Western powers have moved mountains to enforce those UN resolutions that appealed to them and their political and economic motives. Precious money and other resources are being spent to brow beat Haiti into submission; whatever the case may be the Haitians are suffering.

It is time for the Arabs to wake up and see through these blessed Israeli ploys. 

They should be made aware that Jerusalem forms a natural part of the Arab ethos.

No occupier should be allowed to simply deal with it only as he sees fit. And especially the Israelis.

Jerusalem was occupied and liberated. It has again been occupied and will again be liberated.

  Category: World Affairs
  Topics: Foreign Policy
Views: 1277

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