Befriend Your Conscience!

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You fake those emotions, you fake those virtues,
Peep into your heart, there lie all your trues!

That sin which you committed, how grave was it!
That momentary repentance u think is enough to chase it?

Those wrongs you keep doing to the insignificant people,
Don't you think are the reason for your dreadful ordeal?

Hey, you forget there is THE ONE who monitors, who does record!
Your thoughts, your actions, the duties you purposely boycott!

What worth are you truly of, what is it that you always boast?
Do you know your existence is in HIS hands, you are nothing but "dust"!?

Your eyes are gonna close soon, you are heading towards a dreadful night,
You'll be laid on a muddy bed there. with a narrow space and NO light!

Except for HIS "word" which you keep high there in the shelf!
Covered and protected - Alas! Obeying it you could protect yourself!

When your eyes shall open again, THAT DAY is gonna be so bright!
Your heart would wish to sleep again, your eyes would prefer they had lost sight!

Except for HIS shade there, you will find no shelter to hide under,
These lofty dwellings of today can't help you, please ponder!

Your actions are those which count, but the intentions truly matter,
Make them pure THIS VERY DAY, you maybe called just later!

Run away from the praises, you do not deserve them!
You are running short of good, if any leftovers - preserve them!

Your worst critic is, in fact, your closest pal,
You can't run away from the one who is nearest of all!

That friend is gonna help you to walk towards the gate,
To the BEST of destinations, get it written NOW in your fate!

Pay heed to that friend, before you hear that "sentence"
Before it is really late, go befriend your CONSCIENCE!


Firdaus Fathima (Umm Hashir) has BA in English literature and currently pursuing BA in Islamic Studies from Islamic Online University. She writes Islamic articles and poems. She lives in Hyderabad, India. For more her works can see her blog

  Category: Faith & Spirituality, Featured, Life & Society  Channel: Poetry
Views: 4196

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Nice poem i must say, may Allah(swt) increase your knowledge and make it a blessed one.