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Demographic terrorism

The message of the phobic U-tube production entitled "Muslim Demographics" (Don't encourage the site by searching for it) is a well-crafted and well-biased call to action against Muslims.  The only practical problem is that the federal government can't afford to build concentration camps big enough to hold them all.  The clear message is that the time to act is now, and that failure to act decisively will mean that the governments of America and Europe will soon be Muslim and start building concentration camps and gas chambers for the declining Christian populations left behind.  The video itself provides no sources for the data on which it bases its case for immediate action.

This popular video is being sent out widely by email. The demented messengers of evil, found in every religion nowadays, who have produced this video deserve to be prosecuted in the International Court of Justice for conspiracy to commit global genocide. Fortunately, they are so absurd that they are shooting themselves in the foot and may eventually become irrelevant, along with all their sympathizers. 

The fear-mongering by Islamophobes about a demographic threat from Muslims is nonsense. The birthrate among Muslims of the second generation in America is about the same as that of non-Muslims. The tribalism of the first generation is also repudiated by 90% of the second generation. 

If the Islamophobes continue their phobia, the world will revert back to the European Dark Ages and the prospects for a civilizational flowering of Jews, Christians, and Muslims, following the centuries-long model of Andalucia before the Catholic inquisition, may dwindle to zero.

The Islamophobes say that the time for action is now.  The real action required is to expose these Islamophobes as frauds and as vicious enemies of all human rights.  They pose the major global threat to the enlightened principles America's founders and to the Great American Experiment based on the normative principles of natural law and divine revelation, which are the only true source of peace, prosperity, and freedom through compassionate justice. 

The various phobic elements, which exist among followers of every religion, pose the major challenge to reviving the best of Western civilization, including the Muslim part of it.  The most extreme of these elements, who together constitute the "mother of all terrorists," are the Christian fundamentalists who want the world to end as soon as possible so that Jesus Christ can return and together they can watch in glee as everyone else dies in agony. 

Dr. Robert Dickson Crane is the former adviser to the late President of the United States Richard Nixon, and is former Deputy Director (for Planning) of the U.S. National Security Council. He has authored or co-authored more than a dozen books and over 50 professional articles on comparative legal systems, global strategy, and information management.

Source: The American Muslim

  Category: Americas, World Affairs
Views: 12360
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Older Comments:
just out of curiosity I looked up on this and I have to agree. but I must also say that it would take more than this to sway me. to say that one needs to be concern because of an increase of Muslim to the amount of 9,000,000 in America, I would say "are you serious ?that would be the the amount of two of are big cities at the most"
but I must also say that the way some people believe what they read we don't need people panicking over something they don't need to be. I hope Allah blesses us all with wisdom when situation like this comes up

The Empire of Satan is Flourishing by misguding some humans to carry forward the Evil Agenda of the Satan. Fellow humans, let us not fall for that. We should spread Pious Behavior and Minimize or Eliminate Evil Behavior from our human brothers & sisters, for our own good of International Peace.

Man can plan anything agaist the true religion of Islam, but Allah's plan supersed them all.
uduman ahamed

RAY FROM U.S.A. said:
Re: "Muslim Demographics"
I remember seeing this video or at least one that was sisilar that merely said the white population was declining and that in order to stop this decline whites must have as many babies as possible I thought it was ridiculous then and I still think it's ridiculous...But at no point did I get the feeling that it was promoting Genocide

So what, some reactionary racist has called attention to something that every demographer/think-tank knows: Muslims are growing not only due to conversions to Islam. Look at any statistics anywhere and you will see that the birthrates in the western countries are very low. Some countries are "very, very low (Hungary, Spain, Italy). Rather than research demographic sources, I challenge you to go to many towns and cities in western countries and notice how few children you see compared to the numbers you see in Sanaa, Riyadh, Islamabad,Cairo, and Dhaka. It doesn't take a demographer to see who is clarly having more children! As I said, the producer of the video was coming from a racist-reactionary viewpoint. Why should we care? They will never frustrate ALLAH's plan. For those who fear that this could lead to concentration camps and genocide, it's time to ask yourself, "why do I choose to live in a country where I fear for my security as a Muslim". Is it really "better" in France, The USA, Germany, or Japan?

Islamophoebs took it wrong coming against Islam. We recommend to them study of
world history and the teachings of Islam.

Br. Bilal, you are hitting the nail on the head! Yes, we have to be good Muslims!
Beside that, we have to set our priorities right, most of the time we were sweat on the minor issues.

If history teaches anything it is some people be it a country,a faith or what have you will always hate and look to the " other " who they thinks makes their life miserable. In my life i have seen it was communism , people of color and the Democrats , Republicans , the Greens and now Muslims. When they get tired of hating them they will move on to something or someone else. This sad to say , is how the world is. I refuse to see it that way . Salam Alakium to all.

Brother Bilal, you are right. If Allah is with us WHO can destroy us. Therefore we Muslims must be good to others Muslim or non-Muslim.Muslim must practice good, peaceful and advance life. Help the helpless. They are with their way, we are with our way. The homecoming is to Allah.We have to ask now? what have we done that today are deep in the mud! we cannot help our brothers in Iraq, Afghanistan,India, Chechnya and now Iran? IS THE FOUR GREAT IMAMS DIVIDED US OR WHAT?

HOC602 FROM USA said:
Bilal is right. Besides, God determines all. Be at peace and honor Allah.

What is Biblical Christianity, James Stewart? It is nothing but practicing Islam in sincerity. Peace and blessings of Lord Jesus be on us.

we are all brothers that and sisters.. be positive and you will atract positive things and forget about your religion because it is your choice of freedom

So even James Stewart the defender of Christian ethics acknowledges the dark ages period which is quiete interesting acknowlegement.In Islam we dont have such ages except the period when the Muslims were being persicuted by the Qureish simply because they became Muslims and the period before Islam called Jahiliyyah.Of course as James acknowledges the Christians persucuted the Jews and Muslims. It is now time to come together rather than despising one another as one family of Prophet Abraham the father of all the three Monotheistic Religion.

I think the grave concern about Islam is not the way or how fast Islam spread but the quality "how to become a great Muslim" is what we should think about it.

Even back to the Dark Ages Biblical Christianity will still thrive and grow.

FA FROM US said:
It is funny... Acutally the whole point of the video is for people to act and do something about this 'Moslem Problem' but in acutality, it kinda confirms that although with all the negative hype and media surrounding Muslims, that Islam still is expanding and growing. The only problem is that Muslims have not applied Islam and the dynamic flexibilty of Islam which used to be applied in previous generations and that is practically gone. Therefore you have the worst leaders for Muslim nations etc...

Back to the video, I do not think it is that bad, afterall, I was kinda suprised in a positive way that Islam is expanding at such a rapid rate...wish Muslims would unite all over, rather than just in the holy cities..


this is fear mongering in reverse.....All we have to do is be good muslims>>>they will do this and the Quran says they will do this and have done it.....our jihad is trying to be good muslims.We dont have time, energy or resources to stop and turn around to see what the enemy is doing. The essential question is, "If Allah is with us then WHO can be against us?" WHO?

Well..why bother what Europens or the West think
about us Muslims when we don't even care about ourselves..we have all the natural resources but we are the poorest..we have the best religion but
we kill in the name of Allah and in his dare we concern ourselves with the west..who cares abt the demographics of the world..thousands are being slaughtered and have been kept opressed by our leaders who are so called Muslims.