MPAC calls on American Muslims to celebrate Independence Day

The Muslim Public Affairs Council (MPAC) is calling on the American Muslim community to join fellow Americans in celebrating Independence Day on July 4th.

The July 4th celebration is a symbol for the principles of freedom and liberty. It's a day to affirm our commitment to the values of democracy, human rights and respect for all regardless of religion and national origin. It's also a time to reach out to your fellow Americans to get to know them and to build bridges of understanding among all people.

On this day as American Muslims we need to resonate our dedication to uphold the Declaration of Independence. " We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness ".

We believe it is the hope and aspiration of humanity that the guarantees provided by the American constitution will be realized by all people struggling for freedom.

Every year, elected officials, law enforcement representatives, various faith and ethnic communities and local governments host, organize and sponsor the 4th of July parades, forums, picnics and regional events. MPAC is asking local Islamic centers and mosques as well as local Muslim leaders to represent the Muslim community by offering to speak on behalf of the American Muslim community.

If you need any assistance contacting your local elected officials or preparing any material pertinent to the 4th of July, call the Muslim Public Affairs Council at 323.258.6722 or e-mail [email protected].


The Muslim Public Affairs Council is a public service agency working for the civil rights of American Muslims, for the integration of Islam into American pluralism, and for a positive, constructive relationship between American Muslims and their representatives.

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Older Comments:
salam alaykum
my comment is really to the brother who referred fourth of july as a holiday of kaffir. i think we should restrain ourselves calling everyone kaffir, this is a very grievious charge. kaffir are those who deny and cover up the signs of Allah SWT and who are ungrateful to Allah SWT. to name a whole nation kaffir is unjust. i personally do not celbrate 4th of july but i would congratulate a friend with if if she were. our prophet pbuh taught kindness and tolerance, our deen is one of compassion and justice. let us not label people kaffir, let us build bridges. inshallah
salam alaykum

Asalaamu Alaikum
We have three Eid's Eid al-Fitr, EId al-Adha, and Eid al-Jumuah. No more no less.


Astakfirallah, that you would request Muslims to celebrate a holiday of kaffir. May Allah *swt* forgive you. I am reading this article well after this day has passed and it proves to me that the Muslim Ummah, when placed in the hands of organizations such as yours, takes on a Western mind set and this needs to be quelled if we are to become cohesive and true believers in Islam and our Rabb *swt*.

Good article with good advice!
Building bridges of understanding between people is always the right thing to do whenever possible. It is important to try to live at peace with one another.

MPAC (and FRANK), your organization is clearly attempting to push Islam/Muslims into becoming more secularized... I am not sure whom you speak for, but your thoughts and ideas are completely contrary to Islam. Typical thoughts and ideology of non-practicing Muslims as your selves. Your idea that we should take up a nationalistic stance and celebrate the 4th of July is misguided and shows that your organization has ties to those who want to destroy Islam. We may be americans, but we are Muslims first and last...and we praise only Allah (swt). Our faith is not a Sunday affair, our "religion"/way of life is not capitalism, nationalism, or any other -ism. Insha Allah, we will be able to fight organizations such as yours and ignorant idividuals (like FRANK).

Hey FRANK! Do you really believe that Muslims are brainwashed? You have no idea of what is really going on out in the world do you. You need more knowledge. Remember, ignorance is not really blissful.

I think I understand the reasoning behind your asking Muslims to participate in 4th of July activities and/or celebrate independence (as relates to the US)? It appears that you want to create an atmosphere of acceptance by non-Muslims, that we Muslims also believe in freedom and independence... Hey look, we can celebrate... wave flags... enjoy a sense of nationalism... etc... All of this in an attempt to counter the negative reaction towards Islam and Muslims by the general populace following September 11th.

You quote the declaration of independence! You must remember those that put this together and how they lived their lives....

Muslims soley need to embrace and celebrate that which is given to us by Allah (swt). We already hold these truths to be self evident, we need not look for acceptance by following that which is not self evident....... Insha Allah, may Muslims living in the US remember what is truly self evident.


Muslims should have the integrity to appreciate national non religious holidays, if they choose to live outside an Islamic country.

Islam is a peaceful religion. According to the Quran and the example of the Prophet Mohammed (pbuh) we must live in peace with and respect everyone around us.

Islam is the Middle Way; we must choose the more peaceful, loving and easier route according to principles of the Quran. There is nothing wrong with national pride.

Furthermore, Western nations are far more closer to democracy than many of the so-called Islamic nations ruled by dictators and monarchs.
Islam established the right for women to vote 1400 years ago, while women and black people in the America only achieved this liberty in the 1900s. Islam forbids non elected governments and monarchies that do not have ample representation of the people, such as an elected prime minister.

We must celebrate that democracies that do exist in countries such as Canada and lobby leaders in "Islamic" countries to truly behave and govern according to the Quran.

I believe the narrow-mindedness and the embarrassing need to even have to tell Muslims to respect and celebrate Independance Day is the result of LOSING FOCUS. We are the cause of our own lack of good public relations. The solution: do not believe everything you hear or see from many of our leaders who are not education in academics or religion properly. Check references; I suggest the Quran and certified hadith and sunnah.
Happy Fourth of July!

What are we thinking? Do you all know the root of this holiday? Apparantly not. Do we want to be American at any cost? To the native american Indian this is a slap in the face, to African-Americans the same. To the muslims being held in jails all across North America, who thought they were Americans are finding this not to be true. Last but not least the final test to my comments. Did the prophet(saaw)ever celebrate the kafirs holidays, wheter religious or not? I didn't think so.

Reading you guys comments here only confermed my suspisions about a large chunk of mid-eastern Muslims who are here in the USA...

You'll never assimalate into our culture and will always be outsiders.

Oh well, suit yourselves, that's what this countries is all about.

I don't agree with Frank's comment asking Khadija Anderson to leave the US. Contrary to their government's policies, the folks in this country are good-natured, neighbourly and friendly. (atleast most of them are). I will look upon to celebrate the independence day by InshaAllah clearing my fellow country men's distorted view of my great religion Islam.

My head bows down in shame to celebrate. Let us leave this drama to the dramatists.

Dear wa'salam: For your information this so called oppressive country just sent money to help victims of an earthquake in IRAN OUR ENEMY! So don't try to spread any more LIES about how we here in the GREAT country USA are killing Islamic People - you like so many of your brothers and sisters are so BRAINWASHED by your onesided media you can't even begin to grasp what the TRUTH really is!

Salaams to all my brothers and sisters in Islam! Iam a muslim, and it does not matter where ever I live in! We all know it is forbiden. "race or nationalism" in Islam, and therefore it is haraam to celebrate a "nationalism" holiday! Why are trying so hard to make the kuffars happy, when they will never be happy with us till we follow their form of religion. Let Us please allah and do everything that is good for the sake of allah! This kind of nationalism would effect our brotherhood in Islam, lets follow our Prophet's(SAW) Way and please brothers and sisters do not celebrate any holiday except the holidays that allah has given us,(the two Eid)which was the holidays that our beloved prophet(SAW) celebrated. and allah knows best!
salaam, Najma

thanks for this "coexistance in form of celebration" as a Muslim, I think its our responsibility to bring for Islam its perfect picture which others gave it wrongly. I'd like if you could help me how can I introduce Islam to a Christian friend of me.

we are not allowed to celebrate our birthday how can people telling us to celebrate USA Independence day. If u want to show your loyality to USA then go heard but I am not going to celebrate and tell other muslims to don't celebrate.

As-Salaamu ^aleikum. Indeed we should celebrate "Independence Day." We Muslims, who at least ostensibly tread the path of justice, should encourage our fellow Americans to once again declare their independence and fight injustice: to declare independence from the moneyed and unscrupulous interests that have taken over our government, from Israeli domination of American foreign policy, from the subjugation of the masses of Americans to empty materialism.

Indeed, brother and sister Muslims, let us celebrate "Independence Day": tell your neighbors the truth about Palestine, about Iraq, about Afghanistan, about the genocides this government is committing and intensifying under the War of Terror. Tell them exactly why those crazed Muslims "hate" America so much. If you don't tell them, nobody else will.

Celebrate your independence by writing or calling your representatives to complain about all the illegally detained Muslims in American prisons and American support for the terror-state of Israel. Demand an end to support for regimes like India who have used the War of Terror to roll back human rights and slaughter your fellow Muslims wholesale.

The ones who really love their county are the ones who care enough to criticize it, and the ones who really love their religion are the ones who demand justice no matter what the consequence.

Defy these weak and stupid so-called leaders of the American Muslim community and walk in the path of true heroes and patriots, American and Muslim alike.

Fi Amaan Allah.

OOOOOH said:
What do you mean by Muslim American. What religion has to with the place. An American can be a Muslim, Christian, or anyone from any religion.

SHAN said:
Do Muslim in America have any different Islam. What are you exactly trying to say.
Muslim can only be Muslim regardles where he lives.
There's nothing like American Muslim, Indian Muslim or Pakistani Muslim or else. From where you have adopted this term. Whoever practices Islam in its prescribed way is a Muslim regardles where he/she lives.
Or you can say Muslims in America.
Have you heard of anyone saying Indian Christian,
UK Christian ....

Aslam a lacum

As a muslim living in the USA I know that we are free to move and live almost anywhere in the world. Yet we choose to live here because there is no better place.

Why not show some of the positive attributes of Muslims such as gratitude? So as to encourage at least the positive qualities of America and to show by our good examples. Instead of constant criticism.

America may not be the perfect place to live, but what is? It is a predominantly Christian population which allows Muslims to freely practise our religion. Does Saudia Arabia, Egypt, Kuwait tolerate other religions? Do they even tolerate Muslims of different ethnicity?

Lets thank Allah for what he has blessed us with and do out best to make this a better place by following the example of the Prophet Muhammad(PBUH).

Terribly shameful and is very clear in the quran when Allah repeats that muslims are not like Kuffar. Not one quote from the quran is stated in your document to back up what u are saying which makes me think twice whether a real muslim is behind it. I urge you to go back to Quran and Sunnah of the prophet pbuh. We have enough corruption in our Ummah May Allah guide us and save us from the Hell fire.

FRANK said:
To:Khadija Anderson if you will not celebrate your freedom in this country please leave - there are plenty of people who would trade you places!

GAIL said:
it was bold of you to tell all Muslims to celebrate July 4th... you should really absorb the words in the declaration of independence - which men are created equally? do you think you are?

How can you advise Muslims to support such a Gov't and Nation when Muslims themselves are attacked and slaughtered all over the World and also when they support Sharon "man of Peace" and support other non islamic countries to do the same "India".What kind of organisation you belongs to,are you a munafiqun?, maybe you should read the Quran very carefully especially surat munafiqun.

Asalaam aleykum- As a caucasion-american convert to Islam I will not celebrate 4th of July this year as I have not for the last 10 years. The reason is that "a symbol for the principles of freedom and liberty" is not enough for me to celebrate without the implementation of those principles of freedom and liberty. When America truly is free and just for all of it's citizens, then I will celebrate. Since it has not happened ever from the founding of this country 216 years ago until the present, I am not holding my breath. I also am not proud to be a citizen of a country that imposes it's corruption of freedom and justice on other peoples throughout the world.

Khadija Anderson, Seattle, WA

Looks like you guys (amc, mpac, cair, etc) have already done enough damage to the Muslim Ummah by getting Bush in the office. Now you guys are even going further asking Muslims to participate in a event that celebrates a birth of a country that is not only oppressing most of the world, but is openly and whole heartedly killing Muslims. May Allah swt destroy such organizations like yourself and in return give us Muslims of the stature of Umar and Salah ud Din, ameen.
The day is not far when the Muslims in America are going to be humiliated, and organizations like yourselves are going to be in the forefront of getting this humiliation.

May Allah swt keep the Muslims on the straight path, ameen.


Assalamu,alaykum. First of all I believe that no word should come before the word Muslim. We are Muslim before we are American. Second, I notice your logo in God we trust, have you ever questioned who and what God they are talking about? God is a generic term, the proper name for God is Allah. Along with that is the fundemental concept of Tawheed. Study Tawheed, and then study the history of Christianity, especially during the time of the Roman Empire under Constantine, which shaped the concept of the Christian God.
This is a fact, That Constantine mixed Paganism(see the cult of mithras)with that of Christianity, and this paganism is prevelant today. If you don't believe me study the history of Western Civilization.
I'm writing all of this to say, before we blindly jump to pledge our alleigance to the flag and show our loyalty as Americans, we should study about the the culture and civilization we live and understand the significance of these ceromonies your organiztion is calling the Muslims too. I'am not anti American, I respect those of other faith, but Iam also cautious of what I participate in. My question is this, how far will we go to show our loyalty? Will we start celebrating Christmas and other holidays that have nothing to do with Islam. "Never will the Jews and Christians be satisfied with thee unless thou follow their form of religion. Say. "The guidance of Allah that is the only guidance wert thou to follow their desires after knowledge which hath reached thee, then woudlst thou find neither protector nor helper against Allah" 2:120