Bon Voyage!

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He knew not that he lacked in plenty that courage
To prepare himself for that long long voyage,
Had he known that it was his last moment that day
He would certainly make use of it to sincerely pray!
His eyes were closed, his limbs were now lifeless,
To this imminent happening he was really clueless.

Soon he found himself on four shoulders being carried
He knew that soon he would be with all his deeds buried!
Deep inside the earth, he would have that uncozy bed,
In store for him are things never heard, never said!
The desires which led him astray will despise him now,
Where will he rest that head to his nafs which would always bow!?

All the relations he had made were now a different party,
Had he any among them, who would now be to him a continuous charity?
Was he just to the creations of that Sovereign Creator?
Did his relatives make him a lowly coward - a cheater?
Did his bond with his Creator govern all relations?
Did he love the sunnah?
Did he pay heed to the narrations?

Finally he was there, and they were now covering him,
Every layer of the closing mud, was shivering him.
He wished they didn't leave him, he wished he could just walk back
He wished to earn some good deeds which he would carefully pack..
He wanted the sustenance needed for him in this journey
But alas! He could buy none even with all his money..

There he sits weeping for an hour or more,
His dearest son, who could always see him at the shore
How could he warn him to spend his age rightly?
The lamp of life can go off anytime, now which shines so brightly

But now he can't, he can't do that he is not more than the mud and stones,
He wished his dear ones make amends while they live, no use if for all the sins now he atones
Days and nights he spent making money, reciting from THE BOOK was a rarity
He hastened his prayers and missed few too, for the WORK was his priority!

He had to earn for a comfy house and give all luxuries to those he loved
Happy were their hearts, their smiles always told, the best they ever knew he proved..
Alas! He now remembers, he handn't taught the boy that salah gives a believer all powers
Neither did he show the girl love for Hijab, a girl's beauty has to be under covers..
A life-partner was to share the life, but in two different parts his was spent,

He made her work for money was power, and their meetings always ended in an argument..
A little time they spent with each other, they watched a movie till late in the night
Oh how he wished they used those moments in sincere prayers, together praising HIS Might!

The worst of sins he committed unknowingly, was he not a little farsighted?
Had the best lawfully, but in disguise of friendship, he chased the thing that was prohibited

WIll he be able to answer the angels in his grave those questions now?
Will he be let to sleep there in peace till he meets his Lord above?
Will he be given a reward for small acts of goodness he had somehow managed to do?

Or had he committed one grave mistake which would make things on THE DAY blue?
Now, he is ashamed to face "THE EVER DOMINANT", for he never took the correct path
Yet, he looks up to "THE ALL FORGIVING", for HIS mercy prevails over HIS wrath!

He knows when he is allowed to walk again, it will be on THE DAY
That walking will not be on hearing the call to the prayers he did not say
He recollected all the many many wrongs, yes he had wronged himself
No intercessor in the form of THE BOOK, for he had always kept it in the shelf.

His deeds will be then presented before his Lord, undutiful to whom he had always been
A tough trial it shall be, for it will be judged by the ONE who sees the unseen

All said and done, this is the end, now he has really nothing to make an amend
How he wished he could live again, the span of his life could a little extend!
All those vast plots, those spacious bungalows, are now only a burden for him, a load!

On this earth, only this 6 feet land was his final and permanent abode!
Those flights he took, those expensive cars he drove were today kept aside!
Only on four shoulders, to his final destination on earth, was his LAST RIDE!


Firdaus Fathima (Umm Hashir) has BA in English literature and currently pursuing BA in Islamic Studies from Islamic Online University. She writes Islamic articles and poems. She lives in Hyderabad, India. For more her works can see her blog

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  1. ismet mohamud from mauritius

    Alhamdulillah a very good article. A good reminder. This is reality.This makes one prepare for Akhirat.' regret' now we have a chance but if done in the grave, it will be of no use.may Allah have mercy on you and us and grant all of us jannat-ul-firdaus

  2. Raghib Abdul-Shakoor from USA

    Powerful,amazing as well as a strong reminder that the grave is the

    human being final destination before the day of Judgement, as muslims

    we need to work hard for the hereafter and not focus as much on this

    dunya, because its just a delusion and therefore the real life begins

    as soon as you die, May Allah(SWT) help us to strive for the


  3. Umm Mishaal from Sri Lanka

    Beautiful and well said.

    Insha Allah May Allah guide all of us and make it easy for us to the good that please him and keep us away from sins that displeases him. Aameen!

  4. Muctarr Jalloh from USA

    May Allah bless you and your family, and Grant you paridise. Your Articlemakes me cry and bmade me to remember that no matter what we will answer the call one day. It is a great article and who so ever read it will pose for a moment and say yes i have to change my direction.


    God Bless.

  5. Sameer from UAE

    The most wonderful thing I ever read! And the most important thing for a human being to be reminded about.. Mashallah! No words are enough to appreciate the sister's work

  6. Mariam Mahmud from usa

    May Allah SWT have mercy on the Muslim Ummah. .

  7. Anum Ahmed from Singapore

    Subhanallah! Possibly the best read at Islamity! These lines seem like flowing like water...Love you sister for the sake of Allah for writing this 🙂

  8. Farha from UK

    Assalamalaikum sis,

    Wow! Its amazing! I haven't read a poem like this ever, Ma sha Allah!

    You have reminded us about death and our eternal life in so beautiful words.

  9. ghazala abbas from UK

    Masallah. A very poignant reminder of life and the priorites we placed on ourselves to our detriment. Beautifully written. May Allah SWT let us heed the lessons we need and continue to bless you with your abilty to write such heart wretching poems.

  10. Babandi A. Gumel from U.K

    When the time comes, He (angel of Death) will suddenly pounce on you. Neither will He twit you on the twitter nor E-Mail you as we are used to. He doesnt telephone you on your landline nor call you on your mordern coveted mobile. Masha Allah our Sister has kindly reminded us the fact the truth that cannot be quantified. It would certainly dawn on us wether we like it or not as no one will be left unattended by our friend the Malakul Maut. So we should try to befriend the Friend of the Auliya Allah the REAL Master Owner of me and you as well as Malakul Maut the Angel of Death whose name we dread to call. Soon He would ease our death In sha Allah and make it so smooth like that of all His friends namely the Auliya. May Allah make us die with Iman and see our Friend the Malakul Maut in the best form taking us us to the best place which no eye has ever seen and no ear has ever heard,the Jannatul Firdaus Mauwah. Allah make our hope come true and Jazakillah our Sister Firdaus for the effort and hard work you put in making us realise our responsibility.

  11. muthahar from saudi arabia

    Subhanallah may Allah swt guide us all ....may this poem reach millions n millions n benefit from it ...aameen

  12. Aabid from UAE

    Lovely poem! It is a great reminder about death..

  13. souadb from u.s.a

    Thank you!

    What a beautiful poem! May Allah guide us all the right path. May Allah help us remember, as we often forget.

  14. H.A. from Yathrib

    Everyone that is there on will pass away.

    Those who believe and do good deeds shall not fear death. God never does injustice to His creations.

    Believers put their trust in God alone.

  15. sister SJ from India

    I have no words to describe how this poem was! If I say its beautiful it will be a too small word for it. I am in tears sister! I am in tears! jazaakiallahu khayran for this MOST NEEDED reminder!

  16. AsadKhan from United States

    Thank you sister. What a beautiful reminder. Articles like these help us put things in prospective especially in this day and age of materialism. Just like it said in the last article by Br. Raiiq Ridwan (Glimpses of the world unseen), Death and the Day of Judgment are the only guarantees in our life, subhan'Allah.

    Thanks again, may Allah (swt) reward you for rejuvenating our Iman.

  17. Shahbaaz from U.S


    A very serious message conveyed so beautifully! Have u written any more poems sis? Putting so much into a poetry is an awesome work! Please let us read if you have written more poems. Jzk!

  18. Shifa Mehereen from India

    AllahuAkbar it really brought tear in my eyes.. it is the reality but most of us have forgotten it.. JazzakaAllah Khair ya ukthi for reminding...

  19. MuslimahS from India

    Very inspiring poem, mashaAllah

    Keep going sis 🙂


  20. zaara from India

    The poem is so beautiful! I read it all over again, mashallah!

    But the lines have not been posted in a good format. I mean this poem seems to have 4 lines in every paragraph. But here in some 3 in some 5. Can it be reformatted on the website? We are losing the rhyme of the poets words this way

  21. zaara from India

    Mashallah! What a beautiful peace of poetry.. I have no words for it! Are there any other poems written by this sister?