Take Action for Libya

No money, arms or troops!

Release Gaddafi's seized assets to the Temporary National Council 

I am a Libyan American who is extremely concerned about what is currently taking place in the country of my birth. I am appealing to you to please read, sign and share the statement below.

In this petition we are not asking for money, arms or troops.

We are simply calling on President Obama to:

  1. Recognize the Temporary National Council 

  2. Release all seized cash and frozen assets of the Gaddafi regime to the custody and control of the Council to be deployed on behalf and for the benefit of the citizens of Libya and the opportunity to establish a new democratic and peaceful country. 

There are less than 5000 Libyan Americans and we need the support of all and every signature we can get from our fellow citizens.

Please add your name in support of the petition by clicking on the image below:

Thank you for your kind consideration.


Dafer Dakhil
Coordinator Libyan American Coalition

Copy of Petition

March 30, 2011

In response to President Obama's speech of March 28th, 2011 on the Libyan crisis, we the undersigned would like to express and reaffirm our support to the President and his administration for their decisive action to protect the Libyan people from the brutality of the Gaddafi regime and to prevent an escalation of the current violence and humanitarian crisis. The brave actions of the United States and its coalition partners through the successful implementation of United Nations Security Council Resolution 1973 have saved thousands of innocent lives and prevented imminent large-scale destruction and disaster in Libya.

While President Obama has clearly outlined the objectives of the mission in Libya in a two pronged approach of militarily dealing with the immediate threat to defenseless civilians and then the ultimate goal of removing Gaddafi from power through diplomatic pressure, certain elements in media and political circles persist in promoting misinformation in order to cast doubt on American policy and discredit the Libyan opposition aspiring for a democratic regime change. In response to some of the questions being raised and the loose mischaracterizations being floated about as fact, we would like to highlight the following points.

  • In the absence of a legitimate government reflecting the will of the Libyan people, the Transitional National Council (TNC) was formed in Benghazi to temporarily assume the responsibility of day-to-day operations and implementation of law and order in the liberated parts of Libya. It also serves as the only existing legal representative of the Libyan people in the world community until a new, democratically elected government is established.

  • Chaired by the widely respected former Libyan Justice Minister, Mustafa Mohamed Abdul Jalil, the Transitional National Council consists of 31 members, including lawyers, judges, professors and other ordinary citizens representing all the regions of Libya. Among their ranks, are also former members of the regime that have rejected Gaddafi and joined the revolution. The TNC has made its leaders accessible to all foreign governments seeking dialogue and engagement including the United States and Great Britain, and has secured the official recognition of France and Qatar.

  • The immediate goal of the TNC is the removal of Gaddafi from power and the transition to a secular, democratic government. The TNC has been transparent about its policies and vision for a post-Gaddafi Libya and has released a detailed declaration to that effect that lays out a framework for a future that is consistent with fundamental American ideals and values.

  • This declaration by the TNC includes the establishment of a "national constitution based on the respect of human rights, the guarantee of civil and public liberties, the separation of power, an independent judiciary and the creation of national institutions that provide the basis for wide and pluralist political participation" to be approved by the Libyan people in a referendum. Furthermore, The TNC completely rejects and denounces all forms of terrorism, violence and extremism to achieve any political, social or economic goals and has no ties to any such entities.

  • Libya is not currently in a state of tribal "civil war". This is rather an uprising against a brutal dictatorship and a battle to liberate the country from it. Libyan society is homogenous and not divided along political, ethnic, sectarian or religious lines such as in Iraq or Afghanistan. Libyans are 100% Sunni Muslims. Also, the concept of the "tribe" in Libya is just a matter of social and regional identification indicating the background of a person, but nothing deeper than that. Libyans throughout the country differs from each other in much the same way that Americans all over the U.S. differ from each other. They might have slight variations in their accents, style of clothing, food, etc., but these are merely cultural nuances and certainly not the catalysts for civil war and strife. 

  • In addition to the talented and courageous Libyan men and women currently on the ground sacrificing and working tirelessly towards the goal of a free Libya, there is also a vast international community of western educated, professional Libyans who are ready and eager to return to their homeland en masse and lend their knowledge and expertise to this noble effort. In the aftermath of the fall of the Gaddafi regime, all Libyans will unite and work together to lead the transformation of their country from the darkness of repressive dictatorship to a new dawn of liberty, justice and human dignity. 

Based on the above points we, the undersigned strongly urge the United States to take the next logical and definitive steps in furthering the American policy of ending Gaddafi's rule through political means. We call upon the US government

1) to recognize and support Libya's Transitional National Council as the sole, legitimate governing body of the people of Libya and

2) to release all seized cash and frozen assets of the Gaddafi regime to the custody and control of the Council to be deployed on behalf and for the benefit of the citizens of Libya.

We believe that these symbolic yet potent acts by the United States will send the strongest signal yet to Gaddafi and those close to him that his regime is effectively over. They will also serve as a catalyst for the inevitable collapse of his remaining power base in and outside of Libya. Moreover, these moves will clearly demonstrate to the world, America's commitment and willingness to play a leadership role in facilitating the emergence of a Libya that is free from tyranny and autocratic rule and that serves and reflects the will and interests of the Libyan people. 

Thank you very much for your continued support.


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Older Comments:
The U$A and the EU should respect the lawfull sovrign govt of Libya as they have up untill recently. Now some disgruntled ex suporters / minister, of the Government will turn against the nation to sell it to the U$A interests just so they can live well. I see no evedence of any mass uprising, just an internal fight between the rich. Why no concern for the more genuine uprising in Bahrain? What about Yemen? Oh sorry NO OIL to seel I guess. SHAME

I totally agree with you Jerry.

Dont worry editor. Your country will soon be another Afganistan so to speak. For the Arab leaders, have got this to say. May Allah bring you back to the right path. It's dispeakable on your part to have backed Western power's attrocities (no fly zone, militay incurssion etc)on the lands of Prophet Muhammad(SaAw).For other non Arab Muslim leaders, I hope you receive guidance as well. It's a terrible sickness being puppets. If Gaddafi was a bad guy, it's a matter of the Ummah not kuffar. Qatar suprises me for flying fighter jet over Libya in enforcement of "no fly zone". Where was Qatar Jet when Isael pounded Gaza?. I support freedom of Libyans and muslims around the world in compliance with Sharia. May peace and blessing of Allah be upon His noble prophet, his household and entire muslim Ummah