Government of the People: That Is Islam!

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God is up above in heaven - that is Islam.

People are down below on earth - that is also Islam.

God is one, and there is no God besides him - that is Islam.

That is also the First Commandment: No God but God.

That is the Old Testament: There is no God besides God!

That is also the New Testament: There is no God besides God! 

Jesus, May God Bless Him, confirmed, validated and revived that eternal message of "No God but God" in the New Testament.

Read Mark, Chapter 12, verses 28-31.

According to Mark, one of the scribes ... asked Jesus, May God Bless Him: "Rabbi, which commandment is the first of all?"

Jesus - May God Bless Him - replied: "Hear, O Israel: The Lord our God, the Lord is one."

Then Jesus, of the Blessed Name and Memory, went on to say: 

"There is no other commandment greater ..."

And that was also the message the Qur'an came into this world to revive one final time: There is no God besides God!

God is king - the only lawful and legitimate king and sovereign.

There is no King but him.

No one deserves that title, King, but God Almighty: Al-malikul haqqul mubeen - clearly the only true king.

That is Islam.

And God's Kingdom is everywhere: in heaven, and on earth, and throughout the universe - and beyond.

That is Islam.

People are on earth.

That is Islam.

And People are God's subjects. 

Collectively, People answer to no one but God.

That is Islam.

God rules by decree.

That is Islam.

When God wants something to happen, he just says "Be!" and it happens.

That is the ultimate Rule by Decree.

It is Rule by Royal Fiat.

That is because God is King.

And that is because God is the Owner and the Master and the Maker of all things and beings.

But People must rule not through fiat or dictate or edict, but through consent. 

They must rule by the Consent of the People.

People must run their affairs, from family and friendship networks, to government and society and business, using nothing but mutual consultation, debate, deliberation and discussion.

That is Islam.

In Islam, the only acceptable form of government is Government of the People by the People.

The Concept of People is key to life on earth - in all its forms and aspects.

And that is Islam.

China seems to have known the Concept of People.

Greece experimented with the Concept of People.

America enshrined the Concept of People in its Constitution.

But the Qur'an made the Concept of People a central part of its teachings.

The Qur'an talks about the Concept of People no less than 240 times - in its 6666 passages called Aayaat.

No, make it close to 325 times.

Who thinks this is a coincidence?

And who dare dismiss it as a trivial finding?

How many books do we know, from that period, that come anywhere close to even a fraction of this divine count?

This is no coincidence.

This is no triviality.

This is one of the standing miracles of the Qur'an.

A monumental one.

Unknown to much of humanity.

Uncared for by most Muslims.

But that is Islam.

God, the King, in heaven and People, free and equal and unafraid, on earth.

That is Islam.

So, all forms of government other than Government of the People by the People are alien to Islam.

They are not Islam.

That means the only government rooted in Islam, and acceptable to Islam, is the Government of the People by the People.

And that means government that springs from the free and fully informed Consent of the People.

That is, the enlightened consent of the governed, given willingly, freely and without coercion or pressure of any kind.

Not consent that is manipulated or engineered or coerced through lies, fraud, bribes, inducements or deception.

That is why the best on earth is yet to be. 

That will be a day, and that will be a world, in which People - All People, without the distinction of race, religion or gender - will be truly free and fearless.

And in which People - All People - will be able to freely choose their government and their leaders using the best informational and electoral means and methodologies ever designed.

And People then will be able to hold those elected leaders accountable.

Even to the point of fearlessly interrupting a solemn occasion like the Friday Congregation to demand accountability from their leaders.

And the leaders People elect will also fully rise to the occasion. 

They will be equal to the demands of their position and to the expectations of the People.

They will not only hold themselves accountable before People, but also, at the same time, they will consider themselves equally accountable before God - right here in this world as well as in the next world.

That will be a new dawn of Freedom and Equality and Justice for humanity.

For People - All People.

And Peace - and God's Mercy - will rain down unrestrained from God's Heaven above on People's Earth below. 

That will be when Government of the People by the People will break out everywhere on earth - wherever there are people.

That is Islam: a divine message from God in Heaven to People on earth.

All People.


Dr. Pasha is an educator and a media specialist. To contact Dr. Pasha please visit

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Older Comments:
I will ask what will it take for us to get to this point?
How long shall it be till the People say enough is enough?
When will the People raise up, stand up, and Wise up to the Truth?
We shall Only get what we want when we are willing to Go through and
Sacrifice for what we want and Stop settling for what is Given?
We can talk, dialogue, write, and continue to beg, but until we say
What we want and set forth to get it. We wait and hope, one day that
It will arrive. A sad way to be. But I suppose we can read of the old
Empires and wish we were there. After the fighting was done , of course ...

Please read and disseminate ASAP

The imperialists are working harder and harder than before
to obliterate people's revolution. As we all know they
are already manufacturing puppet oppositions to prevent true
Islamic governments from gaining back their
sovereignty like the Iranians.


I understand what you mean and you mean well. But be careful with the words...mixing
Government by people and God a such. People usually would forget the context in
which you write and will take "People must run their affairs, from family and friendship
networks, to government and society and business, using nothing but mutual
consultation, debate, deliberation and discussion." as it is.

So it is important to write a lengthy sentence if we have to, but do not loose the
perspective. People must run their affairs within the bounds of Allah and His Messenger,
not "nothing but mutual consultation, deliberation and discussion". By itself the
sentence is violation of the basis of islam. This is what led others to point where not only
the associated partners with Allah but also adopted the worst of vices in name of faith.